Top of the coolest black and white clips according to the magazine "Fuzz Music"

"We didn't have a real spaceship, so we had to build one..."

Recall the most beautiful music videos in retro style

High quality and effective music video became powerful weapons in the hands of musicians since the advent of MTV. Before that, no one paid so much attention to the video, because they did not see any colossal need in it. But with the onset 1980s everything changed: it was the clips that helped the track get to the coveted top 10, and even to the leading position in the chart, attracting new fans to the artist. There are unrealistically many popular works of this kind that really deserve attention! Therefore, we decided to narrow down today's list a bit to black and white masterpieces… Enjoy watching!

"Wonderful Life" (Black)

Colin Wyrncombe
Colin Wyrncombe

This music video accompanies one of the most famous songs of the author and performer Colin Wyrncombe. “I was really ironic, but most people took it at face value,” the artist once said of his hit. A wonderful black and white clip was filmed in many picturesque places England, including the neighborhood of Colin's hometown, and, at the same time, the Beatles - Liverpool!

In just 5 years, the video has gained 100 million views on YouTube, and, apparently, this is not the limit ...

"Scream" (Michael and Janet Jackson)

Janet and Michael Jackson
Janet and Michael Jackson

And this is a music video filmed by the notorious Mark Romanek, is considered the most expensive in history - it took about 7 million dollars! This is a colossal amount even today, but what about the middle of the distant 1990s?

“We didn’t have a real spaceship, and so we had to build one,” the director recalled.

It took about two weeks to assemble the scenery into a single puzzle! If you have watched the movie "2001: A Space Odyssey", then they probably guessed that it was he who formed the basis of the clip. Another inspiration is Romanek's favorite novel "Terrible Children" playwright Jean Cocteau.

Like little children, Michael and his sister Janet having fun aboard their personal futuristic spaceship! More 130 million views on YouTube once again emphasize the importance of this work, the popularity and discussion of which will not fade for decades to come...

"The Unforgiven" (Metallica)


"The Unforgiven" - this is almost the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to black and white clips. This is one of the most famous commercials in my career. Metallica, which as of 2022 has 400 million views!

"The Unforgiven" - this is the name of an amazing musical story that tells the story of a guy from birth to death. And this video perfectly reflects the plot filled with tragedy ...

"Wicked Game" (Chris Isaac)

Chris Isaac and Helena Christensen, still from the video "Wicked Game"
Chris Isaac and Helena Christensen, still from the video "Wicked Game"

Music video on "Wicked Game" as elegant and mesmerizing as the composition itself… Aged in soft black and white, it shows us a young and sexy Helena Christensen, Danish supermodel and photographer.

Filming took place on Hawaii, under the direction of Herba Ritz and By David Lynch. It turned out very beautiful, and in some places spicy ...

"Sweet Child O' Mine" (Guns N' Roses)

Guns N' Roses
Guns N' Roses

Another well-known black and white clip from rockers is "Sweet Child O Mine" groups Guns N' Roses. The video shows us not only the musicians themselves, but also all their girlfriends at that time, including the model Erin Everly and Mandy Brix from Lotus Lame & The Lame Flames.

Released towards the end of the 1980s, the video was a resounding success on MTV! Actually, over the years, nothing has changed: it gained 1.3 billion views on YouTube...

"Livin' On A Prayer" (Bon Jovi)

Bon Jovi group
Bon Jovi group

"Livin' On A Prayer" became a huge hit for Bon Jovi, telling the world a touching story of a couple in love: Tommy and Gina love each other very much, they are young and poor, but in spite of everything they sincerely dream of finding their place in the sun ... The video was filmed in California, in Grand Olympic Auditorium. At the end Bon Jovi literally soars over the crowd!

The music video for the song was a huge hit upon release, reaching nearly billion views on the Internet after years ...

"I'm Going Slightly Mad" (Queen)

Freddie Mercury (a still from the music video "i'm Going Slightly Mad")
Freddie Mercury (frame from the video "I'm Going Slightly Mad")

Black and white video for the song "I'm Going Slightly Mad" can rightly be called one of the craziest and most extravagant in the history of the cult four Queen! It is also noteworthy that it was the penultimate clip in which Freddie Mercury: due to the fact that the vocalist lost a lot of weight due to his fatal illness, he had to put on an extra layer of clothing - without this, the suit just hung on the singer ... In this funny, and in some places very extraordinary video, we can see many curious scenes: Roger Taylor with a boiling kettle on his head, a full banana wig on Mercury's head, and even a man in a gorilla outfit! They say that it is Elton John.

Just six months later, Freddie no more

"Take Me To Church" (Hozier)


And this clip is full cinematic, at least - thanks to the sharp and at the same time tragic plot. The video talks about free love, and what possible consequences it has ... According to Wikipedia, as well as the episode when protesters with Russian slogans on posters are broadcast on TV, it sends the viewer to Russia and very severe situation in the country in relation to such unions ...

For the filming of the video was allocated 500 Euro, and after its release, the song went viral! As of 2022, the video has been viewed by over 500 million human.

"Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)" (Beyoncé)

Lemonade (Beyoncé)
Lemonade (Beyoncé)

We decided to complete our list with a minimalist clip of a beauty Beyonce to the hit "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)"!

Directed by Jake Nava. It is worth noting that this video was often played on music TV channels, as a result of which the groovy song quickly became a hit! The video itself has won many awards, including winning immediately in three nominations for the 2009 MTV VMAs!

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