Favorite idols from the rock world who have always remained "too heavy" for their peers

Imagine if all these geniuses - somewhere, in another universe - had formed their own band? That would be the perfect scenario for a real rock 'n' roll action movie (given their complicated disposition)!

Hard rock idols - amazing stories and interesting facts about our favorite musicians

The Character - It's not an easy thing, especially when it's "heavy.". And who else but rock stars, be aware of it - especially the band members. Sometimes there is a person in the lineup who literally makes the rest of the team tremble... And we're not exaggerating now.

We would like to point out right away that all of the rock stars discussed below are indeed "complicated" people with its own special disposition, humor, and view of creativity. But we sincerely love them. It makes no difference to us what kind of reaction they evoked from their colleagues, because above all - we appreciate them for their legendary music and brilliant charisma. But stories about them and their "warm relationships" with others are a separate art form!

Ritchie Blackmore

Ritchie Blackmore
Ritchie Blackmore

When it comes to "complicated" rock legends, Ritchie Blackmore first on the list! This amazingly talented, charismatic and extremely eloquent man "in black" had no shortage of irony and confidence. Ritchie always felt his genius, but could never say the same about his colleagues... Blackmore was not ashamed, sometimes he It would be my great pleasure criticized both famous musicians and members of his own bands! And his confrontations with Ian Gillan in the ranks deep purple deserve not just a mention, but an article of their own.

Blackmore is known to have actively fostered a love of soccer among his colleagues in the Rainbowand, if the stories are to be believed, fired those who were not going to share this passion. And when Randy California The rumor is that some members of Deep Purple were very happy to "take a break from Ritchie.

John Lennon

John Lennon
John Lennon

Perhaps John Lennon wasn't as abrasive as Richie, but he certainly made his group uncomfortable. Or rather, his slightly insane temper. And it wasn't just the members of the band that were affected by his constantly changing moods. The BeatlesBut also, in fact, on the people closest to him... As some biographers have described him:

"John was always either puddles of sadness or waves of joy. You could never predict his behavior-it all depended on his mood on any given day, or even moment..."

Lennon loved provocations, and sometimes the entire cast had to pay the price for them-as was the case after the legendary famous statement about "The Beatles and Jesus.

Johnny Ramon

Johnny Ramon
Johnny Ramon

But Richie and John are the very real angels as compared to Johnny Ramon. Legend RamonesThe band was literally terrified of this man: Ramon was known to "pick a fist fight" with bassist Dee Dee for playing "the wrong way. He also refused to understand and accept Joey, who had obsessive-compulsive disorder. What's more, he took the poor guy's girlfriend, whom Joey really loved a lot...

There was a period when Johnny literally out of controland his anti-social behavior began to cause inconvenience to complete strangers - for example, he threw bricks from the roof out of boredom.

Sid Vicious

Sid Vicious
Sid Vicious

Sid Vicious was not so much a valuable bass player as a big problem for Sex Pistols. But the female fans were crazy about him, and his scandalous antics on stage allowed him to sell a fabulous number of tickets to onlookers... So he was a problem and a diamond in one for the band.

Talking about Sid's temperament for a long time is pointless - in many ways, his character traits have been changed under the influence of substances. It remains to add that his life turned out to be bright, tragic and too short...

Brian Jones

Brian Jones
Brian Jones

Brian Jones was not a crazy individualist, not aggressive or anything like that... But his character was hardly perfect. In fact, he founded The Rolling StonesBut shortly before his death he was fired from the group. His addiction transcended all boundaries-as did his desire to be "the center of the universe.". He was neither a vocalist nor a lead guitarist, but he cleverly took all the applause from them (i.e. from Jagger and Richards). On stage he behaved like a true leader, and he felt that his role in the band was very small... His relations with his friends were deteriorating, and he himself seemed to have lost the sense of the goal he was so confidently pursuing.

P.S.: Now imagine if all the geniuses mentioned above - somewhere, in another universe - had amassed own group? Yes, that would be the perfect scenario for a really rock 'n' roll action movie (given their complicated disposition)!

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