Legends of Russian rock that live on in our hearts

What an interesting paradox it is: for some reason all legends leave early. They are like stars, lights - they flare up brightly, burn beautifully, and then abruptly fade away...

They passed away early, but they're still alive in our hearts: legends of Russian rock who have become an important part of history

It's hard to imagine without them Russian rock - is virtually impossible. They made invaluable contributions, had a great influence, died early, but left a vivid mark... When they were alive, the full value of their work was is not as tangible - some of the legends we're going to talk about today never achieved the recognition they deserved. But it doesn't matter: at the moment almost everyone knows about them (a national rock fan for sure), and many contemporaries continue to rely on their powerful lyrics and thoughts, finding tremendous inspiration in them...

What an interesting paradox, though: for some reason all the legends leave early. They are like stars, fires - they flare up brightly, burn beautifully, and fade away abruptly. Some are ruined by misunderstanding and a feeling of alienation, loneliness, and some by addictions... But they also occur for a reason. Often a person turns to alcohol or substances when he himself can no longer resist the world around him, the pressure. Some felt that they still have something to say, but did not have time. Others seem to have come to a conclusion: "Everything that could be said has already been said.".

Mike Naumenko

mayk naumenko 3
Mike Naumenko

Mike Naumenko was phenomenal in his work. Maybe it's not so deep or philosophical... Rather, his songs are about the everyday life of an ordinary Russian man. They are simple, laconic, soulful and very close to many people. There is no pathos, mystery, any special sublimity. Nevertheless, they still touch the hearts, even of modern listeners. And that means there's something in them!

Naumenko was unique. From his childhood he was fond of foreign musicHe greedily translated English-language song lyrics - and even tried to write his own based on them. The world of the West beckoned him, not with its pomp, but with its motives. He was an important part of the Leningrad underground, and in many ways he helped other musicians, which, for some reason, is rarely mentioned.

Despite the unpretentiousness of the texts, the leader "Zoo." He was serious about creativity and music. He was for the underground, for originality, for a kind of creative liberation... But with the onset of the 90s he fell into a deep depression. Mike was probably one of the first to realize what was coming. conveyor era - There would no longer be that Russian rock, those protests, that revolution... This bitter realization depressed him. As drummer Valery Kirilov once said:

"Mike refused to accept time, and time refused to accept him."

In 1991 Naumenko passed away. The circumstances of his departure are still shrouded in mystery.

Egor Letov

Egor Letov
Egor Letov

Yegor Letov can be treated as differently: you can admire his looseness and madness, or you can hate it. But his songs went to the people, his name was imprinted in the history of Russian rock, his image became iconic...So it deserves it after all?

Letov was by a madman both in his work and in his life - there was a time when he was literally hunted down by orderlies and the police! And he hid from them, traveling around the cities. Today, if we talk about the most provocative songwriters, Letov is one of the first to come to mind. He used foul language and other things in his poems "tough talk." in the form of expressions far removed from the usual notion of normality. Some of his songs were vivid, emotional! Some were heavy, incomprehensible... But they became, somehow, our heritage.

One of the key figures Siberian undergroundhe lived vividly, boldly. He passed away at the age of 43 and left a rich legacy that earned him the title "patriarch of Russian punk rock.

"Eternity smells like oil..."

Yuri Khoy

Yuri Khoy
Yuri Khoy

His unconventional creativity Yuri Khoy called simply: "kolkhoz punk". This man seemed to hate mediocrity - in his lyrics Khoi used such unceremonious expressions that the audience could not ignore these songs! Yuri was never shy about anything: he easily touched on any, even dramatic themes, and presented them to the audience in such a surreal way that it was hard not to open your mouth while listening to them!

Hoy has definitely become a legend: His influence greatas well as his contributions. Definitely one of the brightest and most amazing representatives of the domestic rock scene.

Khoi left us, unfortunately, too early - he was only 35. Well, he told us a lot in his songs, shared the atmosphere of his own unique world and is remembered as young and energetic.

Viktor Tsoi

Viktor Tsoi
Viktor Tsoi

Russian rock legend and Viktor Tsoi have long been synonymous. The leader of Kino remains one of the most favorite Russian rockers, both among his contemporaries and among the younger generation. Tsoi's songs are eternal: they are soulful, beautiful, deep, thought-provoking... Many of them are more relevant today than ever before, but they are several decades old!

Tsoi sang his songs in his own manner - unobtrusively, easily, but with character and power. His voice penetrates to the heart - there is something hypnotic, exceptional in it. Some people call Victor an ordinary Leningrad rocker, whose reputation is overblown. But the overwhelming majority respects him. And personally we treat to the second number. And it's a pity that Tsoi didn't die so early: how many timeless songs he didn't have time to write...

Yanka Diaghileva

Yanka Diaghileva
Yanka Diaghileva

"Gone early, but left a bright mark," is how one might say of Diaghileva. She was gone at the age of 24, but in her short career she managed to ignite the rock scene and burn herself out... She was Phenomenal In her vision of the world: people at the concerts cried - everyone understood that they would never be able to look at what was going on around them through Yankee's eyes. She wrote a lot, putting her heart and soul into her writing. Lines of her poems are etched in the memory:

"On the road I lay down, the mud was diluted with tears:
They tore the new skirt and gagged me with it.
Hail, great working people!"

She hated fame, wasn't interested in money. Creation - that was the only impetus for her life. At the end of her days, Diaghileva fell into the deepest depression. As recalled by her friends, who occasionally dropped in to visit her:

"She didn't want to communicate with anyone. When asked "How are you?" she answered: "I don't live...".

Today, Diaghileva's image is iconic, and until the end of the unsolved.

Mikhail Gorshenyov

Mikhail Gorshenyov, 2005
Mikhail Gorshenyov

Legend "King and the Clown"Mikhail Gorshenev, as well as some other representatives of our list, has always aroused ambivalent emotions among the public. In his lifetime, he may have been misunderstood and not recognized to the fullest extent. Bright, brash, but very soulful according to his relatives - "Gorshok" gave us with you fabulously creepy punk rock.

Gorshenev didn't write the lyrics (mostly), but he was the one who worked on the music. He had a charisma, a special energy. It seems to us that there were no other contemporaries like him on the stage in those years. did not have. Even today it is not - although what are we talking about? Different epochs in terms of quality, like heaven and earth...

Sergey Kuryokhin

Sergey Kuryokhin
Sergey Kuryokhin

The legendary avant-garde musician, Sergey Kuryokhin is rightly considered a legend of Russian rock. He is often called an innovator, an experimenter... In general - a man who could not stand still. Kuryokhin himself said:

"If art has no freshness, what good is it?"

Made a name for himself in the band "Pop Mechanics."whose live performances were full of theatricality and performance art! Coming to the concert of the group (which, in fact, was a non-permanent concert cast), you could see both circus performers and a fashion show!

Kuryokhin died at the age of 42. Perhaps even today his work is not fully understood and appreciated...

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