Top best songs of Lana Del Rey - American icon of romanticism and melancholy

"Summertime Sadness", "Young and Beautiful", "Brooklyn baby" are just a small part of the beautiful legacy of Lana Del Rey...

Lana Del Rey's Biggest Hits - Complete List

Lana Del Rey - charming American singer, which has significantly influenced the contemporary pop scene. She - queen of "coastal glamour", a sad icon of romanticism and melancholy, the idol of millions of people around the world ... In the early stages of her ascent, Lana received only criticism and ridiculous ridicule, but look where she is today! On the very Olympus of fame ... Her videos are gaining millions (and some billions) of views on YouTube, and it seems that her influence will never fade away. Today you will find an amazing selection of the most powerful, most popular, most, in the end, most soulful songs. Lana Del Rey"Summertime Sadness", "Young and Beautiful", "Brooklyn baby" — this is only a small part of her beautiful legacy! So: make yourself comfortable, the playlist promises to be as pleasant as possible to listen to ...

"Summertime Sadness"

"Summer Sorrow"probably one of the most famous songs Lana Del Rey… She is certainly known even by those who are far from both pop music and the singer's work in general! The composition adequately adorned the second studio album Born to Die, and also became the biggest hit Del Rey… Attractive music video scored over 300 million views on YouTube:

"Young and Beautiful"

This song is in the movie The Great Gatsby Baz Luhrmann. The song was written Del Rey together with Rick Nowels. The music video, which appeared on the official YouTube channel of the singer in May 2013, gained more 444 million views

Brooklyn baby

"They say I'm too young to love you,
They say I'm too dumb to sing.
I'm judged like a book is judged by its cover
By the color of its crust, as if they had forgotten how to read at all.
I think that we are like fire and water,
I think we are like the wind and the sea.
You set fire, I cool
You are up, I am down.
You are blind, but I see.
But I'm free
I am free…"

Born to Die

Another amazing track from Lana's self-titled album released in January 2012 of the year. The single went gold in several countries around the world, and the video for it was recognized as the best music video in the genre of pop according to Music Video Awards! Actually, let's look...

"National Anthem"

Legendary single from the album Born to Die, which became widely known thanks to the video: the music video unfolds the story of the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy ... Directed by Anthony Mandler (he also made a mini-movie Del Rey entitled "Tropico"):

According to Mandler, Del Rey was really interested in exploring this loss... With this clip they also wanted to show the loss of someone important not only for the country, but also for his family. At the beginning of the video, Lana in the image Marilyn Monroe performed by "Happy Birthday, Mr. President". The rest of the plot is built around life Jacqueline and John F. Kennedyplayed by the rapper ASAP Rocky. The clip remains one of the best and well thought out in history to this day...

"Dark Paradise"

In this song Lana Del Rey sings about loving another "bad boy":

"All my friends ask why I stay strong
I tell them that true love never dies…”

By the way: the melody of this composition evokes nostalgia for creativity Madonnas of the 1980s years...

video games

And with this song Lana Del Rey loudly declared itself to the whole world! Exactly video games became the first big break for the American singer ... This is - baroque pop ballad, telling a difficult story of a girl unrequitedly in love ... The song was warmly received not only by the public, but also by critics. Someone called it "an innovative hit, someone - "sad lyrics", and we - one of the best songs in the repertoire of the charming Del Rey:

The music video, filmed and edited by Lana herself, also deserves attention: it is not for nothing that the number of its views is steadily approaching the mark 300 million… This is truly a wonderful creative work!

blue jeans

One of the most popular songs of the performer, which every fan certainly knows ... On blue jeans a video was also filmed, which gained more than 300 million views:


Great love song... Lana's voice fascinates and hypnotizes, causing incomprehensible sadness, and, at the same time, warmth...

High by the Beach

And this composition has a rather interesting and even scandalous story - someone illegally leaked it to the network before the official release! A mesmerizing clip was filmed for the song from the very Lana, with the sea, with a helicopter, as well as with weapon… Definitely worth a look!

"Doin' Time"

This song was originally recorded by an American band Sublime in 1997 year, but gained success after she presented her version Del Rey… By the way: not only critics, but also former bandmates Sublime and their families praised the singer for processing this wonderful composition!

serial killer

"Baby, I'm a sociopath
Gentle serial killer
On the warpath
Because I love you
A little stronger than necessary…”

"Gods & Monsters"

Pretty dark track "Gods & Monsters" adequately decorated two collections at once - "Paradise" and "The Paradise Edition"! Actually, he worthily completes our list ...

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