Our Favorite Swedes: Top Top Swedish Artists, Part Two

Their work is time-tested, as is the love of the fans...

A selection of famous artists from the country of the "musical miracle"

We continue our collection the best performers from Sweden! To fit in one list of all the icons of the Swedish music scene is an almost impossible task. Nevertheless, we will try to remember the most beloved artists, whose music is popular after a huge number of years! Their work is time-tested, as is the love of fans.

Secret Service»

"Secret Service"
"Secret Service"

"Secret Service" - one of the most famous and influential musical groups comes from Sweden! The team was very popular in 80s years of pop music. During their dazzling career, Secret Service released dozens of singles, many of which became loud radio hits. The songs of this band are really long-lasting, because they are loved even today, despite the fact that they were recorded decades ago. Popularity, time-tested.

E type

E type
E type

E type is not the name of the group, but alias Swedish singer and musician Martin Ericsson! In the 90s, Ericsson was a popular style star eurodance. Glory fell upon him in the first half of the decade, when hit songs were released "Set The World On Fire" and "This Is The Way". Debut album E-Type "Made in Sweden" confidently reached the second line of the national top chart.

Mostly female vocals on E-Type records were performed by Nana Hedin. Since 2007, the woman left the stage due to health problems.

Army of Lovers»

"Army of Lovers
"Army of Lovers

And this Swedish pop group is widely famous for its extravagant image. It can be said that "Army of Lovers is a phenomenal phenomenon on the music scene of those years. Many clips of the group, filmed by a wonderful director Fredrik Boklund, were banned on MTV because of the scandalous content. Perhaps today such creativity will not surprise anyone, but in the distant 80s and 90s it was real nonsense!

Fun Fact: The participants' unique costumes were designed by a fashion designer. Camilla Thulin.

Yngwie Malmsteen

Yngwie Malmsteen
Yngwie Malmsteen

Such a talented artist Yngwie Malmsteen, simply could not bypass our list. This Swedish-American virtuoso guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and composer became one of the founders of neoclassical metal. In 1982 Malmsteen formed his own band Rising Force, together with which he conquered a huge audience of listeners around the world.

Today Yngwie Malmsteen is one of the top 10 greatest guitarists according to the magazine. Time.



Vacuum - a synthpop band, which today is a duet from Matthias Lindblom and Anders Wolbeck. The guys met in the second half of the 90s. Soon they released their first album, and the rest is history.

Both members of "Vacuum" at different times wrote songs for famous artists, including Tarja Turunen and Rachel Stephens. Often the band tours around the world.

"Yaki Da»

"Yaki Da"
"Yaki Da"

"Yaki Da" - such an interesting name was given to a duet consisting of two charming participants: Linda Schoenberg and Mary Knutsen-Green. The group was formed in 1994, but did not last long - until the beginning of the 2000s. Biggest career hit "Yaki Da" considered to be a composition "I Saw You Dancing" from the debut album.

Yaki-Da was produced by Jonas Berggren, who also produced the successful project "Ace of Base".



This group has captivated the audience with their bright cowboy image and melodic country pop! First single Rednex released in 1994: song "Cotton Eye Joe" achieved great chart success and became an international hit. It was followed by no less famous "Old Pop in an Oak" and "Wish You Were Here"which have also gained popularity throughout Europe.

The beginning of the 2000s brought fans Rednex chic composition "The Spirit of the Hawk", which remained the leader of the German chart for a record 25 weeks!

Dan Svanyo

Dan Svanyo
Dan Svanyo

This outstanding Swedish artist could not help but enter our top. Over the years of his active career, Dan Svanyo has earned a big name and an excellent reputation as a musician, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and also a producer. Many people know him from the group Edge of Sanity, which had a great influence on the genre death metal.

Some Russian fans of this musician pronounce his name as "Dan Swano", what's wrong.



This rock band became famous for its aggressive, but melodic creativity. In their songs, the participants Clawfinger boldly touch on political and other important issues. The group has existed since 1989: it has gone through splits and line-up changes, but still remains dearly loved by the audience.

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