"On the pedestal of people's love" - how they filmed a biopic about Lev Yashin

"We even refused special platforms - the actors themselves drove cars of those years to make everything look as believable as possible..."

Movie "Lev Yashin. Goalkeeper of my dreams": review and interesting facts

About Lev Yashin to say the least. He's a legend not only in the domestic, but also world soccer! The only goalkeeper in history to receive "Golden Ball." - This man's name still carries a lot of weight in the world of sports, despite the fact that he himself is long gone from us ...

The movie was released in 2019 "Lev Yashin. Goalkeeper of my dreams.". Many viewers and film critics noted the amazing penetration and sincerity of the picture, the accurate transfer of feelings and experiences of Yashin not only as an athlete, but also as a person first of all ... The biopic is rather focused on the personality of the goalkeeper, on his experiences and perseverance. Although the career of such an outstanding athlete, the creators tried to not to be overlooked.

Emphasizing the man himself, not his success: a review from FUZZ MUSIC

"Lev Yashin. Goalkeeper of my dreams." - this movie made a lot of noise when it was released. You bet! It's about the most legendary goalkeeper in history, the only one to have been awarded the Golden Ball! The plot of the film covers more than 20 years of Yashin's career and life - from his first beginnings to a dizzying breakthrough, backed by personal and professional tragedies, which Lev bravely endured and confidently continued his path to Olympus... He was admired all over the world, and because of his habit of wearing black clothes abroad he was called "Black Panther."! He himself only played for the Moscow "Dynamo." - it was his passion, his calling...

Still from the movie "Lev Yashin. Goalkeeper of my dreams"
Still from the movie "Lev Yashin. Goalkeeper of my dreams"

This is an atypical biopic, as the emphasis here is not on Yashin's career and resounding success, but on his person and lifewhich has always remained "behind the scenes". First of all, we do not see a star of world sport, but an ordinary man, who is characterized by worries, moments of weakness and sadness, perhaps despair... But motivation drives him: he goes to his goal, lives his only passion - the only passion. soccer - and he's not gonna stop at nothing. Even if it's a concussion...

Still from the movie "Lev Yashin. Goalkeeper of my dreams"
Still from the movie "Lev Yashin. Goalkeeper of my dreams"

What really deserves praise and respect - lack of pathos. There is nothing flashy here, no pretentious glamor or contrived machinations on the part of the protagonist. Just a man, just his life, just a thorny path to success and no falseness. The film reflects well the attitude to athletes then and now: today they are practically showmen, and then - completely ordinary people who could play ball with the neighbor boys and ride public transport....

Still from the movie "Lev Yashin. Goalkeeper of my dreams"
Still from the movie "Lev Yashin. Goalkeeper of my dreams"

We are sure that soccer fans will like this picture. It shows well how big victories and new achievements are given at a high price, what kind of tremendous work behind it all and what personal sacrifices athletes sometimes make in the name of their professional vocation. Simplicity of narration and competently recreated Soviet atmosphere will be a pleasant bonus for those who like quiet and "cozy" movies for home viewing. And women will be interested to see what difficulties the wife of the main character struggled with - after all, being married to the world icon of soccer is already a test of strength, isn't it? All in all, this is the perfect movie for many people - sports fans, women, and old people with children. Everyone will find something here that will resonate with them....

"Quality Control."

While watching the movie, the viewer begins to get a glimpse hero storyto share in his experiences, his ups and downs... Such verisimilitude is due to the highest "quality control." - Lev Yashin's relatives, in particular his widow, were involved in the creation of the biopic. Valentina Timofeevna. She read about five different scripts and, having chosen one, actively supervised the team during the filming. Thanks to Valentina's contribution, the story of Lev Yashin turned out to be very real and honest, without unnecessary pathos and made-up moments. For example, the fact that she kissed her husband's hands for good luck is absolutely true!

Still from the movie "Lev Yashin. Goalkeeper of my dreams"
Still from the movie "Lev Yashin. Goalkeeper of my dreams"

Valentina Timofeevna was also very helpful to the actress Yulia Khlyninawho played her in her youth. Thus, Julia was able to personally communicate with the prototype of her character and understand what kind of person she is:

"After talking to Valentina Timofeevna I became more confident in my role. This is a very, very strong-spirited woman. She's not verbose and witty. Such women lead their husbands to Olympus... Of course, she did not stand with Lev Yashin on the field and did not catch balls! But she led him forward morally, gave him a lot of support... It's worth a lot".

The project was also participated in by grandson of Leoand he's a soccer player, too. Vasily FrolovWith his help, the most vivid and significant episodes of Dynamo matches with his grandfather on the goal were faithfully recreated! Vasily also controlled all the scenes on the field and gave sound advice to the actors.

Full immersion in the Soviet reality

During the filming, the emphasis was also on recreating the Soviet reality and the absolute realism of the scenes! So, according to the cameraman-director, absolutely all the episodes were shot live:

"We even refused special platforms - the actors themselves drove cars of those years to make everything look as believable as possible..."

It is also known that the cast and all crew members were forbidden from using any kind of gadgets. So coming to the set - all gadgets were deposited and even team members were dressed in outfits of that erato make the actors feel as Soviet as possible and get into character faster. What one does for the sake of art....

Still from the movie "Lev Yashin. Goalkeeper of my dreams"
Still from the movie "Lev Yashin. Goalkeeper of my dreams"

An actor for the lead role, Alexandra FokinaFokin, too, was chosen according to several criteria: he had to be in good physical shape and at the same time have a retro appearance. Despite his lack of experience, Fokin perfectly fit into the role of Yashin. It was his screen debutwhich the majority of viewers and critics appreciated... Have you seen this movie? Share your impressions of the movie in the comments - we'd love to read it!


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