The best songs of Modern Talking. Top 15 (first part)

The most beloved songs of the legendary duet...

Top 15 Best Songs Modern Talking

You can talk about Modern Talking forever: the captivating vocals of Thomas Anders, and the inexhaustible charisma of Dieter Bohlen ... Together they conquered the world stage, forcing the millions of people to enjoy the sounds of Eurodisco and Europop. Let's take a look at their hottest hits!

"Brother Louie"

This melodic song was released twice as a single - in 1986 and 1998. The authorship belongs entirely to Dieter Bohlen, which, in general, is not surprising!

Bohlen addressed his creation to the group's sound engineer Luis Rodriguez. In his interview, the musician shared:

“...Louie helped us a lot, even when we were too shy to ask him about it...He became a real brother to us!”

"You're My Heart, You're My Soul"

The track became the winner at the Echo Awards, in the nomination "Best National Single"! Light and carefree melody, pleasant sounding, easy-to-remember chorus - everything is in the best traditions!

By the way: "You are my heart, you are my soul" - the first song of the group, which, for a minute, scattered 8 million copies worldwide! Hit became the leader in 12 countries. With us, it has become a favorite track and without any top charts there!

"Cheri Cheri Lady"

This hit needs no introduction. According to the author of the song, Dieter Bohlen, when he saw the lyrics of the song, he wanted to throw it in the trash:

“... After writing this song, I wanted to throw it in the wastebasket! It seemed too simple, banal to me ... And I threw it away! But Thomas saw it and pulled it out of the trash. He said, "Hey, that's cool! Let’s write this down…”

Geronimo's Cadillac

Melodic and mysterious - this track became the title track of the fourth album In the Middle of Nowhere! Caressing the ear - Geronimo's Cadillac will be a sweet balm for the soul in difficult times.

"You Can Win If You Want"

"You Can Win If You Want" was the disco duo's second single from their debut album, The First Album. The track saw the light of day in March 1985, and... quickly fell in love with selective listeners!

The song burst into the top 5, where it confidently lasted for three whole weeks! It topped several charts, and as a result, it sold 250,000 copies (and that's only in Germany!) No wonder the track went gold...

"Atlantis Is Calling (SOS for Love)"

One of the most popular hits of Modern Talking, released in the "golden" period of the disco duet ... Yes, the heyday of 1986 turned out to be quite fruitful and significant for the German project: Dieter and Thomas finally gained worldwide popularity! And this was the reason for recording the third disc Ready for Romance.

Released in April 1986, the single "Atlantis Is Calling (SOS For Love)" became the group's fifth hit in a row, leading at the same time on the German chart list! Until now, not a single performer has been able to break this record ...

"You Are Not Alone"

The composition, which became the duo's first single from their eighth album Alone, was released after the reunion of Modern Talking in February 1999.

Like the rest of the group's hits, the track "You Are Not Alone" received gold status (more than 250 thousand copies were sold in Germany). By the way: the song was a great success not only in the homeland of the musicians, but also in Austria and Norway, where it entered the top 5!

jet airliner

A powerful song about "Jet Airliner" was released as part of the fifth Romantic Warriors album in 1987.

The dynamic music and Anders' voice that carries away into the distance made this song impeccable. However ... she lost in success to other works of the duet. The composition spent only 4 weeks in the top 10 in Germany, which is a rather modest result for Modern Talking ... But this did not make it any less beautiful, and this is a fact!

"In 100 Years"

This composition is the last official recording of the first period of the duo Modern Talking… Maybe that's why it is saturated with a touch of drama?

Undoubtedly a wonderful composition, to remain silent about which it would be unforgivable.

"Win The Race"

An interesting composition, which really has something to say…

It's no secret that the work of Modern Talking can be conditionally divided into two thematic parts - love and victory. However, the second theme was closed with the release of the second single called "You Can Win If You Want". And now, after many years, a forgotten topic has been revived! Recorded in 2001, "Win The Race" is a very fast-paced, danceable record with rich arrangements and fanfare sounds.

"Give Me Peace on Earth"

Very gentle, pure and measured composition from the album In the Middle of Nowhere…

"Love is simple and hate is wrong,
Give your heart and love will live forever.
Dream and be naive
Better late than never!
Give me peace on earth
Give me all your love..."

"Do You Wanna"

Another great composition from 1985 from The First Album.

"Do you want to take me tonight?
Do you want to be with me at night?
You want? If you want, take what you need…”

"With A Little Love"

As it becomes clear from the title alone, “With A Little Love” is a rather tender and romanticized composition…

By the way: the video features wedding shots of Thomas Anders and Nora.

"No Face No Name No Number"

An incendiary song with Spanish rhythms and burning motives ... Wow! It inspires you to dance and have a good mood!

Actually, the video for "No Face No Name No Number" is just as bright and burning ...

"Diamonds Never Made A Lady"

"Diamonds will never make you a lady,
Beloved woman or friend ...
All your dreams will be shattered
I know it…"


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