How Led Zeppelin played a bad joke on George Harrison and Stevie Wonder

“It was clear as day that they made fools of themselves. They nearly died of embarrassment!” Maddox recalled.

The story of one awkward joke from the members of Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin - a cult rock band that had a tremendous impact on subsequent generations of musicians! Natives of UK, they are widely famous all over the world for their undeniable skill in creating first-class music and talent! The band quickly established itself as one of the most prominent touring bands of the sixties and seventies, delivering performances that could turn major venues into ruins! Not only did they demonstrate an experienced set of crowd-pumping techniques, but they soon became true touring experts! But… Zeppelin - like many rock stars of the time - were also known for their backstage antics, which are often fun stories for fans today!

Led Zeppelin - lovers of practical jokes

The story of "No Quarter" (Led Zeppelin)
The story of "No Quarter" (Led Zeppelin)

If you would go on tour with Led Zeppelin in 1970's, you would need to prepare for the shock. Within a few days, the group could hit 55 000 fans in the stadium, destroy the floor of a luxury hotel and deal with crowds of young fans! Sometimes a group could do it all on the same night... But one nasty problem to overcome when traveling across the country for long distances and then flying around the world is, of course, boredom. Often when bands go off the rails on the road, it's the result of many hours of idleness... And besides drugs and music, another cure for boredom for Zeppelin was... practical jokes! Led Zeppelin and, in particular, the legend of the drum kit John Bonham, were primarily fans of the latter. If Bonham hadn't left a sleeping John Paul Jones in the hallway of some hotel, he could have flooded his bandmate's room with a fire hose!

John Bonham
John Bonham

And while the group boasts their fair share of obnoxious behavior backstage, the members usually kept their reputation somewhat clean...

Led Zeppelin (1973)
Led Zeppelin (1973)

When the band walked off the stage from the admiration of a huge audience, the musicians ceased to exist as rock idols and had fun with all their hearts, like any other group (and just like the young guys of that time!) However, the antics Bonham were rarely safe for the health of both his own and those around him. At a minimum, they could be offensive to the latter, because of which someone could leave the party in the company Led Zeppelinfeeling incredibly embarrassed. However, one day this awkward situation happened to them themselves ... On their own initiative! Actually - about everything in order ...

Harrison's Dinner with Zeppelin

George Harrison's composing skills have always been underestimated...
George Harrison's composing skills have always been underestimated...

George Harrison of the iconic Liverpool Four The Beatles been a friend for a while Led Zeppelinin particular - they communicated well in 1974 year, when George agreed to meet them for dinner. Zeppelin were in LA at the time promoting their new label. Swan Song: by the way - they were dressed in costumes for promotional videos for their next album. After a few select female fans gave the members makeup and hair, Zeppelin snapped a few shots and prepared for dinner with Harrison. But instead of changing clothes, they thought that they would surprise their comrade with their unusual way! Harrison laughed at them, and Zeppelin knew he would get the joke right: earlier, at a birthday party Bonham at Laurel Canyon, the drummer left a fully clothed Harrison and his wife Patty to the pool at home! After this incident, the couple was ready for any pranks from Zeppelin ... But what the group itself did not expect was that Harrison would bring with him a guest, the cult singer Stevie Wonder!

Stevie Wonder
Stevie Wonder

Suddenly, given Wonder's visual impairment, the joke didn't seem so funny anymore.

From the memories of Lori Maddox

Jimmy Page and Lori Maddox
Jimmy Page and Lori Maddox

Lori Maddoxa young friend Jimmy Page, subsequently told how the joke went wrong:

“All the guys walked into the suite with makeup and crazy hair, and there was Stevie Wonder! Can you imagine it? They caused the others to laugh, while Wonder decided that the guys were doing it as a joke on him, because he was blind ... It was clear as day that they made fools of themselves. They nearly died of embarrassment!” Maddox recalled.


Of course, it is worth remembering that this was a poorly planned prank - that is, not necessarily a sneaky one. And I want to believe it Zeppelin learned a valuable lesson that day: if you go out, always take a change of clothes with you!

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