Golden Voice of the North: Cola Beldy - the best songs of the Yakut musician (part two)

We continue to recall the best songs of Cola Belda...

A selection of the best songs of Nikolai Belda (part 2)

We continue to remember the best songs Nicholas Beldy - the legendary Yakut musician ... "Golden Voice of the North" - so called Nikolai Ivanovich in life. Actually, he remains so for most listeners to this day ... His work cannot be compared with anyone else: it is really something unique - soulful music, soulful lyrics and, of course, the amazing voice of the Beldy, which solemnly sounds like a melody ... For his long and undeniably successful career Nikolay Ivanochich performed many wonderful songs "The Tale of the Sun and the Tambourine", "You Don't Know Me Yet", "My Naryan-Mar"… One of the most famous works performed by Belda is probably "I'll take you to the tundra" - voiced in 1970's, this energetic hit has become a musical symbol of the peoples of the Far North ... The famous Belda number can be seen in the concert film "Songs of Mark Fradkin" 1977 of the year.

The biography of this outstanding person looks truly exciting: a difficult childhood, a boarding school, a front, Pacific Fleet... And all this Nikolai Ivanovich experienced at a tender age, when he was not yet 18 years old... But fate generously rewarded him, and it happened at sunset 1950s years: just then Cola Beldy won the Sixth World Festival of Youth and Students in Moscow! And when the sixties came into their own, thousands, if not tens of thousands of people were already talking about this man ... Cola Beldy widely glorified the Nanai people, for which he already deserves great respect! Today, Belda's work has not lost its charm for the modern public: his songs can be heard in many domestic films, programs ... On YouTube his songs (music videos) are gaining tens of thousands of views and a sea of enthusiastic comments: “What a voice! Clean, sonorous, powerful…” / “So much charm and warmth emanates from this sunny person. Song from my childhood! Bright memory Cola Beldy…" etc. And this means only one thing: the legacy of Cola Belda has long acquired the status of "timeless". So: this is a selection of the best songs of Nikolai Belda! Let's start...

"I'll take you to the tundra"

"I'll take you to the tundra" - this is the name of one of the most famous numbers of Nikolai Belda! Surely everyone knows this song - from young to old: even in childhood, grandmothers and parents sang it to us, we heard it on TV, learned it in kindergarten ... The composition was first performed in 1970's years: it quickly became a big hit (and also, as mentioned above, a musical symbol of the peoples of the Far North). In the same period, the end of the Cold War was announced ... Good time, and Cola Beldy, who offers to rush with him on deer in the early morning ...

"We will go, we will rush on deer in the early morning
And desperately rush straight into the snowy dawn
You will know that in vain they call the north extreme
You will see, it is endless, I give it to you ... "

This work evokes so many emotions, warmth and nostalgia… By the way: the above video is a fragment from a concert film "Songs of Mark Fradkin" 1977. As you could already understand, the light, groovy music was written by Mark Grigorievich, but the words are the merit of Mikhail Plyatskovsky. The music video has collected a really impressive number of views, given the respectable age of the number - almost two million! Not every domestic artist can boast of such popularity in the modern world, full of ever-changing trends ...

"Fishing Song"

Another beautiful song: a soulful melody and Belda's pleasant, inspiring voice... It really evokes a feeling of joy! "Fishing Song" once again confirms that Beldy - a real artist with a capital letter ...

"Northern rivers"

In this song Cola Beldy sings of the beauty and charm of nature and, in particular, the North ...

“You listen to these speeches, this voice of purity,
Our northern rivers are simply a miracle of beauty!
And as if in the palm of the hand the stars of ice on the wave
And they do not sink in water, they do not burn in fire ... "

"Lake is mine"

This song also refers to nature, namely to a wonderful lake in the tundra!

"On the sled"

We invite you to enjoy the groovy composition performed by Nikolai Ivanovich Beldy and instrumental ensemble "Melody"!


"Snow Tundra"

This is another very famous number. Nicholas Beldy! This time the performer sings of the tundra - snowy, with deer ...

"Tundra, tundra, snow and deer,
Rushing through the tundra as through the universe.
The tundra has not seen the sun for a long time,
Soon the spring morning will come ... "


Very good and happy song...

"Dispute, quarrel no more,
There are conversations - there is no contention,
Gentle waves, but no storm.
The festival of the Ulchi is hundreds of years old ... "


"Hey Russian,
Ukrainian and Georgian
Each of you
Sing along with us
I'm the melody for everyone
This supply…”

And let's finish our list of the best songs Cola Beldy composition "Fisherwoman" ...

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