covers of "Sector Gaza" that may surprise you

Of course, it's impossible to surpass the original - Khoi's charisma and artistry were phenomenal! But cover versions also have the right to exist, so - enjoy listening!

Top of the most popular and interesting covers of "Sector Gaza" songs

"Gaza Strip" - one of the most unique and endemic "people's" bands in Russian rock. Yuri Khoy became a legend and immortalized himself during his lifetime when he performed such hits as "Bummer" or "Lyrics. His phenomenon as an artist was simplicity, accessibility... He boldly touched everyday topicssuch as relationships, poverty, addictions, mental anguish, and just plain fun. And presenting them in "transparent cover" - without pathos and glamour, short and clear, maybe even crude. But people liked and still like this approach, because these tracks sing about real life, "not powdered" and romanticized.

Sadly, Hoy has left us. But his work continues to live and find fervent response in the hearts of more and more listeners. And not only that. Some young performers are inspired and present to the public own interpretations! Today we decided to highlight some of the most interesting and popular online covers of "Sector Gaza"that might surprise you. Of course, it's impossible to surpass the original - Khoi's charisma and artistry were phenomenal! But cover versions also have the right to exist, so - enjoy listening!

"Oh, you, green grass" (Anya Kasyanova)

Yuri Khoy
Yuri Khoy

Fans of the band are probably familiar with this composition: "Oh, you green grass" was included in the first official album of "Sector Gaza", which was called "Evil Dead" (1990). It is a very energetic, truly "fighting" track with a rather interesting video sequence, by the way.

In November 2016, a cover version was presented by a certain Anya Kasyanova. Listening:

The girl's voice is really good, her version sounds interesting. As of 2022, the video has almost 10 million views and tens of thousands of "likes. Judging by the comments - the audience was delighted, and dubbed "Oh, you, green grass" performed by Anna "the best Gaza cover.".

"30 Years" (Peregaz)


The song about "30 years." Everyone will recognize it - it's already an anthem, and not just for one generation!

One of the best versions was presented by the young group "Overgas.":

I have to hand it to you: the singer of the band really has a voice very close to Hoy. It sounds extremely nostalgic, cool! All in all - you can listen to it with pleasure. Also the guys recorded a great cover of the hit "Fog":

"Overgas." - a project that performs both author's tracks and those of Sector Gaza. And the guys are doing very well. We wish them success!

"Lyrics" (Masha)

"Lyrics" - A magnificent romantic ballad that gives you goosebumps... We're sure it's a personal favorite even of those music lovers who are far from art Yuri Klinskikh (real last name).

But some - most likely young listeners - were introduced to this song through a softer cover by Masha.

The version is close to pop, but with an incredibly easy attractive melody and a pleasant voice of the performer. It sounds fresh and worthy for its time!

"The Bum" (Lina Di)

About the song "Bum" we already mentioned at the very beginning of the article. This is the calling card of the band, which enjoys great popularity among listeners of all ages to this day.

And now we offer you an instrumental cover by Lina Di.

The girl's version is very driving and energetic. Performed at a decent level!

"Walk on, man" (Dmitro92)

Yuri Khoy
Yuri Khoy

"Walk man" - Another well-known song of "Sector Gaza", which literally makes you want to dance! It's a very driving, upbeat hit that really lifts your spirits and tunes you into the right groove!

There is a very popular guitar cover on YouTube, performed by Dmitro92. Listening:

What can I say? Dmitry played "Walk the Man" very cool! Definitely "respect" - as some users write in the comments.

"Fog" and "Time to Go Home" (Navy Composite Orchestra)

"Fog" and "Time to Go Home" - very atypical songs for Hoy. They are notable for the fact that they do not have the usual "black humor", irony, obscene words... Everything is very decent and, as always, soulful.

And as it turned out, even the state really likes these compositions! For example, they are performed by Navy Composite Orchestra:

Just super! A pleasure to listen to - perhaps the most unconventional interpretation on our list.

"Defenders of Russia" (PlanetArius)

PlanetArie Group
PlanetArie Group

"Defenders of Russia." - a militant, very deep song that gets you to shiver, what they say... This is not a cover, but the listener, far from the creativity of Khoi, may well take the track for such! it was performed by the band "PlanetArie."The audience was impressed by the voice of its vocalist. As users wrote in the comments: "Very reminiscent of Khoy. But, of course, no one will ever be able to sing it again.

That's the list of covers we have! Which version is the most like you? Maybe it's not included in our selection? Be sure to share your personal preferences in the comments - there really are a lot of "Sector Gaza" covers, and it's impossible to mention them all.

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