"LP with divine whistle": the story of an enigmatic American singer with Russian tattoos

Laura Pergolizzi has many beautiful tattoos on her body, two of which have to do with Russia! In many interviews LP confessed that she is enchanted by the immense Russia, called it "amazing and cultural" country.

LP and her mysterious personality: biography, interesting facts, tracks that conquered the world

Mysterious, unusual, extraordinary. Laura Pergolizzi. Few people know the singer and composer's real name LPwhich has touched the hearts and souls of billions of people around the world. In 2016, her tracks were broadcast on every music channel and radio, occupying tops in the charts in 17 countries around the world, and the entire media space was on its ear after the release of the fourth records performers "Lost On You.". What is it that attracts listeners to this talented performer? What makes up her mysterious image? What does LP have to do with Russia And where did she get tattoos in russian? We'll tell you about it!

Laura Pergolizzi
Laura Pergolizzi

Who is the LP: the complicated history of the mysterious star

Not many people are indifferent when they first see pictures or videos LP, after hearing her songs. Her appearance is not to be confused with anyone else's - her love of men's suits, the swirls of wild curls on her head, her pale, sharp face, and her love of to sunglasses. Most people don't know at first whether she is a woman or a man. And when it comes to her age, it's a dark forest! According to some sources, she was born March 18, 1968Others. 1981. But most, of course, lean toward the second option (especially judging by the fact that she graduated from high school reportedly in 1996).

The performer was born in USA, on an island Long IslandIn the early 1990's, she was born to a family of Italian-Americans in southern New York, her paternal grandfather was from Palermoand my grandmother was from Naples, Italy. Laura's parents supported their daughter in absolutely everything she did, even though they were not creative people.

"There were doctors and lawyers in my family, so I didn't think I would become a musician. But creativity has always accompanied me. But I never became a doctor...". - the singer said with a smile on her face in one of her interviews.


The future singer from an early age was drawn to music and actively developed her potential. Her idols were Freddie MercuryLeonard Cohen and Roy OrbisonThe artist was a role model for them.

LP as a youth
LP as a youth

LP's creative journey began in 1996, when she graduated from Walt Whitman High School and moved to New YorkI had to go back to the beginning of my career in order to seriously pursue my passion for music. But the road to success was thorny. I didn't have acquaintances who could help with the promotion, so I had to make it on my own. Many labels The girl's unquestionable talent was noted by everyone, but she was not allowed to cooperate for a variety of reasons.

In the early years of life in New York LP created a duet with Alicia Goldsberg called «Lionfish»The girls performed in bars and clubs, sometimes toured America, people were attracted to LP's talent. But the big success was still out of the question.

As usually happens in life, it was decided by chance. At one of the duo's performances the singer was spotted frontman rock bands "Cracker» David Lowrywho was captivated by the LP's performance. He immediately offered the girl a job. For a short time the singer even played backing vocals with the band "Cracker". It was David Lowry who became the producer of the first solo album LP titled Heart-Shaped Scar in 2001. And that's when there was a little flash of popularity. The album was really a good success, it was even called the discovery of the year.

A girl was offered a job in a studio Jam Records. But the relationship with the producers, who wanted to radically change the appearance and the whole image of the singer, did not go well. And then LP She broke her contract and was left without producers. Despite all the difficulties, the artist did not stop and continued to persevere in music. And it bore serious fruit.

LP began to gain popularity already as a composer and songwriter. In 2010 she co-wrote the hit Rihanna's "Cheers (Drink to That), recorded songs for Cher, Christina Aguilera and many other performers. But the most "tasty" songs, which later became hits, the vocalist, of course, refused to sell. And she made the right choice.

Hits that conquered the world: Lost On You, Other People, Tightrope

In 2016, there was a revolution in the creative life of LP. On November 20, 2015, the single from the fourth studio album performers «Lost on You"which was released on the famous label Warner Bros. records.

LP Lost on you album cover
LP Lost on you album cover

Initially, the song had no success in the charts, although the singer had already performed it for various companies. But in May 2016 «Lost on You" became the first in the Greek charts and held that spot for 18 weeks. And then the song began to spread with great speed all over the world and get a well-deserved response. Single Has been winning the charts France, Belgium, Poland, Italy and other European countries. The song became especially popular on the YouTubewhere the official clip scored more than 400 million views.

«I've written 30 to 40 songs already. I come to all these interviews, which are usually like this: «You must have known it was a huge success when you wrote it." And I absolutely did not know. I was at Warner Brothers, and there were new people there who didn't like me, who didn't want to sign with me and who didn't care, and they basically said: «Hey, come and play us your new rave so we can decide if we want to keep you on the label." - stated LP after the song became a huge hit in Europe.

According to Forbes «Lost on You" - this «the cry of a broken heart watching the dying embers of love fade away... It's a song about separation that resonates with millions of people around the world...The song is humble and hopeful, fragile and strong...".

Itself LP says that although she still has the scars of the breakup, she is very proud of the song's success.

At this point, the theme of the mental anguish that permeated the fourth album of the singer, is not over. In 2017, Laura delighted her fans with "novelties" that were also included in the fourth album: two music videos were released in the media space at once on January 26 - "Other People." and "Tightrope.

"Other People." was the backstory of the song "Lost On You.". LP does not hide the fact that her album was written under the influence of separation and loss of a loved one. All the songs on the album "Lost On You." are basically tied to the theme of relationship breakup and the pain of loss, but "Other People." speaks also of treason.

«I think almost everyone is capable of cheating, and you just have to decide. I've cheated before, and it made me realize how damaging it is. I hurt myself a lot because of cheating, not least because at that point I realized that if I could love someone and cheat on them, the same thing could happen to me, so I had it in my head for the rest of my life». - Laura shared in the interview The Independent.

The song itself has a rather pleasant, calm and at the same time cheerful motif. It creates a sharp contrast between the melody and the meaning of the lyrics.

"Tightrope." Like the other songs on the album, it is characterized by emotionality and is filled with personal feelings. Chorus sounds tearful, but with a touch of simplicity and serenity. This is especially the impression one gets from watching clip, which captures sweet moments from life and the LP is surrounded by loved ones.

Songs Laura Pergolizzi cannot leave anyone indifferent. The singer herself is very emotional and transmits her energy to her fans. In her music many listeners see themselves and their experiences as if in a mirror. This is what makes her so appealing. Not only her musical and vocal talents, but also her sincere soul.

Where did the American diva get her Russian tattoos? Their history and meaning

On the body Laura Pergolizzi Many beautiful tattoostwo of which have to do with Russia! In many interviews LP She confessed that she was enchanted by the immensity of the Russia, called it an "amazing and cultured" country. Here she successfully spent two large concert tours.

Tattoo Russian sailing ship on the performer's chest has already become one of her distinctive features, a kind of "business card".

Tattoo of a sailboat on LP's chest
Tattoo of a sailboat on LP's chest

"I was going through a difficult period in my life. I broke my contract with my label, I broke up with the man I loved, and I didn't know how I was going to live my life anymore. I was invited to Russia for the first time to perform at a Christmas party. The place seemed distant and dangerous to me, so I decided to get a Russian maritime tattoo. I found a picture in an album of a guy with a sailboat across his chest. The tattoo was different, but I liked the idea of a big tattoo with a sailing clipboard across his chest. I think it fits me. Of course, I'm not a sailor, but I travel a lot too, and it's one of the symbols of my life." - told LP in an interview about her most popular tattoo, which gets a lot of fans excited.

In addition to the sailboat on the right hand of the girl is the word "love" in Russian. As it turned out, the author of the tattoo was a Russian artist from Kazanwho recreated this remarkable tattoo on the singer's body during her concert tour.

LP tattoo with the Russian word "love
LP tattoo with the Russian word "love

When asked by an interviewer why Laura chose this particular tattoo, the performer replied:

"Probably because I've been to Russia a few times. But in general I wanted to remind myself and those who know me that love is the most beautiful feeling.


Interesting facts about LP

  • LP never liked her real name. In one of the interviews, the singer explained her opinion about it:

"Parents name their children without thinking about what they will grow up to be, and how harmoniously the names given to them at birth will match their character."

That's why the performer prefers to be called only by her pseudonym - LP, which was invented and made up of her initials while she was still at a children's camp, and was reinforced afterwards when the performer moonlighted as a waitress in a New York restaurant where a girl with the name Laura worked. Therefore, LP called herself by her pseudonym so there would be no confusion.

  • LP co-wrote the song "The Beautiful People," which was performed by Christina Aguilera. This track was the soundtrack to the popular 2010 film Burlesque.
  • Laura learned how to whistle as a child, having learned this beautiful "trick" from the school janitor, who, in her words, "was an incredible whistler". It was on the recording of the song "Into The Wild" in 2011 that the incredible artistic whistling was used for the first time, which later became the obligatory guide for the rest of the singer's songs.
LP Into The Wild (2012)
LP Into The Wild (2012)
  • The cross earring, which is always in the artist's left ear, has absolutely no religious significance. In fact, it's a gift from a friend of LP, who got it after shooting one of Madonna's music videos.
  • Sunglasses are an integral part of LP's style. In one interview she confessed that because of this she is often compared to Ray Orbins, which the artist herself likes very much. Also for her they are a way to escape from the real world, the artist laughingly noted that she wears sunglasses even at night.
LP in sunglasses
LP in sunglasses

Now LP continues to write music and expand her creativity. In 2018, the singer's official website published news about the release of a new album, followed by the release of the single "Girls go wild." In addition, LP continues to collaborate with other artists, recording collaborative tracks or acting as an author.

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