You might not know, but these hits belong to Quincy Jones.

Today we decided to recall the most outstanding melodies of the unique Quincy Jones!

Top Quincy Jones Songs According to Fuzz Music Magazine

This man's name is behind so many top-notch hits! Composer, arranger, music producer and trumpeter, and laureate 27 awards "Grammy" - Quincy Jones became a legend of his time! "All I did," he replied when asked to name the greatest musical innovation of his storied career. born in 1933 year, Jones began as a jazz trumpeter. From Count Basie To Duke Ellington and Ray Charles - he saw the rock and roll kitchen from the inside, as it really was ... Stroke in 1974 almost ended his life, but he quickly came to his senses and provoked a triumphant ascent michael jackson, which culminated in "Thriller.". His vision forever changed the soundscape of the eighties and beyond. Today we decided to recall the most outstanding melodies of the unique Quincy Jones.

"Joy Joy Joy" (Little Richard)

Long Tall Sally (1956) Little Richard (Little Richard)
Little Richard

“Working with Little Richard in New York was a real pleasure! Although he was still very religious, I noticed that he never lost his passion for rock and roll!” Jones said of the 1962 album The King of the Gospel Singers.

While many African American musicians were transitioning from soul to more variety hits, Richard went in the opposite direction - a move that was confusing to fans, and made worse by the fact that gospel records weren't always that good... The salvation came in the form of Jones. He helped the musician wake up and show all his inner passion in tracks such as "(There Will Be) Peace In The Valley (For Me)" and "Joy Joy Joy"!

"It's My Party" (Lesley Gore)

Leslie Gore
Leslie Gore

Darling Leslie Gore was a typical suburban teenager before her demo recording fell into the hands of Jones. At that time he was doing A&R and producing for Mercury Records, where he was hired as the first black vice president of a major New York record label. He mainly worked with jazz singers such as Sarah Vaughan, Dinah Washington and Nina Simone. However, in Leslie he saw future

"She had a soft, distinctive voice and she sang in tune, which many grown-up rock 'n' rollers couldn't do, so I signed her..."

The first fruit of this creative union, cheerful hit "It's My Party", turned Horus into a star for one night!

"You Don't Own Me" (Leslie Gore)

Leslie Gore
Leslie Gore

Another famous song by Leslie Gore was "You Don't Own Me" 1964 of the year. Its authors John Medora and David White, played their creation Leslie after the concert, and she fell in love with this composition ...

“I fell madly in love with this song and asked them to come to New York and play it to Quincy. I knew that he would love her as much as I did…”

And Leslie was right. However, it is wonderful Jones hearing hits, as well as his rapidly growing ability to turn his jazz and musical theories into irresistible pop musicplayed an important role in the emergence "You Don't Own Me".

"Angel" (Aretha Franklin)

Aretha Franklin
Aretha Franklin

"I really enjoyed working with Quincy Jones - it was great," Aretha Franklin said in 1973, shortly after the release of the Jones-produced album Hey Now Hey (The Other Side of the Sky).

This disc, and in particular song "Angel", shows us how, six years before becoming a mentor michael jackson, Jones honed his talent for directing cult artists to self-realization! Although not as bold as her earlier work for Atlantic Records, Franklin's 19th studio album explored a variety of moods and textures:

“I wanted to do things the way I personally feel about them, and I was hoping that the public would understand that a little more… The album was quite successful, but people seem to prefer us as artists to just do funky stuff or blues melodies. But I wanted to try something new, to experiment with material that I really liked myself!”

"Beat It" (Michael Jackson)

Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson
Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson

Album "Thriller" - it's epic. And, accordingly, its creation was difficult

“When we finished Beat It, we had three studios full! In one we had Eddie Van Halen, in another we had Michael singing, and in the third we mixed it all. We worked five days and five nights without sleep. And at some point, the speakers overloaded and caught fire! ”, Jones recalled.

"Thriller" became Jackson's greatest work and cultural phenomenon. Everything Jones and Jackson had learned about production, arranging, composition, audience tastes, and the music business throughout their careers came into focus: genres mixed, barriers were overcome, and Jackson was reborn as the King of Pop. With the help of Jones and his longtime songwriting partner Rod Temperton, Jackson cracked Pop DNA, resulting in a record that still and probably always will sound fresh and amazing!

"Bad" (Michael Jackson)

Bad (1987)
Bad (1987)

"bad" was welcome continuation "Thriller", and therefore the expectations of the public were astronomical. Fortunately, they came true. The album shows us how Jackson goes deeper into his own psyche and draws more inspiration from his life and experience than ever before... Track of the same name is the best proof of that.

From sparkling romanticism "The Way You Make Me Feel" to a heartbreaking ballad Man in the Mirror"Bad" was also the latest collaboration between two titans who changed pop music...

"Love Is In Control" (Donna Summer)

Donna Summer...
Donna Summer

“In fact, Quincy produced this album with almost no help from me, which is not like me. But at that time I was pregnant, and his help was more than ever needed. So it's really more of his album," Summer once said of her 1982 album of the same name.

Undisputed disco queen, in the early 1980s, Donna was desperate for a musical transformation. And no one was more qualified than Jones, so he took the reins and helped the singer completely break away from the style instilled Giorgio Moroder. It wasn't the comeback she had hoped for, but the self-titled LP included some great songs, including a Grammy-nominated single "Love Is in Control (Finger on the Trigger)" and a cover with an emphasis on reggae "State of Independence". The latter also boasted the backing vocals of an all-star cast, which included Michael Jackson, Dionne Warwick, Kenny Loggins and Stevie Wonder.

When asked if she used her star power to collect this formidable choirSummer replied:

“No, Quincy did it. When Quincy calls, people stop what they're doing!"

"Strawberry Letter 23" (The Brothers Johnson)

The Brothers Johnson
The Brothers Johnson

Jones ran into brothers George and Louis Johnson quite by accident when I heard their demo. He liked it very much. And as a result, he made them the stars of his era, producing the famous Strawberry Letter 23!

Them cover version to a slow, sensual soul song Shaggy Otis 1971 seduced the public ... Subsequently, the brothers recalled:

“We didn't want to get stuck in one rhythm, but it would be easier for us to just release another album that would just be stuck in funk. This is where Quincy comes in as our producer. We were all talking about what the second album should be about, and he said that we should be aware of what is happening in music in general, where it is going ... "

"Give Me the Night" (George Benson)

Album cover of Give Me the Night (George Benson)
George Benson

Unlike Michael Jackson or the Johnson brothers, Benson was a fully formed artist before teaming up with Jones for his 1980 album "Give Me the Night". But even though he was already experienced, George still relied on Jones' impeccable studio instincts for the title track.

As a result, the disk won three grammys and went platinum, thanks in large part to the smooth, groovy song of the same name.

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