LEK "1000 i 1 razbitoe serdtse" (2022): all about the album

The album "1000 i 1 razbitoe serdtse" (2022) tells about the rejection of fears, love and instability.

Album "1000 i 1 razbitoe serdtse" (2022) by LEK

Album "1000 i 1 razbitoe serdtse" (2022) - nine synth-pop hits about unrequited love, inability to accept instability and fears. Lek's musical compositions of this release are saturated with the most various emotionsstarting from joy and ending regret. Of course, the last one more, but this does not mean that fans of this work less like.

Lek himself noted that the album he developed on the stream of their feelingswho were mutual. Despite the fact that the meaning of the album "1000 i 1 razbitoe serdtse" is in sadness, paradox is that the album was written exclusively with the flow pleasant emotional feelings and, as mentioned above, mutual love.

Lek (2022)
Lek (2022)

Moreover, Lek is enough big time studied the world spirits, wandering and fantasies. This helped him write the song "Creature". In this compositions Lek himself says that he demonstrates his weakness and impotence, which connected with what he has to get along with modern the world and his social attitudes. Regarding the track called "Aquarius" Lek noted that water is his weakness. According to him, water is healing many wounds by substance, source of life and in the distant future he would dream write their songs, looking at the water.

As for the reaction fans and listeners to this album, then it is practically unanimous: everyone unanimously declared that this album is excellent and transmitting mass emotions listeners. As Lek points out:

«Music is a haven for my thoughts and experiences. Many of them are not positive images and help me get betterrecognize their weaknesses and addictions.



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