Lemmy Kilmister and his best movie roles

Our article today includes memorable movie roles of musician Lemmy Kilmister, as well as the story of the rise to the top of Motörhead and its leader, who is now called the godfather of heavy metal.

All about Lemmy Kilmister: band success, movie roles, biopic about the legend

Rock stars who have made music their life and contributed greatly to the development of the genre have shown their talents not only in the same direction. Many musicians also tried their hand at filmmaking, and their work was not ignored.

Today we are going to tell you about the pioneer of heavy metal. Lemmy KilmisterHe is known not only for his musical talent, but also for his film work.

The Motörhead legend who has not been forgotten...

Lemmy in the 80s
Lemmy in the 80s

Ian Fraser Kilmister, known to most as LemmyHe grew up in North Staffordshire, England. He moved there with his mother and grandmother after his parents' divorce. According to one version, Lemie got his nickname at school because of his habit of borrowing money for slot machines, although the musician himself did not name the exact reason for his pseudonym.

From an early age, Lemmy began to show an interest in musicHe was a young man with a guitar, and he saw how girls at school were "hitting on" the guy with the guitar. His first attempt to get into the music scene was working as a roadie for a band. The Jimmy Hendrix Experience after moving to London in 1967. Before that, Kilmister played in little-known local bands.

Lemmy at work in Hawkwind
Lemmy at work in Hawkwind

Lemmy's debut on the English rock scene was as a member of the band HawkwindIn which the musician developed his own style based on his past experience playing rhythm guitar. In some songs he also performed vocal parts, such as in the 1972 single "Silver Machine.". In 1975 he was fired in connection with his arrest on charges of possession of banned substances. After leaving Hawkwind, however, Lemmy founded own group.

The musicians attribute the name of the new band to the last song Kilmister wrote for Hawkwind. MotörheadThe band, which in addition to Lemmy included Larry Wallis and Lucas Fox, was a band that greatly influenced such genres as thrash metal and speed metal. Lemmy himself called the band. rock and rollbut with a punk-rock bent. When the musician was asked how he developed his special style of playing the bass guitar, he simply answered that he didn't play like a typical bass player, but used everything he could play on the guitar: chords, notes and so on. Also Motörhead made history as a band, revived heavy metal and has become predecessor of the new wave of British heavy metal. In 1976 guitarist Eddie Clarke joined the band, and before that the drummer was changed: he became Phil Taylor. It was the trio of Lemmy, Clarke and Taylor that counted classic.

Lemmy onstage with Motörhead in the early years of the band
Lemmy onstage with Motörhead in the early years of the band

In June 1977, the band released a single "Motorhead". A year later the band released the song "Louie Louie", the success of which led to the extension of the contract with the recording studio. Motörhead were successfully giving concerts during this time. In 1979 and 1980 some of the band's best albums were released - Bomber and The Golden Years. In October 1980 the most famous and highest ranked track in the history of the band was released "Ace of Spades". In 1981 the band released an EP recorded with Girlschool, the hits from which often ended up on the music charts. The beginning of 1982 was marked by the release of the fifth studio album Iron FirstThe single of the same name rose to number 29 on the UK Singles Chart. It was last release on which plays "golden" Motörhead lineup.

In 1983 guitarist Eddie Clarke left the band, and now two lead guitarists Wurtzel and Phil Campbell took his place. In the same year their sixth record was released under the title Another Perfect Day. The Bronze Records label thought the band would no longer succeed after Taylor's departure, but Lemmy took matters into his own hands, and by the early summer of 1984 a single was released "Killed by Death" and later the album No Remorse, in support of which the band went on tour. In 1985 concerts were organized at Hammersmith Odeon on the occasion of ten year old anniversary groups.

From the mid-to-late '80s, Motörhead released two albums and recorded the title track to the movie "Eat the Rich.". In the early '90s, the band moved to a new label, with which they would record the albums 1916 and March ör Die. In 1993 drummer Mickey Dee joined the band, who recorded his eleventh album Bastards with the band. Motörhead spent most of the late '90s on the road, occasionally playing sets with their colleaguesBlack Sabbath, the Ramones, W.A.S.P. and other bands.

Lemmy Kilmister in recent years
Lemmy Kilmister in recent years

In 2000 the band celebrated their twenty-fifth anniversary with two albums: Snake Bite Love and We Are Motörhead. After a celebratory concert with invited guests the band went on tour again. Between the early 2000s and the band's dissolution, about 7 albums were released. Before the band ceased to exist after departures Lemmy Kilmister in 2015, they managed to play a lot of concerts and take part in big music festivals. Motörhead members Mickey D. and Phil Campbell confirmed on social media that without Lemmy the band is no longer there won't be releasing new records. In 2016 an archival live album Clean Your Clock was released, and a year later an album of covers by Under Cöver.

Lemmy's best roles that we truly admire

Lemmy Kilmister
Lemmy Kilmister

Kilmister is remembered by fans not only as a musician, but also as actor. Although he did not play leading roles, he is quite easy to recognize in movies. In addition to playing roles with his band, he often recorded film musicwhich can also be attributed to his contribution to the film industry. Let's see who the heavy rock legend played and what those movies were like.

"Eat the Rich (1987) - Spider

A still from "Eat the Rich"
A still from "Eat the Rich"

Comedy film "Eat the Rich."The film, released in 1987, was directed by Peter Richardson. It was directed by Peter Richardson and starred in the series "Comics Presents...".

The film presents a great battle of all against all. The protagonist tries to fight class injustice, Commander Fortune fights for power by preparing a popular coup, and Generals Karprow and Spader try to destroy the Home Secretary's plans and prevent him from becoming Prime Minister. Lemmy played the role of Spyder. He also appeared in a dinner party scene for the city's elite with his band and sang one of the songs Motörhead recorded specially for the film. The character, played by a rocker, appears to the viewer in regular The image of Lemmy, so that among the motley crowd of socialites it is very easy to recognize him.

In addition to appearing in the film, the musician's team wrote for Eat the Rich about 7 tracks.

"Iron" (1990) - water cab driver

A film titled "Iron." or "Hardware" was released in 1990. It was based on a story that director Richard Stanley discovered in a comic book magazine. This film is a sci-fi thrillerwhich critics later compared to "Terminator" and gave mixed reviews.

In "Hardware," Lemmy appeared as water cab driverwho chatted a little with the passengers who sat down with him.

"Tromeo and Juliet" (1997) - narrator

A still from "Tromeo and Juliet"
A still from "Tromeo and Juliet"

This film is made in the genre of transgressions - a movie that abounds with epatage and black humor. According to director Lloyd Kaufman, "Tromeo and Juliet" is a modification of of the original plot of William Shakespeare's play. Since the production company is called Troma Entertainment, the corrected name of the main character is understandable.

Lemmy in the movie got one of the presenters He tells the story of the lovers Tromeo and Juliet and all the twists and turns in their lives. As in his other roles, the musician makes no difference and on the screen we see the same Lemmy Kilmister reading a verse at the end of the film addressed to the main characters of the film.

"Endless Terror" (1999) - cameo

Kilmister on Stage
Kilmister on Stage

A movie made in the genre of terrorswas released in 1999. Like the previous film, Unlimited Terror was produced by Troma Entertainment.

The story is about crewwho tries to make a masterpiece movie under the direction of a wacky director. All the action of the film later centers on a girl jenniferThe film's "Terror Unlimited," which, in addition to work, is trying to cope with difficulties in her personal life. At the end of "Endless Terror," the entire crew unites against one major threat.

Lemmy has become special guest in the film and played the role of himself, appearing in the frame in unchanged form with his memorable sideburns.

What about the Lemmy movie?

Lemmy on stage with Metallica in 2010
Lemmy on stage with Metallica in 2010

In 2010 Greg Olliverwho spent his last years with the band before Kilmister's breakup and death, made a documentary titled "Lemmy.". It shows the memories of Lemmy's colleagues - the musicians with whom he played joint set lists at concerts, his friends and fans.

In 2020, it was revealed that Olliver plans to direct biopic "Lemmy," which was to begin shooting in 2021. The filmmakers wanted to tell the story of Ian Kilmister from the very beginning: from growing up and getting into music to becoming the godfather of heavy metal. The director wanted to show not only The life of a rock star, but also of a man who did not follow the imposed standards, but rather his own created.

Lemmy, Slash and Dave Grohl on stage during a concert
Lemmy, Slash and Dave Grohl on stage during a concert

Even in his lifetime, Lemmy wanted to be played by an actor. Roger MooreBut so far the cast of the film has not yet been announced.

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