Where has Enjoykin - the author of the compositions "Mashed Potato Cakes" and "Nyash Myash" - disappeared to?

Remember the funny music videos from Enjoikin's channel? The musician stopped releasing them in 2019. We decided to remember his most popular works and try to figure out what happened to him.

Who is Enjoykin and where did he disappear to

Enjoikina knows everyone who at least once went to the Russian-speaking youtube. The compositions of this musician were incredibly popular 3-4 years ago, when he was active.


His hits "Mashed meatballs», «Brother», «I'm just tired.», «Lampshade babe"and "Nyash Myash" gained several tens of millions of views each. The rest of Enjoikin's compositions steadily accumulated more than 5-10 million views. The channel was doing well and, unexpectedly, the blogger disappeared.

No new videos have been released since 2019, and there have been no records in the musician's band since about the same time. We decided to recall Enjoikin's most striking compositions and try to figure out what happened to him.

Who is Enjoikin, how he became popular and his most popular remixes

The blogger started posting funny music videos as early as in 2012. Initially he didn't have a multimillion audience, so he experimented for a long time. At first he made mixes of songs from the band "Cinema" and sound fragments from the film "Green Elephant".

Unfortunately, we can't attach the very first video from the Enjoikin channel, because it has an age restriction. The song consists of phrases from "Green Elephant", overlaid on the minus of "Lyric" by Sector Gaza. And this is how the author of the channel experimented with the music of Kino. Weird kitty mewing to the beat of the music:

The video has frozen and is now almost 3 million views. After that, a video came out that made Enjoikin popular - he kept experimenting with footage from the movie "Green Elephant" and Kino music, and he ended up with a great composition:

The Enjoikin chorus sounded very similar to what it was in the original. The chorus "Bros." sounds like this:

"My little brother, look at me,
You and I will go to the parade together.
Get up bro, let's go to the parade...
That's it!"

After that, another song with the cat Tsoi came out, which also became relatively popular. Here the cat was mooing "Eighth-grader": Miu, miu-miu, eighth-grader ah-ah, Miu, miu-miu:

With these compositions, Green Elephant and Cat Tsoi, Enjoikin's path began. Later he moved away from that and started making music from various popular videos. The tactic proved to be a winning one, and soon the hit video "The kid was on his way to success»:

After that he continued to release remixes of memes. This was followed by "Nyash Myash", "Appeal to Dagestanis", "Space will be ours»:

In some of the videos, cartoon inserts or graphics appeared. This was the case, for example, in the very popular Enjoikin video, "Appeal to Dagestanis"which has had about 30 million views:

In all, Enjoikin had about 50 videos on the main channel. The most popular video, known to many (and even to those who don't know about Enjoikin itself) was "Mashed meatballs»:

There came a time when it wasn't Anjoikin who took ready-made memes and created compositions from them, but when his compositions themselves became popular memes. At the time this video was released, almost no one remembered this fragment from the TV series "Streets of Broken Lanterns"But the blogger breathed new life into it and garnered 70 million views.

After that, he released more 7 videos and... disappeared. Yes, we have not heard from the blogger at all since 2019, he does not make publications on his social networks, does not upload new video clips and does not get in touch. Many people thought that he had gone to the English-language YouTube, but his foreign channel hasn't posted new videos for a long time either.

By the way, he was successful among foreign listeners as well. And, not surprisingly, he began in much the same way as he did in Runet - with a video of kittens. It gathered 50 million views:

What happened to Enjoikin?

Someone decided that the musician was dead. There is no way to prove it for sure, but there is no way to disprove it either. One Internet user allegedly bought hacked data of Anjoikin and tried to contact him. But the musician's brother got in touch and broke the sad news.

But it is unlikely, because there is no proof of it. And the blogger has posted videos very rarely before. He could have made 1-2 videos a year and not draw much attention to himself. In addition, it is known that Enjoikin is not only engaged in music on a professional level, as a blogger. Maybe he has a lot of work now, and he decided to take such a long break.

Major bloggers often do this. For example, Ivangay, who used to be very popular, left YouTube for a few years, and then came back. If Enjoikin comes back as well, it will be a real breakthrough - his videos were popular before. There are still hundreds of thousands of peoplewho are waiting for his combo and hoping that he's making something really cool all this time.

Some people think that the blogger has decided to to leave at the height of famebecause I was afraid that further mixes wouldn't be as popular. Musicians often do that, especially when they run out of worthwhile ideas. Enjoikin didn't monetize his creativity, creating his music just for the sake of developing such an unusual genre, so he didn't have a task to fill his listeners with something second-rate, he tried on every video, and when he realized that he couldn't keep the bar, he left...

We can only guess how it is in reality, but let's hope that now the musician is okay and soon he will be back on YouTube.

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