“Yas mowed the stables” - what is sung in the most famous Belarusian song

Decades later, the professionalism of the arrangement and the energy of the performance of this song are amazing! It is not surprising that VIA Pesnyary were so popular in the USSR: neither before nor after there was nothing similar on the music scene.

All about the popular hit VIA "Pesnyary"

"Yas mowed the stable" - a cheerful Belarusian song that was very popular in the Soviet Union. Especially after they presented their version "Pesnyary": endowed with a modern arrangement, on which he worked Vladimir Mulyavinshe saw the light in 1971 year. The success turned out to be colossal, and to this day this creation is known throughout the post-Soviet space. So what is the famous composition about and how did it bring great fame to Pesnyary?

History of the masterpiece

Vladimir Mulyavin and Leonid Bortkevich. Photo: Yuri Ivanov
Vladimir Mulyavin and Leonid Bortkevich. Photo: Yuri Ivanov

Respected in narrow circles literary critic and folklorist Nil Semyonovich Gilevich sure that "Yas mowed the stable" - nothing more than a pseudo-folklore work, which is a vivid example of "Belarusian musical humor". However, the basis for it was the folk “The mother sent me a springy zhyta zhyta”. Early 70s Vladimir Mulyavin began work on a modern arrangement for this creation. And already in 1971 the song was released. She quickly became a signature number VIA "Pesnyary"and its popularity has only grown over the years.

Energetic composition "Pesnyarov" cardinally differs from the original measured in its sound: fervent performance, contagious whistles, powerful bass and much more! All this was to the liking of Soviet listeners, and soon after the release of the song "Yas mowed the stable" became a big hit.

Lyrical Meaning

VIA "Pesnyary"
VIA "Pesnyary"

As for the meaning of the text, it is simple: the song tells about a single young guy named Yaswho mows clover. At the same time, while working, he admires the red maiden who reaps rye. There is clearly mutual sympathy between them. According to the plot of the song, Yas wants to find a good bride for himself and turns to his mother for help:

"My beloved mother,
Marry me…”

At first, the mother advises the guy to marry a portly Stanislav, however Yas refuses:

“I don’t want Stanislav
I won’t put her on lava ... "

In response to her son's refusal, the woman invites him to take a closer look at the industrious Yanina, which "reaps rye and looks at it."

Graduation and Success

The composition was released as part of the first album "Pesnyarov"which was recorded on "Melodies". As a result, the disc broke sales records in 1971 on the territory of the Soviet Union! The song itself gained great popularity, and over the years its fame has only grown. It all started with the appearance of the track in the famous cartoon "Well, wait a minute!" (sixth issue).

Influence and subsequent fate of the track

"Pesnyary" often performed this song at concerts. So, in 1972 "Yas mowed the stable" performed in the final "Song of the year". And two years later, the composition was re-recorded by the ensemble for the film "Yas and Yanina"! At the end of 1976, the song was even recorded for a joint album with the American folk group "The New Christy Minstrels", but, unfortunately, this record never saw the light of day.

Even today, after so many years, this composition is very popular in Belarus. Many know it by heart - even those listeners who have never been interested in creativity "Pesnyarov". Very often, with the help of this song, foreign students get acquainted with the culture of Belarus.

Interesting Facts

  • Belarusian name Yas serves as an analogue of the Russian Ivan, but Yanina And bath.
  • Ice hockey match in winter 2018 Norway vs Belarus. But by mistake, instead of the Belarusian anthem, the organizers included a comic song about Yas in the interpretation "Pesnyarov"! So, the composition became famous abroad.

  • An experienced music lover will certainly notice country motives in this song and the influence of bands such as "The Who. and "The Byrds".
  • Hit in 2001 "Pesnyarov" got a second life. All thanks to the group "Diskoteka Avaria" and them "Egg Song", which used a sample of the Belarusian hit.

Decades later, the professionalism of the arrangement and the energy of the performance of this song are amazing! No wonder that VIA "Pesnyary" were so popular in the USSR: neither before nor after there was nothing similar on the music scene.

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