Dance music can have profound meaning, as proven by "La La La La".

Today in our article is the story of Sam Smith's hit "La La La La": why this dance track can't be called meaningless and what's behind the unusual music video for this song? Let's get to the bottom of it.

All about the song "La La La La": the story of creation, the meaning of the song and the video

Each track released has its own story and special meaning. Sometimes it's easy to understand: the author can put the main idea right into the lyrics of his song. But sometimes the creator of the music makes his fans read between the lines.

Today in our article we will tell you about the author, whose track and the music video only at first glance seem to be simple and understandable.

The story behind the song, and what does No Doubt have to do with it?

Naught Boy
Naught Boy

Song "La La La La." was released in 2013 by producer Naughty Boy. The vocals were originally meant to be Women'sThe British musician and songwriter wanted to invite the Scottish singer Emily Sande, but at the time of recording the track she was on tour, so the track has a memorable vocal Sam Smith.

The composition was written by five musicians, including Jonathan Coffer, a London-based songwriter and music producer. The song was finished rather quickly: in just three hours the track was already finished. It was the final one for the debut Naughty Boy album.

The cover of the album on which the track La La La was released
The cover of the album on which the track La La La was released

The concept of the composition was conceived after Naughty Boy listened to the popular in the 90's song "Don't Speak" by the band No Doubt. When writing the track, the musician felt what Gwen Stefani sings about in her song: first the hero neglects his beloved, and then she neglects him. Naughty Boy reflected this feeling in his song, in the line "I cover my ears like a child"; the hero of the song hiding from the world and its complexities.

Text and lyrical meaning

Sam Smith at the award ceremony
Sam Smith at the award ceremony

The text of the composition, as mentioned above, is based on the estrangement of people from each other. The composition is imbued with the theme of how one is tired of being constantly rebuked by the other, so the best solution is to take it easy on other people's words.

The author tries to convey his thoughts not only through the words or vocals of Sam Smith, but also video clipThe meaning of which has been debated for a long time.

What is the meaning of the clip - the question that never ceases to be asked

Heroes of the clip La La La
Heroes of the clip La La La

Many fans of this song are still speculating about the meaning of the video for the song "La La La La". The most common version about the meaning of the video is that the plot is based on the old Bolivian legend about a boy who was deaf from birth and ran away from home and began to wander. In time the little boy discovered the gift of healing people with his shoutingSo he saved an old man who had been unjustly accused and beaten by the townspeople and healed his heart, and a little later he helped another man who had been wronged by a spirit. El Tio. The boy and his new acquaintances went to the evil spirit to rid people of it, and they succeeded: the boy's illness helped him not to succumb to El Tio's sorcery, and the spirit left the world of men.

The clip almost repeats the legend, but viewers noticed the similarities with the book "The Wizard of Oz". The characters in the video are very similar to the characters in the work: the first man saved by the boy, who needed a new heart, represents The Tin Manand the strangely dressed man, the protagonist's second acquaintance, looks like a Scarecrow from the book; the chow dog that accompanies the characters in the clip, an allusion to the The Cowardly Lion.

At the end of the clip it turns out that the boy must stay in the cave of the evil spirit in order to save all the people. The authors of the video leave it to the viewers to finish upwhat happened to the boy and his companions.

Clip frame
Clip frame

An attentive audience noticed another parallel: the clip contains references to the book "Flying Over the Cuckoo's Nest" Ken Kesey. The main character in the video is like an Indian Chief Broman, who, to shut himself off from the outside world, pretends to Deaf. Another moment at the very beginning of the clip suggests a connection with this work: an angry father throws eggs from a nest on the window ledge after his fleeing son. You can also see the metaphorical unfolding of counting book from the beginning of the book: the boy is left alone with El Tio's spirit "over the cuckoo's nest.

Such semantic richness of the video of the song "La La La La" shows how much thin The plot of the video was thought out and how professionally the people who made this video approached their work.

Other popular Sam Smith hits

Sam Smith
Sam Smith

Sam Smith Sam became famous as a singer in 2021, when the musical duo Disclosure released the single "Latch. Sam then took part in the recording of the track "La La La La" by Naughty Boy.

Sam's debut album was released in 2014, and the singles from it took leading positions in the UK charts. The singer received four Grammy Awards for his album and singles.

Smith's career began in 2008The real breakthrough came after the singer's participation in the recording of the song "La La La La". From 2014 to 2022, Smith released four studio albums; the single "Unholy", released this fall, topped the charts in the UK and the US.

Sam Smith, besides everyone's favorite "La La La La," has many other songswhich perfectly describe him as a first-rate musician. Here's some Of which:

"I'm Not the Only One"

The song was released on debut Smith's album and produced by Jimmy Napes and Steve Fitzmaurice. Home topic of the composition is infidelity in a relationship. Critics praised Smith's soulful vocals and good instrumentation; "I'm Not the Only One" was also commercially successful.

"Stay With Me"

Ballad Songwhich features the protagonist's pleas for his lover not to leave him for one night. Sam said that this composition is not about love for a transient, but about feeling heat and about not wanting to feel lonely.

"Writing's On the Wall"

This song became the main theme for the James Bond movie "Ghost.". It was released in 2015 and received mixed reviews from critics. To some it seemed very similar to all the previous Bond themes, but "Writing's On the Wall" did become first topic The film and climbed to high positions in the UK charts.

"Lay Me Down."

The music video for this song was filmed in church St. Margaret's. In the plot, Smith mourns his dead lover, at whose funeral he attends; the next frame shows the hero's memories of his lover, and back to reality again. Fans and critics have noticed resemblance with the Guns N' Roses "November Rain" music video.


One of early Sam's work, published at the dawn of his career, "Latch." Critics have described this song as ambitious and a pop-culture-inspired composition with saturated vocals. 

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