"We'd love to have them back" - rock legends we still love with all our hearts

Today's article can be described as a slightly nostalgic tribute to some of our most beloved musicians, who we will miss...

We will forever miss them - legends of foreign rock we would love to have back

Unfortunately, nothing in this world lasts forever, least of all people. From time to time. musical legends have come and gone, leaving the deepest mark on the industry. When they burst onto the rock scene, they instilled a passion for life, a fire, an inspiration in the hearts of millions! And when they "left," they left big scars that seem to hurt to this day.

Sometimes, while listening to our favorite old rock songs, we catch ourselves thinking that we are woefully missing this or that musician. And that if we had the opportunity - we would definitely bring him back from heaven! And while we might assume that their legacy would live on Until the end of timeBut some of us still wish that they would come back and bring us joy again... Today we decided to remember such legends who are still alive in our hearts. Sometimes we even think that they are still with us - so ubiquitous their influence.

John Lennon

Legendary musician and performer John Lennon
Legendary musician and performer John Lennon

John Lennon is John Lennon. He may or may not be adored, but he has always been cool! He was never stingy with scandalous statements and harsh criticism of his colleagues on stage, always had his own point of view, which he boldly defended - even if it seemed completely ridiculous. Although in most cases he said everything on the facts.

Indisputable: Without Lennon, The Beatles would not have achieved And after the band, John gave the world a wonderful legacy, but after the band, John gave the world a wonderful legacy. And even after the band, John gave the world the beautiful "Imagine" - a classic for the ages. A brilliant personality, an avid cat lover, and even an amateur painter, Lennon's legacy is a great one. We are interested to learn something new about him, and every time we feel sad that this man will never again express himself in his own manner or please us with new songs...

Charlie Watts

Charlie Watts
Charlie Watts

Charlie Watts lived a terrific, full life of applause and rock 'n' roll. Although, at heart, he always remained bluesman.

"I don't like rock 'n' roll, but I like playing it with The Rolling Stones. And there's no way I'd agree to play rock 'n' roll with another band..."

For Charlie the goody-goody Rolling Stones was not just a band, but a family. He wasn't a scandalizer like Richards or a ladies' man like Jagger, but he had fun with those guys! Everyone who had the chance to talk to Watts in person says in one voice: he was a man with a huge soul and a warm heart. And his bright energy can be felt even through photos and videos... We will miss him very much.

Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury at one of his concerts
Freddie Mercury at one of his concerts

If we had the opportunity, the first thing we would do would be to bring back Freddie Mercury! Frontman Queen - is not just a natural-born artist, a talented songwriter, and an awesome vocalist. This is a very bright personality, interesting and extraordinary.

Freddie passed away at the age of 45, and he began his career at the age of just over 20. But even that was enough to become a legend and make a huge contribution to world culture. A very interesting, positive and creative musician who is always with us. in our hearts.

Lemmy Kilmister

Lemmy Kilmister
Lemmy Kilmister

Lemmy - a true icon of heavy metal! Charismatic, flamboyant, but so pleasant - we don't know why, but despite his rather rough, even impertinent image this musician never aroused dislike. On the contrary, Lemmy has always seemed to us like a kind of "the good old days."who would give wise advice to young colleagues and would never do anything to please anyone. A very talented and pleasant idol, whom we, alas, have lost...

Lemmy lived a vibrant and fulfilling life, and passed away at the age of 70 - if some sources are to be believed, at a video game. Even at such an esteemed age, aware of his terrible illness, he continued to extract joie de vivre.

John Bonham

John Bonham
John Bonham

Another charismatic do-gooder. John Bonham. According to Robert Plante, with whom they were especially friendly, John was "a simple, soulful and very cool guy. He was a talent with a capital letter! Genius DrummerHe became an idol for most of his followers.

Sadly, Bonham passed away at the age of 32. After his death Led Zeppelin fell apart - virtually forever. Today, when we review his photos and videos of him, we feel this loss keenly. It makes us curious: How would rock history be if John were alive? If others on our list were alive?

Fortunately or unfortunately, we will never know. I would like to add that all of these idols became legends completely deservedly so. Of course, we could continue our list ad infinitum. But these are the names that first came to mind. In fact, each of us will always have in our hearts "our" idol. Today's article can be described as a slightly nostalgic tribute to some of our most beloved musicians, who we will miss...


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