Who is Bobby Boba, who Goga sang about in the TV series "Special Forces

The show "Special Forces" is remembered for one interesting moment - the dance of the special forces to the song about Bobby Bob. But who is this Bobby Bob and what was sung in the song about him. We tried to find out in this article.

What is Bobby Bob's song about and who wrote it?

Sometimes it happens that a certain movie or TV series sticks in your memory because of one small moment. If you watch the TV series "Special Forces", then it will be obvious that here is such a moment - the dance of special forces during a firefight with the bandits.

If you haven't seen it, here's a short story: right in the middle of the shoot-out a car arrived with some civilians who didn't understand what was going on. They thought they were making a movie. The SWAT guys were not confused and, in order not to scare the civilians, said they were. After that, they all started dancing to the a song about some Bobby Bob:

This moment was not just the most memorable, it became in fact an iconic moment. Even song became popular: it was listened to for a long time, though no one understood what the point of it was.

Who is the author of the song "Bobby Boba"?

Many people thought that this song was not a Russian song. Of course, it's completely impossible to understand something, it sounds like something Spanish or French. But no: in fact, the author is a Russian musician. As stated on the forums, the author's name is Goga.

Igor Kopylov is the likely author of the hit about Bobby Bob
Igor Kopylov is the likely author of the hit about Bobby Bob

It is not clear to the end who this Goga is. Obviously, it's a pseudonym. But then what is the real name? Some attribute the authorship to a musician from St. Petersburg. To Igor Kopylov. He's a bassist and has played in the bands Television, Night Snipers, and Nautilus Pompilius. There is also the opinion that the author was Alexei Grigoryev - songwriter for many Russian TV series.

What the song "Bobby Boba" sings about

And that's the interesting thing - this song sings about literally nothing. At first glance, this song seems to be some kind of love poem in a foreign language. Take a look for yourself:

O-o-o-o-o, epi Kyu-kyu-kyu, epi Bö-bö-bö Bobi-Boba

Carino el triamo bye-bam-boo

Ba, ba, ba, bam boo...

Concitto entimento la peru!

Better yet, listen to the whole thing:

In fact, it's Stylization to the Italian language. You can translate at most a couple of phrases here, and they don't make any sense at all. Unfortunately, the iconic song about Bobby Bob has no meaning. But it does not seem to need one. You can dance to this cheerful schtag and so on. But it may be problematic to learn the lyrics.

It turns out that Bobby Boba is not a real person either, but just a musical gibberish... What do you think about it?


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