Legendary songs with no less legendary history...

You can be sure that after reading the fascinating and sometimes tragic facts that preceded the creation of these great creations, you will begin to perceive these works in a completely new way ...

A selection of well-known songs with an interesting story!

Everyone knows these compositions - despite their considerable age, they are well known even to modern music lovers! And if their motives and refrains continue to sound like an anthem, then inexcusably little is known about the history of their creation...

And in general: few people think about the meaning of this or that hit ... Therefore, we decided to make a selection of the most famous songs with a really interesting story!

You can be sure that after reading the fascinating and sometimes tragic facts that preceded the creation of these great creations, you will begin to perceive these works in a completely new way ...

Zombie The Cranberries (1994)

The Cranberries
The Cranberries

This legendary song has a rather sad story... In 1993, there was a double terrorist attack in Warrington, organized by IRA (Irish Republican Army) militants. This action claimed the lives of two boys: Jonathan Bol and Tim Parry ...

This incident caused a huge public shock, and the lead singer of The Cranberries Dolores O'Riordan could not stand aside. The singer wrote “Zombie” in memory of the dead children, and also with the aim of shouting to the terrorists, through whose fault innocent people die ... And in part, she succeeded: soon after the release of the song, the IRA militants announced a cessation of hostilities.

Let it be - The Beatles (1968)

The Beatles
The Beatles

The author of this masterpiece is Paul McCartney. Curiously, Paul found the idea of the biggest hit in the history of The Beatles ... in a dream! As the musician himself said, he dreamed of his late mother Maria, who inspired his son to write "Let it be" ...

At that moment, such a "push" was necessary for Paul more than ever:

“At that time, I was very worried about the worsened relationships in the group, and the appearance of my mother cheered me up! She said: “Everything will be all right, Paul ...” I don’t remember if she used exactly these words - “Let it be”, but the essence of her advice was this: Don't worry! Everything will be fine…"

Hotel California - The Eagles (1976)

oblozhka alboma eagles hotel california
Eagles "Hotel California" Album Cover

"Hotel California" is one of the most famous and most mysterious songs in the history of rock... The history of its creation is surrounded by myths and legends.

In the 1980s, a group of Christians suggested that the composition was about Anton LaVey's famous hotel (in San Francisco), which for a long time had been wanted to be turned into the Church of Satan!

Not a few rumors circulated about the California asylum for the mentally ill.

Many fans of The Eagles were sure that “Hotel California” meant the Scottish castle of the black magician Aleister Crowley ...

But, as is often the case, the true story turned out to be much simpler and more mundane. According to Don Henley of The Eagles, "Hotel California" is just a beautiful metaphor. The song itself tells about secular society and far from the most beautiful life of ordinary Californians ... "The Other Side of the Moon" - one might say.

Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen (1975)

queen nachalo 80 h
Queen, early '80s

This composition is the greatest (without exaggeration) masterpiece of both the Queen group and Freddie Mercury himself in particular!

Released as part of the album A Night At The Opera, this song was written long before that… Freddie started writing it back in the 1960s, writing lines, phrases and images literally on scraps of paper that only came across to his hand!

It's more like some kind of mysticism, but written long before Mercury was diagnosed, "Bohemian Rhapsody" became a kind of prophecy for him ...

“After all, as he came, he left, he didn’t take off - he didn’t fall ...”


"Mom, life has just begun,
But now I will leave it all ... "

Another brick in the wall (Part II) - Pink Floyd (1979)

Pink Floyd
Pink Floyd

The song was written by the band's bass player Roger Waters. It is worth noting that Roger never hid his dislike for school... And with the release of "Another brick in the wall (Part II)" he made a scandal at all!

Attentive listeners must have noticed that there is a double negative in the line "We don't need no education". And no, this is not a mistake, but an intentional "highlight" of the track. In this way, Roger wanted to emphasize the low quality of school education ...

But even this was not the beginning of the conflict, but the school choir, who sang for Pink Floyd for free! True, later the school still received its thousand pounds. Well, the listeners - another wonderful masterpiece from "Pinks"!

One Love - Bob Marley (1977)

Bob Marley
Bob Marley

In the early 1970s, Jamaica literally split into two camps. And despite his image as an independent musician, Bob Marley sided with Prime Minister Michael Manley.

Later, the musician's house was fired upon by unknown militants. Marley himself, his wife and manager were injured.

Shortly thereafter, Bob Marley traveled to London where he recorded "One Love". So, this song serves as a call to unite people and kindness towards each other…

A Star Called the Sun - MOVIE (1989)

Group "Kino"
Group "Kino"

“A Star Called the Sun” is a legendary song both in the discography of Viktor Tsoi and the KINO group, and in the history of Russian rock as a whole ... The composition sounded in the film “Needle”, in which Tsoi himself starred. But few people know that it was written in Alma-Ata (shooting was also carried out there).

According to Rashid Nugmanov, director of the film, Viktor Tsoi wrote this song especially for the film. Moreover, Nugmanov insisted that it happened in the fall of 1987 in his Almaty apartment, where the leader of "KINO" lived during the filming ... But the director preferred to remain silent about the idea or possible motives for this song ...

“The motives of the artist are a hidden secret, which, at times, should not be disclosed ...” Nugmanov replied.

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