Linda McCartney: a look into the life of Paul's first wife

"Maybe I was doing something wrong. But I wasn't going to change myself. As long as one person was always by my side, it was enough for me to feel happy..."

Linda McCartney: biography and interesting facts

Linda McCartney is best known as Paul McCartney's first wife of The Beatles, and in some ways that's sad. After all, before her marriage she had the kind of career most people can only dream of, and as a photographer for the rock elite, she became intimately acquainted with bands like the Rolling Stones and The Who. She was so well known in the world of photography and rock that many members of the bohemian scene treated her as To a good friend!

In fact, that's how they met Paul. He got to know her pretty well after years of working with her, and he said that, contrary to popular belief, they were not a perfect couple. However, Linda really Was dear to him, to some extent she was "to him as a mother." (as some of their mutual acquaintances put it). In 1985, Paul told reporters:

"We have some fights. I would call our relationship quite unstable. But we are not bored - no matter what, we have wonderful children and a wonderful relationship. I hope it will last forever..."

Paul and Linda McCartney and family
Paul and Linda McCartney and family

Unfortunately, it was not meant to be. Linda McCartney was diagnosed with Breast cancer in 1995In March 1998, she was told that the situation had worsened. She passed away the next month, just two days after she and Paul last went horseback riding. She was 56 years old, and she was the second woman Paul had lost to breast cancer: his mother died of the same thing when he was 14. In his interview he said:

"I think I cried for about a year, now and then. Knowing that he's gone, you still expect to see him come in the house and everything becomes like it used to be-this person you love-because you're so used to him. I cried a lot. It was almost embarrassing, except that it seemed like the only way out..."

Early Life

Linda McCartney
Linda McCartney

Linda's parents fell in love as soon as they met. They settled in the cozy Scarsdale neighborhood of Westchester County, New York. There their children, including Linda, received Excellent upbringing and education. Among other things, they had a beach house in East Hamptonwhere Linda spent the vacations listening to songs by the surf-rock duo Jan & Dean.

When she became a teenager, she finally fell in love with rock music! She tried her best to be let backstage, and sometimes she was lucky enough to be let into the studio while she was recording. That's how her photography career! Now the camera was not just a hobby, but also a pass behind the scenes, a way to get to know the rock crowd better.

Paul and Linda McCartney
Paul and Linda McCartney

Linda has been known to seek inspiration in the works of famous American photographers, as well as in the New York art scene. A close friend of hers recalled:

"Linda had talent! Her early pictures amazed me, and they only got better every year... I think this passion helped her through a lot of adversity.

Introduction to the Rolling Stones and a successful career

Linda's first big order was a photo shoot... rollings! She was invited to join the group on a yacht cruise to take cool pictures for the magazine DateBookbecause his chief photographer had "fallen through the cracks. Linda was not the only photographer on that boat, but her pictures were markedly different from all the others. Subsequently, an assistant editor who was there recounted:

"Those were the most adorable and hottest pictures I've ever seen! That's what happens when she's on the other side of the camera. A miracle happens..."

Paul McCartney through Linda's lens
Paul McCartney through Linda's lens

Not only did Linda take beautiful pictures that day, but she also charmed Mick JaggerShe was asked out on a date. It ended up lasting a week, turning into a full-blown yacht cruise... Her career soon took off, with people such as The Beatles, Aretha Franklin, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan and many more having been in her lens. Linda was praised for her ability to make even the most reluctant stars relax in front of the camera, but everyone also knew: She had become the first female photographerthat made the cover of the magazine Rolling Stone (it was a picture of Eric Clapton).

Paul McCartney through the lens of his wife Linda
Paul McCartney through the lens of his wife Linda

Unfortunately, she missed some of the biggest events of the decade for an amazing reason! In her interview, Linda told us:

"I had no money to go there. I had no agent, I had no assistant, I had nothing. I did everything on my own, on public transportation..."

She wasn't the only one for Paul.

Paul and Linda McCartney
Paul and Linda McCartney

Paul and Linda McCartney - one of the brightest couples in classic rock history! Their relationship developed slowly: they met at the Bag O'Nails Club in London in 1967, but didn't marry until two years later. Why so? Well, at first they just had a good friendly relationship, and when the romance began - Linda was not the only woman in Paul's life...

Linda and Paul McCartney
Linda and Paul McCartney

At the time, Paul had already been in an unhappy relationship with an aspiring actress for several years. Jane Asherwho was cold because the only thing she truly cared about was her career. Then, when his and Jane's relationship fell apart, Paul spent the summer with a young screenwriter Francie Schwartz. But in the end he realized that only Linda was able to understand him and that she was the only one with whom he felt at ease...

After Paul invited Linda to London, their relationship began to develop rapidly. She became pregnant, and Paul asked her father for permission to marry her. They were officially engaged on Christmas Day. And on March 13, 1969, the wedding took place! The ceremony took place in Marylebone Town Hall, and although there was no official announcement, the police were called in to handle the crowd. Hundreds of disappointed female fans wept, as the last single Beatle "went out of the window.

She was hated.

Linda McCartney
Linda McCartney

The official breakup of The Beatles, as we know, occurred after the Linda McCartney and Yoko OnoIt was not surprising that they were accused of breaking up (and of all the deadly sins). Linda once told me:

"Some people tried to hurt me physically. For example - on our wedding day, one girl pushed a burning newspaper through the front door... I couldn't do anything about it, about their feelings, but they made me feel terrible. Just the thought of them always hiding out there somewhere, planning the next break-in or something, discouraged me from leaving the house..."

Her shyness in front of the public and the media created her image "a clumsy, rude woman who lacked charm.". But no matter what, Linda continued to create and support Paul. In one of her interviews she said:

"Maybe I was doing something wrong. But I wasn't going to change myself. As long as one person was always by my side, it was enough for me to feel happy..."


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