Larissa Dolina in her youth, or the story of becoming a star

Today in our article we will tell the story of Larissa Dolina, a Soviet and Russian pop singer. How did her success start and what did she have to overcome on her way to fame? Read on.

All about the singer Larissa Dolina: the beginning of her career and her formation

Artists of the Soviet and Russian stage have been gaining popularity for a long time and persistently, passing through a considerable amount of difficulties. Some of them were lucky enough to quickly conquer the stage, while others had to first fight for the right to be on stage and then regularly work on yourselfto maintain their success.

One such artist is. Larisa DolinaThe first one was a woman who, in order to achieve fame, had to overstep her bounds.

Early years

Larissa Dolina as a child
Larissa Dolina as a child

The singer's hometown is considered to be BakuBut Dolina is of Jewish descent. The future actress spent the first three years of her life in Azerbaijan, but soon moved with her parents to Odessa.

The family settled in the new city not at once, initially living in utilities apartment. Later, the singer would remember the difficulties from her childhood and try to reflect on them as an adult.

Future singer with her parents
Future singer with her parents

Larissa Dolina graduated from a children's music school, specializing in the cello. All her adolescence the artist chose whether to be a singer or an interpreter, but everything became clear after her first to take the stage at a children's camp. There Dolina performed with the local ensemble and immediately fell in love with the audience. A little later the future professional singer became part-time in restaurants as a schoolgirl.

Larissa graduated from high school. externship; this was due to her placement in a vocal and instrumental ensemble "The Wave.".

Complexes with which the singer, fortunately, was able to cope

Larissa Dolina in the 2000s
Larissa Dolina in the 2000s

For many years, the singer has been unable to cope with complexesShe said she had only recently stopped looking at herself in the mirror and looking for flaws. According to the artist, she only recently stopped looking at herself in the mirror and looking for flaws.

In this you can see the great Job Dolina on himself; the adoption of his image in a mature age - a complex process that occurs gradually. The singer, according to her own statement, considers herself Perfectionistwhich prevented her from giving up on achieving her ideal for even a moment.

Larisa Alexandrovna Dolina. 2010-е
Larisa Alexandrovna Dolina. 2010-е

The artist's pursuit of perfection manifested itself in her constant external changes: The singer has looked differently throughout her career, gaining and losing weight. Now the singer is answering questions about losing weight reluctantlyShe said that she was on a special diet prescribed by her doctor. In addition, many media wrote that Dolina has resorted to plastic surgery and cosmetologist services to maintain her youthfulness.

The Valley at Present
The Valley at Present

In addition, remembering a difficult childhood in Odessa, where we had to live in a tiny room, the singer was able to afford minivanwhich is literally a "house on wheels". This car for the artist is an attempt to escape the sad memories of her childhood and enjoy real space, not only at home, but also in the car.

First creative endeavors

Valley at the beginning of her solo career
Valley at the beginning of her solo career

In the early 70's Larissa Dolina left the ensemble "Volna" and worked in a restaurant on the seashore. After a while the singer was invited to the "State Variety Orchestra of Armenia", where she soloed.

After another work of Dolina in the ensemble of Polad Bülbüloglu she was awarded the prizes at the All-Russian Performers Contest in Sochi. A year later she was noticed and invited to the jazz orchestra Anatoly Kroll. At the beginning of 1981, Kroll and his charges gave numerous concerts throughout the Soviet Union.

Larissa Dolina. 70-е
Larissa Dolina. 70-е

Four years later, Larissa Dolina enters the Gnesins' School of MusicIn 1985 she staged the program "Lingering Leap". After graduating from the Variety Department in the class of vocals in 1987, Larissa Dolina begins her active work as a director. In a dozen years, the singer managed to give concerts all over Russia.

Becoming a star

Larisa Dolina backstage
Larisa Dolina backstage

Throughout her career, Dolina has been fortunate to work with Victor Reznikov and Mikhail TanichThe latter co-authored with Ruslan Gorobets a song for the singer "Weather in the House."which became Dolina's calling card. It was this song that brought her the widest fame.

In 2007, the artist participated in a concert of the pianist Denis Matsuev. Three years later, Dolina became a soloist in the musical "Love and Espionage."In which the actress played more than one role.

Since 2013, Dolina has been actively participating in TV showsThe "Universal Artist", "Mask", "Duets", "Battle of the Generations", as well as a large number of invitations to the "Universal Artist", "Mask", "Duets", "Battle of the Generations". in Jury vocal competitions.

Variety and jazz singer Larisa Dolina
Variety and jazz singer Larisa Dolina

The actress has also achieved success as a educator. Since 2016, she has held the position of head of department The band and jazz singing at MGIK, as well as being a part of the Academic Council Institute.

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