Dieter Bohlen in Artur Pirozhkov's video "Summer at the Fiesta"

The music video for the track "Summer at the Fiesta" was published on the artist's official YouTube channel on October 19, 2021 and gained almost 2 million views in just a week! And it's not even about beautiful models who dance in bodysuits and swimsuits...

"In the summer at the fiesta" - how Dieter Bohlen got into the video of Arthur Pirozhkov

Alexander Revva - a famous Russian showman, comedian, TV presenter and singer. In a word - a talented person! Probably everyone remembers his hit "Paradise" ("He will warm you with warmth, with his pie ..."). In 2021, the artist decided to renew his former glory with a new hit - a cover of the legendary hit "Cheri, Cheri Lady" German team "Modern Talking"! Music video per track "Summer at the Fiesta" was published on the official YouTube channel of the artist on October 19, 2021 and in just a week gained almost 2 million views! And it's not even about beautiful models who dance in bodysuits and swimsuits ... It's just that Dieter Bohlen himself appears in the video!


Arthur Pirozhkov (Alexander Revva)
Arthur Pirozhkov (Alexander Revva)

Alexander Revva presented his new track at the end of August 2021: it happened at the closing ceremony of the International Competition "New wave". The performance of the artist turned out to be truly summer and bewitching. Pirozhkov performed a cover on hit "Modern Talking", while dancers in cherry blossom costumes swirled around him on a makeshift beach with big inflatable yellow ducks and colorful cartoon graphics!

After his daring and humorous performance, Revva thanked the poet Mikhail Gutseriev and the composer Dieter Bohlen for the masterpiece they had created.

A little about the song

Arthur Pirozhkov (Alexander Revva)
Arthur Pirozhkov (Alexander Revva)

As you can already understand, the track is based on a hit that is widely known all over the world "Modern Talking" "Cheri, Cheri Lady". Released in the mid-80s, this composition became a hit in many countries of the world! What can I say, it is still popular today, decades later.

As for the cover version of Pirozhkov, the words to it were written Mikhail Gutseriev. Music belongs Dieter Bohlen. Yes, the author of the hit himself is aware of all the “frauds” of the Russian showman, so it’s impossible to call the track “Summer at the Fiesta” stolen! The updated version turned out to be groovy and really summery! True, she came out in October ... Oh well. The main thing is that it sounds fresh and attractive, in Pirozhkov's signature style. The artist himself commented on this event as follows:

"Friends! It's finally done! Together with the inimitable Dieter Bohlen, we decided to extend this wonderful summer with a dance hit called “Summer at the Fiesta”! This is the official cover and we are happy to present it to you! This is a cover of the cult hit “Cheri, Cheri Lady”, one of the best songs ever…”

Modern Talking
"Modern Talking"

A very bright and atmospheric clip was filmed for the cover, which appeared on the artist's YouTube channel October 19, 2021. The video has amassed over a million views in a week! And yes, Dieter Bohlen himself appeared in the video… But how? Everything is very simple - but we will reveal this secret a little later.

Music video

Over 200 thousand people watched the video in the first few hours! A week later, the number of views reached the mark over 1.8 million.

Despite the high number of "likes", many have emphasized in the comments that they like the original more. Actually, no cover really can surpass the original version of "Cheri, Cheri Lady" performed by Thomas Anders and Dieter Bohlen.

How Dieter Bohlen got into Artur Pirozhkov's video

Dieter Bohlen
Dieter Bohlen

Yes, the soloist of "Modern Talking" "appears" in the video Dieter Bohlen. But this is not entirely true ... In the video, which was shot by Sergei Gray, a famous German pop musician joins Arthur Pirozhkov, and they start dancing and having fun together. However, this is not Dieter Bohlen: his face is recreated on the actor using augmented reality technology. That's the whole secret!

Finally: on the success of the original

Modern Talking (Modern Talking)
"Modern Talking" ("Modern Talking")

"Cheri, Cheri Lady" - the legendary hit of the no less legendary "Modern Talking", first released in 1985 year. Lyrics and music were written Dieter Bohlen. The composition spent 4 weeks on the first place in the German chart and did not leave it for a total of 24 weeks! The single sold over 250,000 copies. The most amazing thing is that, having written this song, Dieter wanted to throw it away! However, his colleague Thomas Anders did not allow him to do this - to the great happiness of all music lovers!

Contrary to popular belief, the song "Cheri, Cheri Lady" is not about a girl at all: it was dedicated to Anders' beloved dog named Cherry.


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