Romanov or Makarevich – who actually wrote the hit " Who is to Blame?"

The opinion that the song belongs to Makarevich was erroneously spread due to the article "Blue Bird Stew" published in Komsomolskaya Pravda in April 1982. In it, the lines "and you are still waiting for you to die someday ..." are falsely attributed to the pen of the leader of the Time Machine.

The history of the song "Who is to blame?" groups "Resurrection"

"Who is guilty?" - known Hit "Resurrection"written around the mid 70s. The song successfully fit into the band's debut album, and later became one of the most recognizable tunes. Critics call it "the first pessimistic anthem of the Soviet hippies", and "Our radio" placed the composition on the ninth line of its top "100 best songs of Russian rock in the XX century"! But the most interesting thing is that for a long time the public was sure that the author of the hit was Andrey Makarevich from the group "Time Machine"! Although the song was written by Alexei Romanov.


Alexey Romanov
Alexey Romanov

"Who is guilty?" became the first big hit for "Resurrection". However, its history begins even before the formation of the group. According to Romanova, he wrote this composition at the age 22 years old, that is, approximately mid 70s. First the melody was born, then the verses. Having slightly corrected his offspring, Alexey Dmitrievich received a gorgeous track at the output! In those years, Romanov was a member of the Time Machine. And it is for this reason that people have mistakenly assumed that creation belongs to Makarevich. But more on that later.

Group "Sunday" was founded in 1979 year. At the same time, the debut self-titled album was released, which included the composition "Who is guilty?". In his interview, Romanov said the following about this song:

“The music came first. And I really wanted to write good lyrics for it. And I immediately decided that the verses would be asymmetric, that is, an odd number of lines in the stanza. Slowly, ideas appeared, began to implement them. I can’t name the process of writing “Who is to blame?” light creativity. God only knows what I had in my head then!”

"Resurrection" on stage
"Resurrection" on stage

However, when the song was ready, the musician caught himself thinking that he was completely reluctant to perform it in the form in which it was:

“I realized that I didn’t want to do it. Later I wrote another melody and put words on it. The text had to be straightened a bit: to paraphrase something, in some places to remove something. I made the lyrics harder and more inspiring, and I liked this result more!”

Meaning, lyrical message

As already mentioned above, Romanov endowed a new and well-known today version "Who is guilty?" tougher character. According to the author, at first the song was too tender, even too romanticized:

“It was just a song about painful love, something like that. But I didn't like it at all. Then I made it tougher, as if hinting: you, comrade, do not complain, do not lose heart, but get up and do something! From now on, I will fulfill it with such a promise!

Success and music video

Group "Resurrection"
Group "Resurrection"

Thanks to the assistance Dmitry Linnik, ex-vocalist "Zodiac", who during the release of the debut album "Resurrection" was an employee of the station Moscow & World Service Radio, the song broke into the radio! Soon the composition glorified the young group and became a hit among the listeners! As a result, the track confidently reached the fifth line. "Soundtrack". On Youtube you can find a wonderful music video of this song, which has received more than 12 million views.

Today the composition is the most successful and popular in the band's career. BUT "Our radio" brought it to the top "100 best songs of Russian rock in the XX century"! There were times when "Resurrection" got tired of this song. For some time, the team even removed “Who is to blame?” from his set list, but later, fortunately for the fans, he returned. Romanov commented:

"This song can not be played!"

Interesting Facts

Clipping from a 1982 article "Bluebird Stew"
Clipping from a 1982 article "Bluebird Stew"
  • Opinion that the song belongs Makarevich, erroneously spread due to the article "Blue Bird Stew"published in "Komsomolskaya Pravda" in April 1982. In it, the lines "and you are still waiting for you to die someday ..." are falsely attributed to the pen of the leader of the Time Machine.
  • Sometimes, during a live performance, the author himself dedicates his creation to the Russo-Japanese War.
  • The song entered the repertoire "Kuznetsky bridge", in which for some time he sang and played Alexey Romanov.
  • This hit composition was released on three of the four studio records. "Sunday".

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