10 school disco hits of the late 90s

The list of the most popular performers of that era is endless. We offer to recall the most iconic songs that will certainly take you back to your youth...

What teenagers listened to at parties in the late 90s

Do you remember the main hits of the late 90s? If not, we offer you to refresh your memory and remember these iconic compositions together! Not a single school disco could do without these incendiary tracks - "Hands Up!", Hi-Fi, Shura… You can list the most popular performers of that era ad infinitum. We propose to recall the most iconic songs that will certainly take you to your youth ... So, this top 10 loud disco hits of the late nineties! We begin…

Andrey Gubin - "Winter-cold"

It is worth noting that by the end of the decade, Andrei Gubin was very popular among listeners. His songs were often played on the radio, and his videos were on television ... Young, attractive, with a pleasant voice - the performer quickly acquired a fan base! One of his most famous songs of the late 90s is "Winter-cold", supplementing the 1998 album "Only You":

The music video for the track has amassed several million views on YouTube! Concerning Andrey Gubin, then the singer became the owner of the Song of the Year award 8 times!

Ivanushki International - "Poplar Fluff"

Late 90s - early 2000s Ivanushki International were the idols of thousands of young girls all over the country… Three such different, but in their own way charming and talented handsome men simply could not go unnoticed… Their tracks still sound on retro waves and discos! One of the most famous hits of the trio was the groovy composition "Poplar fluff":

“Poplar fluff, heat, July / The nights are so moonlit ...” - these lines will forever remain with music lovers 90s—2000s

Hands up! - "My baby"

This all-time hit needs no introduction! The group's loudest song "Hands up!", which will invigorate and cheer up your mood more effectively than any modern "tubers":

For a long time "Hands Up!" were at the height of their popularity. Melodic tracks and a charming voice Sergei Zhukov became the main weapon of the project ... As for the track "My Baby", the music video for it gained more than 35 million views! This is what a true masterpiece is...

Hi-Fi - "Not Given"

"Not given" one of the band's most famous songs hi-fi (at least in the late 1990s). At that time, it was not a shame to admit that you are a fan of Hi-Fi: everyone was delighted with their music!

Natalie - "The wind blew from the sea"

“The wind was blowing from the sea, the wind was blowing from the sea, chasing trouble, chasing trouble ...” - with these lines begins the cult hit of the charming Natalie, which glorified the singer in Russian show business.

It was this composition that turned Natalie into one of the most popular singers in the country! Subsequently, the magazine "Poster" included "The Wind from the Sea Blowed" among the 99 most striking and memorable Russian pop hits over the past 20 years.

Shura - "Cold Moon"

In those years Shura was something like... like most modern performers today. It was a kind of controversial character on the Russian music scene, which few people took seriously. For many, he was an eccentric, for others - a kind of Russian David Bowie.

One way or another, after so many years, his music fell in love with domestic listeners: nevertheless, it evokes pleasant memories, nostalgia ...

Micah - "There"

Song "There" became not only the biggest hit in Mikhey's career, but also one of the best collaborations of those years! Performed in collaboration with Inna Steel, a heartfelt composition dedicated to the tragically deceased husband of the singer ... Apparently, it is for this reason that the song is so deeply embedded in the hearts of music lovers, because sincere feelings and experiences are always the strongest ...

Tatyana Bulanova - "My clear light"

Loud hit by Tatiana Bulanova "Clear my light" This is a very light, positive and melodic song! She is still popular today, especially among the fair sex ...

Larisa Chernikova - "Airplane in Love"

“I love you Dima, which I need so much
Take me flying, my only pilot…”

The song quickly became a hit thanks to its light, perky motive and, of course, a bright video! Music video with amazing Larisa Chernikova has nearly 2 million views on YouTube.

Inveterate scammers - "Everything is different"

Inveterate scammers - one of the most popular groups of those years! We can say that these guys made the decade so colorful and youthful... We invite you to enjoy their hit song "Everything is different" from the 1998 album of the same name:

"Everything is different - it's not contagious
What for, bandy…”

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