"Contract with the Devil" - what these great musicians are suspected of

Of course, our selection today is purely for entertainment. Although who knows...

Legendary musicians who sold their souls to the devil - incredible stories and interesting facts

To be an idol is to be awesome at your craft! But to become one, you need to spend years honing and perfecting your skills-in our case today, that is string playing. Practice, patience, and lots of practice - these are the main canons of success. However, these great musicians are credited with something else... A bargain with the devil himself!

It is said that the devil loves music, especially stringed instruments. For this reason, for many years the most influential and brilliant musicians have been constantly tried to "expose""And he sold his soul to the devil for his talent and success! Of course, our selection today is purely entertaining. Although who knows...

Jimmy Page and his devilish solos

Jimmy Page
Jimmy Page

Page has built a reputation as a devilish guitarist, and a lot of it is because of his talent. But something has been bothering the public for years (especially the part of the public that apparently has nothing to do in their leisure time). And that is his interest in occultism.

There was a time when Paige lived in the old house Aleister Crowley at Loch Ness, and then told of the terrible fear he felt within its walls (and even allegedly saw something). It's worth noting that Jimmy in particular was interested in teachings on how to get everything he wanted out of life. Then Led Zeppelin The song was accused of propaganda - allegedly, in the famous "Stairway to Heaven" they pay tribute to Satan, if you listen to the track backwards. After that, no one had any doubts that Page had clearly made a "business contract" with the Prince of Darkness.

The Devilish Violinist Niccolo Paganini

Niccolò Paganini
Niccolò Paganini

Niccolò Paganini - iconic Virtuoso violinistwho could play three octaves on four strings with his long fingers! His skill remains something unheard of after centuries, and many suspect that his success was not solely due to his physiology and perseverance...

Paganini drove the audience crazy with his playing, and in particular, girls. It was even said that he caught the souls of young women and imprisoned them inside his violin! Though no one ever explained exactly how he did it. And once an audience member claimed to have seen the devil's hand controlling the violinist... Yes, rumours do arouse a wild imagination!

Robert Leroy Johnson and the Clarksdale Intersection Collision

Robert Leroy Johnson
Robert Leroy Johnson

Today he is one of the most famous bluesmen of the 20th centurybut it is said that originally Robert Leroy Johnson was a terrible guitarist. Legend has it that the musician supposedly went to Clarksdale intersectionwhere he met Satan, who helped him tune his guitar properly and gave him some good advice. In exchange for his soul, of course.

In the end, Johnson returned as a guitar guru! Rumors of his mystical deal were reinforced by his early death at the age of 27 yearsBy the way.

The Devil's Trills of Giuseppe Tartini

Giuseppe Tartini dreamt that the devil played him "The Devil's trill"
Giuseppe Tartini dreamt that the Devil played him "The Devil's trill".

Unlike the rest of the list, the legendary Giuseppe Tartini Not only did he meet the devil, but he also composed a future classic with him! By the way: their collaboration took place right in his sleep, which already sounds extremely extraordinary.

Of course, the iconic "The Devil's trill."The composer's fantasy could have been written off as a wild fantasy. But that would have been too simple and uninteresting. So the public glorified the legend that in a dream Tartini had traded his soul for a melody (which, incidentally, he was never able to play).

Devil's messengers The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones (photo shoot for the spread of the album Beggars Banquet...)
The Rolling Stones (photo shoot for the Beggars Banquet spread)

The haters of rock and roll decided to play big when they accused an entire band of being associated with Satan! When The Rolling Stones released their cult hit «Sympathy for the Devil»The conservative public was left in no doubt: these guys were left without their souls long ago!

Some called them agents of Lucifer, and there were those who considered them to be a kind of "devil in the form of a band that has come to enslave the minds of young people. It is also noteworthy that during the performance of "Sympathy for the Devil" at the Stones' concert a teenager tragically died. This only served to reinforce crazy hypotheses and conspiracy theories.

Infernal Conductor Philippe Muzar

Philippe Muzar
Philippe Muzar

fans classical music are probably familiar with this maestro: the French Philippe Muzar was not just a talented composer. He was also renowned for "a hell of a conductor." - And no, it wasn't because of his bad character at all. It was just that he was extremely successful and charismatic.

Muzar was the kind of a 19th century rock star! He adored to shock the audience, and all his appearances on stage were extremely theatrical... Philippe Mouzard waved his arms so assiduously and behaved so relaxed that the audience literally fell into a trance. It is said that while conducting he had a strange expression on his face, a little creepy and obsessed

Bob Dylan and His Deal

Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan

Someone you didn't expect to see here, thanks to popular rumor Bob Dylan also join the ranks of "devil's music legends.

In 2016, Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. This was a big surprise to almost everyone! But not for Mr. "the voice of a generation. The musician merely said:

"Well, that's no surprise, because I made a deal with the devil."

Of course, this is more like black humor. But considering the events 1966When Dylan had a serious motorcycle accident and broke several of his cervical vertebrae, and, without medical help, made it home on his own and just recovered... That already sounds crazy! However, it's still a mystery what really happened that day.

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