Golden Voice of the North: Cola Beldy - the best songs of the Yakut musician (part one)

About the best songs performed by Nikolay Belda...

A selection of the best songs of Nikolai Belda (part 1)

Cola Beldy is a popular Russian stage artist… Nikolai Ivanovich absolutely deservedly won the love of the domestic public and the status of the “Golden Voice of the North”! He survived a difficult childhood and ended up at the front early, however, life's obstacles did not break this strong-willed and undeniably talented person: in the late 1950s, Beldy became a laureate of the VI World Festival of Youth and Students in Moscow! And at the beginning of the new decade, tens of thousands of people were already talking about him ... His timeless hits, such as "The Reindeer Breeder's Song" or "My Naryan-Mar", continue to resonate with listeners of different musical tastes and ages! However, there is something extraordinarily magical and attractive in his work... And today we are here to remember his best works!

"Song of the Reindeer Breeder"

This is probably the most famous number of Nikolai Belda. "The Reindeer Breeder's Song" quickly became a hit! Listeners apparently liked her for her simplicity, sincerity and lightness of the message:

"A snowball is flying behind you,
The sledges rush from the steep.
Greyhound horse - good
And the donkey is good
And the camel is good
And deer are better!

Beautiful yet simple words, exotic groovy melody and full of energy Belda, whose voice sounds like music…

"My Naryan-Mar"

As it is not difficult to guess from the name, this composition is dedicated to Naryan-Mar - the city, whose unofficial anthem it later became! The song was written by spouses Ekaterina Shavrina and Grigory Ponomarenko. Later, the inhabitants of Naryan-Mar said:

“Thanks to this song, our city has become widely famous throughout the country!”

It is noteworthy, but for the first time the composition was performed by Galina Shalkova. However, My Naryan-Mar became a real hit thanks to Nikolai Beldy…

"You do not know me yet"

Another simple but very beautiful love song with irony inherent in the performer:

"I tend the herds of deer
From spring to spring.
Reindeer if you like
I'll ride to the moon ... "

"The Tale of the Sun and the Tambourine"

Soulful composition, which is also known as "Khanina-Ranina":

“I remember you, sister, Khanina-ranina,
When I hit the fish in the river, Khanina-ranina.
I remember how my heart, Khanina-ranina,
It trembled like a fish on a prison, Khanina-ranina ... "

By the way: the above clip is not official. Just a magical soundtrack was superimposed on footage from the Soviet film "The City and the Song"!


And with this composition, Beldy glorifies the beautiful Russian name Anastasia, which, by the way, means “return to life, or rebirth” ...

The music for the song was written by Dmitry Pokrass.

"Song of the Yakut in Love"

A romanticized composition, the main character of which rushes on his deer to his beloved "faster than a bird and a steel wind ..."

Clockwork music is the merit of Lyudmila Lyadova! The verses belong to S. Starostin… Words and melody sound incredibly harmonious – a real pleasure for a music lover!

"Love me"

Great singer! Eternal memory ... And the sincere song “Love me” is another proof of this ...

The amazing voice of the northern performer proudly sweeps over the music, delighting the listener and forcing him to listen to the song from beginning to end ... Real hypnosis!

"Song of the Fisherman"

This cheerful song will certainly cheer you up and your loved ones!

"The fishermen sit stubbornly,
only the youngest
among them the most beautiful,
started going home…”

And again, the hypnotic bewitching voice of the artist, which is so pleasant to listen to ...

"Spring in Chukotka"

Our list is completed by “Spring in Chukotka” - another delightful, really touching number performed by Nikolai Ivanovich Belda ...

Nikolai Ivanovich has a truly fascinating biography: a native Nanai, he was born in a small village in the Khabarovsk region, was left an orphan in early childhood and ... then he began to stutter. The future artist grew up and was brought up in a boarding school, from where he fled to the front during the war - Beldy attributed to himself a few extra years and thus ended up in the Pacific Fleet, where he was a cabin boy! In the same place, within the framework of the ensemble, Nikolai took his first steps towards music ... Today he is remembered as a performer of the most sincere songs in which he glorified his homeland and exotics, such as deer, tundra, eternal snows ... And as time shows, such an amazing voice how Belda really is a rarity: are there such performers in Russia today? The answer seems obvious... Will they? I really want to believe it...

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