Is Kriston "Kingfish" Ingram the future of the blues? The story of a genius

Kriston "Kingfish" Ingram is a phenomenon soon destined to become a living legend!

The Story of Young Mississippi Blues Genius Christon "Kingfish" Ingram

Kriston "Kingfish" Ingram blues guitarist and singer Mississippi, who already as a teenager became a well-known performer ... At the age of 20 Kriston released his self-titled debut album, which very soon topped the charts. Billboard Blues Chart and Billboard Heatseeker! Soon "Kingfish" was called "a blues prodigy", and his album - "an amazing debut of a young bluesman with a deep soul and a great presence here and now ..." In addition, the guy shared the stage with famous blues artists and young blues musicians such as Eric Gales and Buddy Guy! According to the confessions of Christon himself, he was greatly influenced by Muddy Waters… Let's get to know this blues genius a little closer!

Early years

Kriston "Kingfish" Ingram
Kriston "Kingfish" Ingram

So is Kriston "Kingfish" Ingram the future of the blues? With great certainty, we can answer: yes. Today king fish - one of the brightest young bluesmen in recent years! As the magazine says Rolling Stone, "its sound embraces BB King and Jimi Hendrix & Prince... "

“In my city, every kid wants to be a rapper, but not me. I wanted to do what no one else did ... ”- says Kriston himself. And while he grew up near the crossroads where Robert Leroy Johnson allegedly made a deal with the devil, Kingfish insists he didn't do anything like that to get his guitar to play high-quality blues: "I just practice all the time, that's the only deal I ever made." With myself…"

Kriston "Kingfish" Ingram born in January 1999 years in the family of Princess Pride and Christopher Ingram. Enjoying gospel music from an early age combined with the blues he heard from Delta musicians, Kriston attended Delta Blues Museum. At the tender age of 6 king fish started playing drums. Three years later, he took up the bass guitar. At the age of 11, Kriston was already playing lead guitar. By the age of 14, he had mastered all three instruments and added vocals to his ever-growing list of talents... Christon's influence spans the gamut of blues, from By Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters To Albert Collins and BB King. It seems amazing, but at the age of 20, Kriston plays just like his idols and mentors, and has a unique ability to create a blues sound completely on his own ... It's great to see a young man returning to his musical roots and mastering a genre of music that was created and popular before the generation of his grandparents...

Career: the first steps towards a dream

Kriston "Kingfish" Ingram
Kriston "Kingfish" Ingram

History Kriston "Kingfish" begins in the seventh grade, when the guy began to give concerts in his hometown. Soon he acquired, albeit a small, but still an army of fans ... So, in 2014 year Ingram performed with the group Delta Blues Museum in front of Michelle Obama at the White House! IN 2017 Kriston performed extensively in clubs as well as festivals (including the 10th St. Louis Blues Festival).

debut breakthrough

Kriston "Kingfish" Ingram
Kriston "Kingfish" Ingram

After releasing his debut album Kingfish (2019) Kriston - guitarist, vocalist and songwriter - quickly became the defining blues voice of his generation ... In addition to a Grammy Award nomination, British music magazine MOJO declared Kingfish the best blues album 2019 of the year! A NPR Music included it in their list of the best debut albums. Agencies like The New York Times, Rolling Stone, Guitar World, The Washington Post and many others shared the joy of their musical discovery with their audience...

Radio stations around the world listened to this music at any time! Writer and music critic Tom Moon commented: "Amazing performance..." From his home state of Mississippi to stages around the world, the 20-year-old has headlined two national tours! Ingram performed with Vampire Weekend and Jason Isbell, talked to sir Elton Johnand also released a duet with Bootsy Collins!

His debut album debuted at number one. Billboard Blues, the chart that she did not leave amazing 91 week…Single "Fresh Out"recorded with Buddy Guybecame the popular blues hit of the year!


Kriston "Kingfish" Ingram
Kriston "Kingfish" Ingram

Two years after the release king fish important events took place that changed the life of a bluesman both personally and professionally ... “There were many changes in my life, happiness and despair ...”, - says Ingram. Just at this time, when his career was developing, he lost his mother ... Kriston toured 13 months without a break, until the pandemic brought live performances to a halt and forced him to take stock. Reflecting on the man he was becoming and the new directions in his life, he began writing songs for his next album. "662". 662 is the dial code for Ingram's home in northern Mississippi, where it first came into use the same year he was born, in 1999 year.

“Now I want the world to hear and meet a different, more personal side of me… This album was written during the pandemic, shortly after I returned home after a whirlwind year and a half touring and promoting Kingfish. It was an incredible time of change and growth, moments of both good news and bad news, and I became better and stronger for it all…”

The album, recorded in Nashville, includes 13 songs that reflect many aspects of Ingram's dynamic personality, as well as his unique guitar and vocal skills... According to the artist himself, "662" is a direct reflection of his growth as a musician, songwriter, and bandleader in his youth... "662" is the next chapter in a story still unfolding Christon "Kingfish" Ingram. The guy himself describes "662" as his personal journey, a story based on the legacy of his influential blues elders...


Kriston "Kingfish" Ingram
Kriston "Kingfish" Ingram

In January 2021 of the year Ingram was on the cover at the same time guitar world and downbeat, and at the end 2020 year he graced the cover living blues! This guy shared the stage with famous blues stars like Bob Margolin and Guitar Shorty, and has performed at festivals and venues throughout the southern region... Despite being from Delta, unlike his musical predecessors from Mississippi Kingfish never sold his soul to the devil at the infamous crossroads... However, the soul of this prodigy is possessed by the feeling, passion and fire of the much older people who created the most important genre of American music - the blues! With his stunning guitar playing and vocals, Ingram delivers every song with unrivaled passion and precision. While his new songs tell personal stories, they also tell about shared human experiences. Kriston "Kingfish" Ingram — a phenomenon that is soon destined to become a living legend!

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