Who sang "Circles on the Water" better: Daria Stavrovich or Kristina Kosheleva

Very often aspiring artists perform covers of well-known songs. That's what happened to Kristina Kosheleva, a participant of the "Songs" project, who performed "Circles on Water" by Slot. In this article, let's find out whose performance of the song the audience likes better and why Kristina won't record a cover of Slot's composition.

"Circles on the water": the best performance of the song, biography of the performers, photos

Often songs that have long been iconic are performed by novice artists. Then the compositions are given a second breath, and some people completely forget the person who performed the original. Today, let's see how two of the most driving singers performed the song "Circles on the water." And whose version turned out to be better.

History of the song "Circles on the Water"

Daria "Nuki" Stavrovich
Daria "Nuki" Stavrovich

"Circles on the water." - A rock ballad released in 2016 on the band's 7th studio album Slotwhich was released on the M2BA label. After the release the music video, which was directed by Ilya Tuz, was released.

According to a member of the group Ilya "Cash" Lobanov, the song and the video are a philosophical parable. The video captures the plot, which is captured through the overall mood of the track.

The band's fans are still speculating about what the meaning of the song. Opinions were divided - both love and philosophical overtones were found in the lyrics of the song. Following Lobanov's words, it would be more accurate to say that philosophy plays a key role here. You could say that this song is a reflection on the past: whether it is worth remembering and whether it is so important in our lives.

A brief biography of Daria Stavrovich

Darya Sergeyevna Stavrovich, known by her pseudonym "Nookie.", was born in Velsk, Arkhangelsk Oblast. The girl's mother has a musical education; this is what contributed to the beginning of the singer's musical path. Nuki began her musical path at the Nizhny Novgorod School of Music.

Since 2006, the girl has been combining her studies at the institute with her work in a rock band called Slot. As a member, the vocalist recorded nine albums with the band.

Group Slot
Group Slot

In 2012, Stavrovich founded his own project. Over the eight years of the formation's existence "Nookie." Four studio albums were released; music videos were shot for nine songs. The song "Ravens" from their album "The Wolves Are Looking Into the Woods." 2020 entered the rotation "Our Radio" and the album was nominated for the Chart Dozen Award. Since 2013 the singer has taken part in Forces United.

In 2014, Nookie was the site of assassination attempt in St. Petersburg. One of the fans, who was later found insane, stabbed the performer in the neck and hand area. After a long recovery, Daria again went back to work.

Daria Stavrovich on The Voice

2016 opened a new horizon for Nookie under the name of the show "Voice". In season 5 of the show, which began at the time, a blind audition tape was shown, where the lead singer of the band Slot sang "Zombie" of the Irish band The Cranberries.

All of the season's mentors turned to Nookie; the contestant's choice fell on Grigory Leps. In an interview that Darya will give some time later, she admits that her goal was not to win the attention of fans, but to get Grigory Leps to turn around. The artist also notes that her presence on the project has educational target: She wants to let people know that rock music is not a relic of the past at all, and you shouldn't be afraid of it or turn away from it.

Short biography of Kristina Kosheleva

Kristina Kosheleva on stage
Kristina Kosheleva on stage

Kristina Kosheleva is an aspiring singer and project participant "Songs." on the TNT television channel. The girl was born in the town of Sysert, Sverdlovsk region. Since childhood her life was connected with music: at first she participated in the vocal group "Karapuzy", later renamed "Tonika". It was in the children's group that the girl became a prize-winner in many competitions.

After moving to the capital Christina transferred to the Stroganov Academy. Before that, the aspiring singer studied at the Ural Institute. Another of her talents, -. drawing," the girl demonstrated on the reality show "Songs.

Kristina Kosheleva on the show "Songs

Kristina Kosheleva on Project Songs
Kristina Kosheleva on Project Songs

The "Songs" project gave Kristina the impetus to develop her talent. Kosheleva had already applied for the show practically at the conclusion of the admission.

Christina auditioned in Yekaterinburg, and was later invited to Moscow for the selection, which was to Maxim Fadeev and Timati. First, the girl wowed the judges with her timbre in a Felix Buxton song "Good Luck." and immediately remembered Fadeev. In the next tour the girl performed a song by Slot "Circles on the water."which was an absolute extravaganza at the show. The judges and the audience were amazed by Christina's vocal technique as she used the splitswhich is quite difficult to perform for people with no musical education.

The girl after the project
The girl after the project

On the project, Kosheleva gained a reputation as a talented girl capable of breaking through to the big stage. Maxim Fadeev later invited the girl to work in his producer center.

Who sang the song better?

After Christina's performance was published on YouTube, the comments under the video were filled with rave reviews. Viewers noted special energy chorus, which was sung by the girl: such a heartfelt and sensual cry of the soul was reflected in an explosion of emotions in people. Comparing the singers, users wrote that it was the performance that evoked more emotion and empathy Christine's. Some expressed a desire to hear the song "Circles on the Water" in its entirety, but the band Slot quickly Chilled the ardor of the young singer's fans.

Maxim Fadeev, when approached by the band to buy back the rights to record a song for Christina, received refusal. Slot appealed to the fact that Fadeev should stick to the main regulations of the project: helping young artists to promote solo career. The rock band refused to claim the rights to the song, saying Christina should have spent more time writing own songs.

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