The sad fate of the great drummer Cosy Powell

Shortly before his death Kozy worked hard in the studio on a solo record. It was released posthumously...

Cosy Powell: How the legendary drummer's story began and ended

Cosy Powell - this man's name is familiar to everyone rock admirer. This brilliant drummer is behind such bands as Rainbow and Black Sabbath! Few people know, but he had the opportunity to be part of the Led Zeppelin: after death John Bonham The role of drummer was offered to him, but Powell declined, seeing the acceptance as Betrayal of his untimely departed comrade.

For more than 30-year career. Powell has had time to work with many iconic artists! His contributions can be heard on dozens of albums, and many modern drummers recognized by: they sat down at the drum set only after getting to know each other with by Cosi's work.

The beginning of the story: Cosy Powell - the early years and the formation of a rock star

Cosy Powell
Cosy Powell

A passion for the drums swept Cozi at adolescence: the future hard rock star played in school orchestraand already at an age 15 years Kozi could dazzle the audience with a gorgeous solo that made everyone's mouths open involuntarily... By the way: his alias the guy took from a famous jazz drummer Cosy Cole.! The real name of our hero is Colin Trevor Flooks.

Cosy Powell
Cosy Powell

The first big springboard for Causey was the band The Sorcererswhich subsequently changed its name and eventually morphed into the project Big Bertha. But as the band's drummer, Powell was rapidly made connections: already in the late '70s he was on good terms with Robert Plante and John Bonham, Noddy Holder and Tony Iommiand many others - now iconic heroes of the world rock arena.

With the advent of the '70s came powerful collabs and collaborations, all the way up to the role of drummer in the then popular The Jeff Beck Group! Unfortunately, the group existed until 1972 year. However, we can still appreciate the great legacy of the last two Cosy albums!

Worldwide success

Cosy Powell
Cosy Powell

To record your own solo single Causey convinced. Mickey Bridge, producer and founder of the label Rak Records. That's how the composition was born. "Dance With the Devil"which is based on "Third Stone from the Sun" by Jimi Hendrix. Powell was stunned when the track turned big success and reached number three in the British chart!

He sincerely did not expect such a thing, but he soon founded the group Cozy Powell's Hammerwith whom I recorded several similar songs.

The success was large - all the tracks hit the top 20! But at some point Kozy became uncomfortable and even shame from the fact that he has distanced himself from hard rock. He soon abandoned the idea of releasing such singles, as well as the tour with the femme fatale of those years. Susie Quattro.

Rainbow and Black Sabbath


In the mid-'70s, Cosy Powell became part of the Rainbow - of the legendary rock band Ritchie Blackmore! When the guitarist "in black" fired Gary Driscolahe couldn't find a replacement for him for a long time. In this situation, Powell became an angel with drumsticks in his hands who seemed to have come down from heaven! Richie was satisfied new drummer. With Causey was recorded. "Down to Earth." - The most successful studio album, the main hits from which were "All Night Long." and "Since You Been Gone".

However, in the early 1980s, Causey, along with Graham Bonnett leave Rainbow and record a hit "Night Games.".

Before going down in history as a drummer as well Black Sabbath, Kozy almost became part of the iconic rock monsters Led Zeppelin! When a colleague of his, John Bonhampassed away in the early 1980s, Powell was asked to try to rehearse. He declined, and later commented:

"John Bonham's place is sacred - it can't belong to anyone! He was a fantastic drummer, and if I agreed - I would betray the memory of my comrade and mentor!"

Regarding Black SabbathFor the band, Kozy became not just a drummer, but also a co-producer several albums.

The passion of a lifetime and the tragic outcome

Cosy Powell
Cosy Powell

In addition to music, Powell had another passion - speed! He loved racing motorcycles and cars, and it was during the crazy speed his story had its tragic finale.

Cosy Powell
Cosy Powell

How exactly did Cosy Powell die - to this day, fans are leading heated debate. Some say he was driving. for his wifewho had just given birth. Others claim that he quarreled with his girlfriend and, in a state of grief and rage, squeezed 104 mph... The official version is that at the fateful moment, Cosi received a call from her lover, and the last thing she heard was "Oh, shit!" there was a loud pop...

Shortly before his death, Causey worked hard in the studio on solo record. It was already posthumously


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