Five legendary glam-rock bands of all time

It's great to revisit all those wild, yet positive performances - with all those heels and makeup and fancy costumes... No one is surprised by that today. But back then it resonated!

Their hard-hitting hits rumbled around the world - Here's a look back at five of the most powerful and incredibly popular glam rockers of their time

Glam Rock emerged in Great Britain at the height of the 70s. And it remained one of the dominant genres of the first half of the decade! The name speaks for itself: glam rockers were characterized by Eccentric outfits, bright makeupelevated theatricality on stage and a searing sound. Not all of them, but many of them became international stars! And then their killer hits rumbled on the radio all day long!

The public treated the flamboyant rockers in different ways: some of them admired and inspired, others were irritated... But the indifferent did not have. Even today, decades later, their contribution is very important. They influenced not only rock, but also culture and other musical genres! Who were they? We suggest you find out below. In this article we decided to remember five legendary ones glam rock bands of all time! Maybe you'll find your favorite band on our list...

T. Rex

T. Rex ("T Rex")
T. Rex ("T Rex")

Some listeners take the position that T. Rex not the most powerful glam rockers in history. In fact, the band started out as folk-rock duo of Mark Bolan and Steve Peregrin Tuck. But if you go deeper into the history, it becomes obvious: this band has a huge weight in the history of the glam-rock movement! It was T. Rex who pioneered the genre, and their sound was reflected in the work of hundreds of followers. In 1971 their album "Electric Warrior"which was instantly dubbed the groundbreaking glam-rock record! And so the story began...

The group has achieved a resounding success and literally led the followers of the glam-rock movement onto the world stage! But in 1977 it fell apart with the death of its leader Mark Bolan. Critic Ken Barnes called Bolan "the man who started it all," referring to glam rock.

Mott the Hoople

Mott the Hoople
Mott the Hoople

This British band was formed in the late 1960s. Borrowing its name from a novel by the playwright Willard Manushe musicians from Herefordshire began by playing experimental hard rock, generously saturating their compositions with notes of rhythm and blues and psychedelia. But at some point they drastically changed their vector and found themselves in the center of the gaining popularity. glam hangouts!

Much of this change was due to the success of the track "All the Young Dudes."who wrote for Mott the Hoople David Bowie. The single was later dubbed the anthem of the glam movement! Critics described the band's sound as very brash and ferocious. And it inspired many heavy metal and punk bands, including The Clash.

Roxy Music

Roxy Music
Roxy Music

Roxy Music - is one of the most interesting bands on our list. It is multifaceted in terms of genres - together with glam-rock there is new wave, progressive-rock, proto-punk, disco and a lot more! In a word - the audience was delighted extraordinary sound of the London band. And critics called Roxy Music's early work "a triumph of theatricality"! The trademark was the fusion of high fashion, romance, melancholy and future-oriented.

Basically, the work of this band was divided into two components: the Bryan Ferrywho has read art rock, and on Brian Enowho was a matriarch. glam rocker! Roxy Music has had a tremendous impact on music culture, making the band often referred to as "one of the greatest of the '70s period!"



Slade captivated the audience with their with a rumbling sound and at the same time pleasant from the melodic point of view songs. The hard-edged voice Noddy Holder with their trademark huskiness became, one might say, the voice of a generation! The British rockers quickly attracted attention due to their fanciful outfits, which some listeners are still amazed by to this day: cylinders, checkered pants, huge ties, original "gowns" (or something like that). In general, Slade made a real fashion revolution of those years.

Today this group is rightly considered to be leader glam rock movement.


Kiss on the streets of New York, 1976. Photo: Richard Corkery
Kiss on the streets of New York, 1976. Photo: Richard Corkery

And of course Kiss! That's probably the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about glam rock. The guys in heels, with crazy makeup and a lush "explosion" on their heads quickly attracted attention! Girls were crazy about them - even some of their colleagues admired the courage of the American band! Each of their concerts was real show - theatricality was high. So was the commitment to the cause: one day the poor man Ace Frehley I almost went blind because I didn't take off my elaborate silver makeup for the night!

Without Kiss and the others on our list, it's impossible to imagine the rock scene of the 70's today! And it is even harder to imagine what would have become of the genre in the end if glam rock did not originate and did not receive such popularization! After all, its influence colossal! And it's great to revisit all those wild, yet positive performances - with all those heels, makeup, and fancy costumes... No one is surprised by that today. But back then it resonated!

Spectacular David Bowie!
Spectacular David Bowie!

And yes: David Bowie in his cosmic image Ziggy Stardust became one of those who opened doors for him.

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