Five Legendary Glam Rock Bands in History - Part Two

Alas, not everyone was enthralled by such fads. Some "glamorous" rockers were quite annoying! But no matter how you look at it, they made a gigantic contribution.

Their "glamorous" hits rumbled around the world - let's continue to remember the most influential and popular glam rockers

We continue to look back at the most influential and popular glam rockers in history. Or to be more precise. glam rock bandsThe musicians in the 70's were blasting on the radio stations and driving the whole world crazy! Many people (especially young people) were literally "dragged away" by these extravagant musicians. The genre's calling card was, first of all, Martian imageFancy outfits, high heels, sequins, rhinestones, makeup, increased theatricality on stage... It was something new and outlandish for the audience of those years.

Alas, not everyone was enthralled by such fads. Some people were annoyed by the "glamorous" rockers! But no matter how you look at it, they contributed huge contribution: Glam metal and other subgenres formed under their influence, which found a solid substance in the 80s.


The Sweet Group
The Sweet Group

The group was formed in 1968, and rightfully Sweet can be called multifaceted in terms of sound. The members started their way with easy pop songs, which had a modest success. Against this background, the band changed their label several times - it was a forced measure, as record companies were not enthusiastic about continuing cooperation. Because of modest commercial success (or rather, its almost complete absence) only in the first few years of its existence, the Sweet lineup changed several times: the members simply left.

The situation changed with the advent of 70sThe band presented a series of bubblegum singles to the public, and they were well-received! Then, on the wave of success, Sweet started to play glam rockThe band was a very popular band in the growing movement with its fantasy outfits. Subsequently, the band tightened its sound - moved to to hard rock. But Sweet's contribution to the "glamorous" era is great.


Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor, John Deacon, Queen, 1975.

Queen It's hard to put into frames - it's impossible to characterize their sound by one genre. This is a powerful experimental cocktail, which, in fact, made the British rockers stand out from their colleagues.

Freddie Mercury...
Freddie Mercury

Queen even found a place in their work for Opera! Thanks in large part to Freddie Mercury. In general, it was the frontman who was the main initiator of all the crazy experiments. Just because of the early eccentricity (Freddie's bright jumpsuits with open breasts became a real fashionable heritage in rock history) Queen can be easily added to our list!

Glam-rock went hand in hand with Queen right up to the beginning of 80s: During this period the band not only showed the world a sea of first-class hits, but also became famous as one of the most flamboyant and flamboyant. The live performances were full of theatricalitywhich is why Freddie is still referred to today as the star who "making her own show.". And these stage performances appealed to an audience of millions.

Cockney Rebel

Cockney Rebel
Cockney Rebel

Probably just the photos alone of these eccentric beauties of the past make it clear: Cockney Rebel - This is the real, good old-fashioned 70's glam rock! Although the British team masterfully mixed the increasingly popular genre with other - no less theatrical directions.

Cockney Rebel played eclectic glam rock with elements of art, folk, and prog rock. Their peak of popularity was in the mid-1970s, when the band released their most commercially successful hits. But the most revered song in the Cockney Rebel repertoire is the 1973 debut single "Sebastian.".

The Spiders from Mars

The Spiders from Mars
The Spiders from Mars

The Spiders from Mars headed by David Bowie - is probably the band that opened the gates of glam rock. When the cult "rock chameleon" appeared before the public in a scandalous and at the same time sensational way Ziggy Stardustpeople didn't know how to react.

David Bowie
David Bowie

Some were unpleasantly shocked by such eccentricity and such "bad form."The singer's unconventional and distinctive personality is admired by others.

Image Ziggy Stardust Bowie was probably the most brilliant artist of those years, who managed to popularize all that colorfulness and theatricality. Bowie was probably the most brilliant artist of those years, who managed to popularize all that colorfulness, theatricality... To make it The Cult. Actually, Ziggy Stardust is not the last role of the artist, but that is a separate story.

The Glitter Band

The Glitter Band
The Glitter Band

Gary Glitter - one of the brightest representatives of the glam-rock movement. A wave of crazy popularity hit him in the first half of the '70s: then Glitter managed to thrice to win the number one spot on the UK chart! The Glitter Band was Gary's backing band for a while, and since our list assumes bands and not solo artists, we've mentioned them. Especially since she. Deserves attention!

Gary Glitter was incredibly successful and popular - he was one of Britain's most beloved performers of all time!

Gary Glitter
Gary Glitter

Alas, the history of his creative achievements cut off on a sad note, when the singer faced terrible accusations. The idol became an outcast in the blink of an eye.

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