How Michael Jackson performed the legendary "Moonwalk" in public for the first time

Who actually invented this striking gait, and when did the pop king perform it live for the first time?

A moment of "moon magic": how the pop king performed his iconic walk on stage for the first time

"Moonwalk." - one of the most wonderful and amazing things pop culture has ever seen! It really is a very interesting dance movement: a person glides backwards, but their body position hints at a forward movement. The moonwalk is widely acclaimed for To Michael Jackson.whose trademark it has become. But despite its worldwide popularity, which has lasted for decades, the public has a few questions about this choreographic phenomenon: Who actually invented this astounding gaitand when the pop king sang it live for the first time? We offer a glimpse into history to find the answers.

What It Was: Jackson's First Moonwalk

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson

For the first time Michael Jackson demonstrated his "lunar" dancing skills on stage on March 25, 1983, as part of the show "Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever". Then the pop king sang his cult hit "Billie Jean."and this number was accompanied by a moonwalk that blew the huge audience away. Of course, it may seem commonplace today. But believe me: back then it was a sensation, if not a revolution.

The show was produced and directed by Don Mischer. Subsequently, the man told many fascinating facts related to this historical moment...


Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson

Many years later. Don Meacher opened the veil of secrecy, and shared exclusive information regarding preparations for the show. According to Miescher, the essence "Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever" was to promote greatest hits label. That's why artists were forbidden to perform new songs on the show. But Michael Jackson managed to get around the bans.

"When I found out about it, I said: 'All right, let's say. But if we give the okay to Michael, who's going to answer the phone call from Marvin Gaye, who's going to ask: "Why did you let Jackson do it and not me?"

But Meacher completely changed his mind when he saw the performance "Billie Jean." during the rehearsal:

"When we first saw Michael's rehearsal-with that hat and the moonwalk-we were thrilled! When it was over, we knew it was incredibly special..."

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson

Thus, the producers allowed Michael to perform "Billie Jean."and an incredible moment - his first moonwalk on stage - went down in musical history forever.

How did Michael learn this move?

Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson
Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson

Contrary to popular belief, Michael Jackson is not the discoverer - the amazing gait was invented not by him, but by the American choreographer Jeffrey Daniel. Daniel first performed it in 1979 year on the entertainment show Soul Train. According to the dancer, he was contacted and invited to teach Jackson this phenomenal skill. At that time Jeffrey was on tour, but Michael waited for him, and the training went into full swing...

A few months after the significant show, when the television premiere took place, Moonwalk literally took over the world! It captured the hearts of multimillion audiences, and soon became visiting gesture pop king. Michael later starred in the movie of the same name. 1988 year and released an autobiography, which he called: "Moonwalk.".


Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson

"His genius on stage is something no other artist can come close to. That's why he's the king - the king of pop, of pop-soul... Whatever. He's a legend!" "The queen of Hollywood" Elizabeth Taylor once said.

The show that took place March 25, 1983It was the first time Michael not only performed a moonwalk, but also when he took to the stage with his legendary with a gloveThe first one was a rhinestone-covered, rhinestone-covered... At the time of filming. "Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever" his album "Thriller." was at the top of the chart. And now, decades later, all these things are just as important and relevant as they were in the distant 80s.

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