Chic autobiographical songs that tell a real story

Autobiographical songs can have a special meaning because they were born out of real experiences. It gives us an opportunity to look at the life of our favorite performer in a new way, to understand what greatly disturbed him over the years, and what made him stronger...

The best autobiographical songs with a real story: list and clips, performers and interesting facts

Few people think about it, but some of our favorite songs are based on true story. As a rule, the text is based on real experiences and life lessons The author himself, which makes such songs especially heartfelt and profound.

Autobiographical Songs can have a special meaning because they were born out of real experience. It gives us an opportunity to look at the life of a favorite artist in a new way, to understand what has been troubling him for years, and what has made him stronger... Today we decided to talk about some of these tracks in a little more detail.

Sugarland - "Baby Girl"


"Baby Girl." - the band's atmospheric country track Sugarland. It emanates a warm, extremely cozy energy, and if you read the lyrical message of the song, it becomes clear why. It is sung on behalf of a struggling young singer: In the pursuit of fame, she writes letters to her parents, telling them about her first small successes. She also asks them for material help, but at the same time assures them that she will become a star. The finale of the song demonstrates this becoming...

Text writer Jennifer Nettles told me that "Baby Girl" is really very autobiographical that it was the song, and that with this single she was able to realize her happy ending - to become popular. But Nettles emphasizes: never forget who helped you on the way to your goal, referring to your parents (in her case).

Joe Walsh - "Life's Been Good"

Joe Walsh
Joe Walsh

The legendary and inimitable Joe Walsh has always been a star not only on stage, but also off it. A rebel, a party boy and a ladies' man - in his youth Walsh was a hardcore party boy. Along with Keith Moon of The Who, he smashed up hotel bathrooms and once even did "a little designer renovation" when he nearly tore down one of the walls with a chainsaw. He also drove dashing, freaked people out in respectable places like restaurants and did other crazy things that cemented his status. "rock stars".

Composition "Life's Been Good." recounts all of Walsh's antics, which were unforgettable memories of the peak of his fame and his wild days in the company of his best rebel friends...

Peter Allen - Tenterfield Saddler

Peter Allen
Peter Allen

Have you ever heard this touching ballad? Perhaps before, it seemed to you to be simply "lyrical.". But believe me, this is a much deeper work than it may seem at first glance.

In "Tenterfield Saddler." Australian singer Peter Allen The artist looks back on his difficult childhood: he remembers his grandfather, a humble saddler (a horse harness maker), and his alcohol-dependent father, who was too rude and passed away early of his own free will... Then, near the end of the ballad, Allen talks about how his life changed abruptly when he left his "rural small motherland".

Dolly Parton - "Coat of Many Colors"

Gorgeous Dolly Parton...
The delightful Dolly Parton

Beautiful Dolly Parton also decided to plunge back into my childhood years with a song "Coat of Many Colors". In this composition, the country star recalls how poor her family was, but how much love she was always surrounded by. Her parents couldn't buy little Dolly a nice coat, so her mother sewed one for her daughter from colorful scraps.

Dolly's classmates ridiculed her for being so poorly dressed, but despite her tender age, the future star understood that the value of things was not in their cost, but in lovewith which they were made. So - she proudly wore her colorful coat, even though it made her an object of ridicule.

Janice Ian - "At Seventeen"

Janice Ian
Janice Ian

"At Seventeen." - American singer's most famous song Janice Ianwhich touches on a difficult topic for many teenage girls. And this is growing up. In particular, the lyric recounts the so-called "humble mice." - The most attractive girls who are not popular with guys, who don't want to be friends with them, and who stay at home all day long...

Janice Ian is no stranger to this painful topic. So at the end of the track she gives such teenage girls a ray of hope, stating that sometimes beautiful and popular girls cannot build their happiness as adults, because often their relationships are devoid of love. What is not to be said for the gentle and caring "mice," who often become beautiful mothers and wives. Beauty in youth is not the main thing in this life!

Elton John - "(I'm Gonna) Love Me Again"

Elton John
Elton John

As part of "(I'm Gonna) Love Me Again" legendary Elton John looks back over his entire life. In particular, the song shows his evolution and how he went from being just a guy to an iconic "Rocketman".

Perhaps not the most heartwarming song on our list, but definitely worthy and Inspirational.

Deep Purple - "Smoke on the Water"

Deep Purple group. 70s
Deep Purple Band

And finally, we decided to mention the cult classics "Smoke on the Water" groups deep purplewhich was inspired not by the personal experiences of any of the participants, but by real events... By fire!

The history of this Hard rock classicsThe band, known for one of the most legendary guitar riffs of all time, is noteworthy. Before the band's recording session in Switzerland Frank Zappa held a show in the casino theater on the compound where Deep Purple was holding these sessions. Suddenly a fire broke out in the theater after someone fired a flare gun and practically destroyed the complex! There was a lot of smoke, and that picture left such a powerful mark on the bassist's memory Roger Gloverthat he woke up and said: "Smoke Over Water.". And that became the name of a future hit.

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