"Dance Queen": the history of the creation of the main hit of the group "ABBA"

When disco became popular all over the world, the members of the ABBA group decided that they should definitely record a song in this genre. This is how the song "Dancing Queen" was born, which conquered the charts of many countries and remained incredibly popular to this day.

ABBA» - Dancing Queen» (1976) - interesting facts, the success of the original and cover versions

"Dancing Queen" - a single by a musical group from Sweden ABBA. He came out after the release of the hit "Fernando". The song stuck like business card team, and is considered one of the best tracks from the 70s. This is the only ABBA single to reach No. American charts. She was written Benny Andersson, Bjorn Ulvaeus and Stig Andersson.

History of creation

Song work started in August 1975, but release took place only in 1976. The single is included in the album. Arrival. The musicians decided not just to release the song, but to include it in the album, as they suspected that it "shoot".

Cover for "Dancing Queen" by ABBA
Cover for the single "Dancing Queen" by ABBA (1976)

Its original name was Boogaloobut later Andersson it occurred to me to change it to the one we all know. Working on the single, the musicians turned to creativity George McCray and Dr. John and inspired by their songs. "Dancing Queen" – a unique track in terms of sound: different melodies are used in it, they in a special way mixed, their difference is almost impossible to hear, but their absence is noticeable in all cover versions. The musicians used the technique "wall of sound"when working on arranged by. This song is also interesting in that it does not sound at all in guitar performance or under piano. This is clearly seen in "Dancing Queen - Live with Benny Andersson".

Itself the melody is simple: it consists of four notes, but no one before "ABBA" had alternated them in this way. Mixing only main parties songs took over half a year. Great attention should be paid intonation the sound of voices, which is very audible when the recording is played back in karaoke versions. The part of each instrument does not "pull the blanket" over itself, but sounds like a background. It's amazing how much work the director had to do. Mikka Tretov.

The song is about girl, which manages to become in any club "dance queen". Many English-speaking listeners were confused by the phrase "Night is young and the music is high", because the last word meant "Be high". However, do not forget that the authors of the song are Swedes and they do not understand all the slang expressions of the English language. It can be assumed, that "high" meant high volume music. Soloist of the group "ABBA" Frida spoke about her feelings after the first listening "Dancing Queen":

“When I heard the first notes, I realized that this the best our The song! She immediately resonated in my heart.

The ABBA group today
The ABBA group today

Her partner Agnetha was of the same mind:

“We didn’t always manage to guess which song would become popular, but in this we were right away sure".

In the 70s, the song was performed on teleconcert at the wedding celebration of the King of Sweden Carl XVI Gustaf and Sylvia Sommerlath, after which many became interested in the work of the group. Just a few days later "Dancing Queen" was known all over the world. She was spun on radio stations, and in night clubs the track was asked to be included several times. The single was known everywhere: even in those countries where they did not know English. Later ABBA released a version on Spanish and named her Reina Danzante.

ABBA group at a photo shoot
ABBA group at a photo shoot

In Soviet Union the song began to spread only in the late 70s simultaneously with another single "ABBA" "Money, Money, Money". Ensemble "Singing Hearts" released his version "Dance Queens", performed it Antonina Zhmakova, and the songwriter translated the words Igor Kokhanovsky. Journal "Horizon" also mentioned this track in his articles.

Cover versions

In the 1990s, interest in the song reawakened. Group erasure released an album Abba-esque, which included a cover of "Dancing Queen". The single became leader on the UK charts. The group also turned to the work of the Swedes A*Teenswhich became widely known in America. The group's first album consisted entirely of songs ABBA. Later, the young band began to perform their own songs, but could not repeat the success of their debut release.

A*Teens released the song in 2000, after which the group became popular in the United States. The musicians recorded new singles and albumsorganized concerts. The band chose the song for a reason "Dancing Queen" – she knew it would be a profitable release. Cover topped the charts radio stations and entered Billboard Hot 100. Sold over half a million copies of the single. filming clip the song took place in Los Angeles, and the video was released simultaneously with the single. Plot tells about schoolchildren who were left after school for bad behavior. After the teacher leaves the classroom, the guys have a party in the style of the seventies. cover in the future A*Teens will be used in the movie "Miss Congeniality".

Achievements of the original version

"Dancing Queen" topped the UK charts for one and a half months. She also occupied first places also in thirteen states. Even a politician John McCain admitted that his favorite song was "Dancing Queen". This is the only ABBA track to reach first place in the Billboard Hot 100. In the future, the single will be used in the musical Mamma Mia! and the film of the same name.

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