The best films of jazz and western lover Clint Eastwood

Love a good movie? We have collected the TOP 6 most popular films directed by Clint Eastwood!

TOP 6 most popular films of the famous director Clint Eastwood

In 1955, an action movie with elements of horror "Revenge of the Creature" was released on movie screens. In the credits, the name of the man Clint Eastwood was even mentioned, although this was his debut work in the field of cinema. And the latest so far is The Case of Richard Jewell, which appeared three years ago.

Director on set
Director on set

Over the years, Eastwood's filmography has included many films that embody the most controversial aspects of thinking and the views of the great cinematographer and a truly outstanding personality. Below are the best films of Clint Eastwood.

"Dollar Trilogy"

The cinematic creation of Italian film director Sergio Leone allowed the viewer to see a new genre of cinema - spaghetti western. In addition, the world learned about the actor, who was already over 40, which did not stop him from continuing to fight for public recognition. Initially, there were no plans to create a trilogy, but the role of the anti-hero, which Eastwood had a chance to play in all three films, allows us to talk just about the sequel. He was a silent man, wearing a poncho, cowboy boots, a wide-brimmed hat, and holding a huge cigar in his mouth.

The Dollar Trilogy was based on a long-established and entrenched genre, the western. But the director and the protagonist were able to bring to it a new attitude, generated by the 60s, which became in many ways revolutionary. It was an example of a new style and fashion, and Eastwood was a completely different level of "coolness". A good example of a fresh trend was images of motorcycle cowboys Henry Fonda and Dennis Hopper in Easy Riders, which would be hard to imagine in a traditional western.

And although the "provincial" attempt of Italian cinema to make something similar to a Hollywood film did not seem to be successful, it was she who made Eastwood famous. Evidence of this was the inclusion of the publication "Empire" character "Man with no name" in the list of greats of all time.

"Dirty Harry"

Just like the previous role, a policeman from the city of San Francisco named Harry Callahan became one of the most iconic for Eastwood. This cop walked around with a pursed lip in a tweed suit, and in his holster was a Magnum, which he was ready to engage at any second. The policeman was forced to fight not only with the thriving criminal world, but also with his superiors, mired in incompetence and corruption.

The image of Harry, who had no trust in the personalities around him, was one of the first in a number of American-made films, where the characters acted in the same way, having their own idea of \u200b\u200bjustice and own interpretation certain laws.

"Play me 'Misty'

It was Clint's debut as a director. The name of the film can be translated into Russian in different ways: “Play me before death” or “Play me in the fog”, but “Misty” is a classic play, written by renowned jazz pianist Errola Granera. Eastwood himself was very fond of jazz, which he successfully reflected in his first author's work. At the same time, the music here is only a background, and not the main theme.

In the story, DJ from the radio station David Garner finds himself in an insidiously placed trap of a listener who seduces him. In the picture, the viewer sees Eastwood no longer as a courageous hero, but relaxed bohemian intellectualwho became a helpless victim of the dominant feminism that began to manifest itself in all spheres of life in the 60s and 70s.

«Escape from Alcatraz"

Alcatraz was an abandoned fort located on a remote island. There was one of the most terrible prisons in the United States, from which it is impossible to escape. Goes to places of detention Frank Morris - a recidivist, distinguished by intelligence and purposefulness. And it is he who decides to escape from custody. The escape plan was based on a true story, which became an exciting adventure. However, in this picture, as, indeed, in most others where Clint plays, the main thing is not the adventures themselves, but the actions of the protagonist. For him nothing is impossible, and from even the most terrible situations, he is able to get out, showing courage and dignity.


Again, the name of the tape is literally translated from English as “Bird”, but given that it is about jazz, you need to turn to the history of this direction in music, from where you can find out that “Bird” is a nickname renowned saxophonist Charlie Parker. In this film, Eastwood acts solely as a director, and does not appear in the frame at all.

Growing up in the 1930s, Clint retained his fondness for the jazz that was so popular in his youth. With his tastes, Eastwood managed to interest his son Kyle, who was professional jazz double bassist. The actor who played the main role, Forest Whitaker, managed to perfectly reproduce on the screens the tragedy of a saxophonist who tried to combine two passions in his life - music and drugs. The music, as a result, remained as a legacy.

"The Unforgiven"

And again, a western that Clint Eastwood, already a mature director, decided to dedicate to his mentors - Don Siegel and Sergio Leone, who largely shaped Eastwood's views on cinema and provided him with his first experience on the set. This is a story about retired outlaw William Munny, who, fighting for justice, first as a salary, and then free of charge, begins to take revenge on various villains. The plot of the film, if you look superficially, is built on the classic American genre. But, based on experience, Clint Eastwood rethought all the laws and traditions of the western. In the picture you will not find the usual Hollywood gloss. There you can find more and more reflections on such values as heroism, honor and courage.


Shortly before his 90th birthday, talking to the press, Eastwood noted that even when he reached that age he would move forward in life, because he likes forward movement and he loves what he does.


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