"Be Like Home, Traveler" - Recalling The King and Jester's Greatest Hits

"Do you want to understand what KISH is? Listen to Lesnik!"

Top songs of King and Soul by Fuzz Music magazine

"King and the Clown" - one of the most interesting rock projects of the domestic scene. This is a unique and distinctive band, which was "not for everyone.". However, a lot of people accepted it and loved it. Unfortunately, the founder and one of the frontmen Mikhail Gorshenyov ("Pot" as his fans call him) is long gone. But fortunately, we can still enjoy his great contributions!

"The pot is alive!"Fans write on the forums. And after today's selection - there's no doubt about it. The band's songs are still relevant: millions of listens and the same number of views on clips, a sea of admiring comments in the vein of:

"It was Gorshok, Tsoi, Khoi and other legends who achieved immortality. The physical shell is dead, but the legacy will live on forever..."

Mikhail Gorshenyov
Mikhail Gorshenyov

As we have already noted, creativity "Kish" Not everyone likes it. But it seems to us personally that everyone has at least one, but I have my own favorite song! The band is often described as punk, but this is something much deeper and unique. With the arrival of Andrei Knyazev the team has found mystical hazeAnd this crazy fantasy left very few people indifferent. Moreover: even the modern generation did not mind listening to these masterpieces! Why masterpieces? Because it's been so many years, and they still resound in our hearts!

"The King and the Jester at the Beginning
"The King and the Jester at the Beginning

Less words, more business. We tried to gather top ten of the most powerful, popular and simply cool King and Soul tracks! It is clear that this is only small part of the band's entire repertoire. But nobody says that the other songs are weak or bad, no. It's just that if we talk about every hit of KISH, one article will not be enough! And the matter of taste, of course, plays its role. So don't get upset if your favorite song didn't make it to our selection - maybe we will come back to this topic.


"King and the Clown"
"King and the Clown"

Perhaps one of the loudest and most famous of KISH hits, which has already become a classic of its genre and time! You could say it's the anthem of the band, because Gorshenev himself said:

"Do you want to understand what KISH is? Listen to Lesnik!"

The composition is endowed with chic music and fantasy, in some places creepy lyricism. This adds darkness and epicness to "Lesnik. Combined with an energetic performance, the song instantly becomes anthem for decades to come...

"Men ate meat."

The song has ambiguous lyrical stuffing: it would seem that we are talking about a feast, how men eat meat... But something is clearly wrong here. Enough carefully listen to the track to solve this mystery for yourself.

Clip on "Men ate meat." was the first professional one in the career of Kish. For the name of an influential director Boris Dedenev the group had to pay a "tidy sum"- 20 thousand dollars! But it was worth it - Knyazev and Gorshenev were satisfied with the atmosphere and the end result in general.

"The Sorcerer's Doll."

fans really love This song - you could say it's the unofficial anthem of Kish, a calling card!

As with other songs, the lyrics here are shrouded in myths and an eerie fairy-tale haze... It's a powerful fantastic storywhich sounds fresh and driving even today!

"The Cursed Old House."

As it seems to us, in terms of popularity "The Cursed Old House." comparable to "Lesnik." The track has a chic lyrical stuffing that instantly sticks in the memory, giving birth to a sea of creepy images

It is noteworthy, but many young people begin their acquaintance with the works of KISH (this conclusion is made at the expense of forums and some comments on the Internet) with this very song.

"Memories of Former Love"

And this song is often singled out by fans as "punk ballad.". Well, that sounds pretty good. extravagant for a lyrical work, but very beautiful, powerful.

This is one of the most popular ones of the band's songs - almost 20 million views on the video! For a domestic project, and also in the punk genre, this is a colossal success!

"The Fool and the Lightning."

A song that needs no introduction - even those who is not a fan of the King and the Jester.

The song sings about a madmanwho intends to catch lightning! The onlookers are only laughing at the "fool", they say - what an inventor, obviously he has a problem with his head. But therein lies gist lyrics: society will always condemn and ridicule those who are extraordinary in their view of the world.

"The Dead Anarchist

Mikhail Gorshenyov, 2005
Mikhail Gorshenyov

Another great prime example of a creative tandem "Prince + Pot". It seems that their alliance was indeed made somewhere very high and far away from our mortal world, in heaven...

As Mikhail himself confessed, it was with the arrival of Knyazeva The band's work became "deeper, higher and more meaningful.

"King and the Clown"
"King and the Clown"

And three other gorgeous pieces that have long been part of a rich history Russian rock.

"I'll jump off a cliff."

"A Stone on the Head."


We hope our selection was helpful to you! Maybe these are your favorite songs and they lifted your spirits. Or maybe they put you in the mood for some fond memories


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