Sultry beauty Christina Aguilera in amazing facts

"I loved the movie 'The Sound of Music,' especially the moment when Julie Andrews spins around those mountains. She was so free... I used to open my bedroom window to sing like her. In my own way, I was in those hills."

Christina Aguilera: all about the singer, interesting facts, little-known details

Christina Aguilera - one of the brightest, most talented and charismatic singers of our time. From her troubled childhood to her multimillion-dollar worldwide circulation, she has done The colossal road to gloryand found herself at the top of the Olympus of popular music of the 2000s! The singles from her debut album instantly conquered the charts, and opened the way to the future for her performer...

Today Aguilera is known for her solo hits and excellent duets, her colorful roles and searing music videos, and her philanthropic work. Top publications are calling her one of the greatest singer of all time and one of the 100 most influential people in the world! And here are some little known facts from her biography that only her most devoted fans know...

An uneasy childhood, or the cruelty of the father

Christina Aguilera as a child
Christina Aguilera as a child

Cristina Maria Aguilera was born December 18, 1980, in Staten Island, New York, the daughter of U.S. Army Sergeant Fausto Wagner Javier Aguilera. According to her, and according to her mother, the head of the family was tyrantwho constantly insulted his daughter and his wife, and even let his hands loose...

"As a child, I didn't feel safe. Feeling helpless was the worst feeling in the world. I turned to singing as an outlet..."

Young Christina Aguilera
Young Christina Aguilera

When Kristina was six years old, her parents divorced. Together with her daughter, her mother ran to her grandmother. It was only many years later that Aguilera found the strength to express the feelings she felt then in her music: it's about the tracks "Oh Mother." and "The Right Man." from the 2006 album "Back to Basics.

"There was a lot of cruelty growing up, and the only thing that saved me back then was music. I adored the movie The Sound of Music, especially the moment when Julie Andrews was spinning around those mountains. She was so free...I would open my bedroom window to sing like her. In my own way, I was in those hills."

Misunderstanding of peers

Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera

When she was a child, her nickname was "little girl with a loud voice". Her mother was a violinist and pianist, so there was an innate musical ability in their family. As an elementary school student, Aguilera started performing in all kinds of talent shows. And that led to problems at school...

As is often the case, peers (and even some parents) began to envy Christina. In the end, after eighth grade, her mother transferred her to home schooling, as the girl began to scoff and literally made her an outcast...

The need to be the center of attention

Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera

Against the background of her father's coldness toward her, from childhood Christina felt a burning The need to be the center of attention. Young Aguilera got her way by any means necessary, even if her actions turned out to be utter folly:

"When my family lived in Japan, my mother taught English to a guy who brought his paintings. He spread them out on the floor, and, just to distract me, I started playing classics on them..."

Subsequently, Aguilera for several years lived in Japan.. Here she recorded "All I Wanna Do"She also tirelessly honed her voice and recorded demos. Many years later she would call this country "a place of inspiration."and will visit it again and again with his children.

Disappointment in Lady Gaga

Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera

In 2010, Aguilera was experiencing bad times: the public lost interest in her, the records barely made their way into the charts... Whether it was disappointment or something else, Christina literally turned on the rising star at the time Lady Gaga. Gaga's career flourished, it seemed, minute by minute, and almost every new track of hers became a hit. But Aguilera was not comfortable with her young star status. She told reporters:

"I didn't learn about this star very long ago, and frankly, I'm ready to argue with her status. I don't know if it's a man or a woman, but I can say one thing: Gaga is too overrated.

Charity Activist

Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera

Christina earned millions of dollars as a pop star and was adamant about giving her money to people who really needed it. She worked with AIDS awareness groups and was an ambassador for the World Hunger Food Program, where she helped earthquake victims in Haiti. She is affiliated with the Women's Center and Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh for abused women and children.

In 2005, Christina donated her wedding gifts to charities that supported victims of Hurricane Katrina. In 2016, she released a song Change in honor of the victims of the Orlando nightclub shooting. All profits from the single were donated to the National Compassion Fund for the families of the victims...

She was sent to jail by mistake

Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera

According to Aguilera, having star status not always "cool.". The early 2010s were a difficult period for the singer. Her album "Bionic" failed, as did her film "Burlesque. She also failed the moment she performed the U.S. anthem on the world's biggest stage, the Super Bowl. In addition, after a couple of public stumbles, there was speculation that Christina might have a drinking problem... And that rumor took its toll.

One night in March 2011, Christina and her fiancé Matt Rutler were returning from dinner. Matt was pulled over for reckless driving. The police arrested both Christine and Matt for being intoxicated. Both were fingerprinted and placed in a jail cell overnight. But as we learned a little later, Matt was not even intoxicated! His blood alcohol level was 0,06Aguilera is certain that they were only arrested because she was a star, which is below the legal driving limit of 0.08 in California. Aguilera is sure: They were only arrested because she was a star, and that her reputation at the time was scandalous.

"This shouldn't have happened at all. The police knew about my recent history and wanted to join in making fun of me. I was a victim of my status. I wasn't driving that night, and I hadn't committed any crime, but they put me in jail. I guess they were bored that night..."

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