The best clips of foreign stars filmed in Kiev

    About the most interesting clips filmed in Kyiv...

    Top of the brightest clips of foreign stars that were filmed in Kyiv ...

    Today we will talk about the brightest clips of world stars that were filmed ... in Kyiv! Yes Yes! Perhaps today's selection will surprise you, because hardly anyone would have thought that such Western idols as Charli XCX or Miley Cyrus came to Kyiv specifically for filming a music video ... But it's true! While Ukrainian stars travel all over the world in search of an impressive location for their videos or vlogs, foreign performers without hesitation go straight to the capital of Ukraine for this... So: less words, more to the point - this is the top most popular clips filmed in Kyiv! Let's go!

    Miley Cyrus - "Nothing Breaks Like a Heart"

    Let's start with the video for the sensational hit Miley Cyrus, which is known as "Nothing Breaks Like a Heart" ... By the way: the song became the singer's 46th hit on the Billboard Hot 100 chart! It was released as a single in 2018, but the composition has not lost its popularity to this day ...

    And yes: no matter how strange it may sound, Miley Cyrus decided to shoot the video for “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart” on the streets of Kyiv, and in particular on the famous Darnitsky bridge, on which a whole chase was played out with the participation of the police ... There is also spicy shots, and lyrics, and tragedy ... In a word - a real short blockbuster!

    Charli XCX - "White Mercedes"

    Charli XCX is a famous British singer-songwriter who debuted in 2013 with her album True Romance, which was a great commercial success ... Over the years, the singer has released many hit tracks, including "White Mercedes": a modern pop ballad tells a difficult love story... Charlie sings:

    "Don't say that you love, because I will not answer the same,
    Don't apologize, you didn't do anything wrong
    I will suppress my feelings, but not pride ... "

    The video for the song, filmed in Kiev's Troyeshchyna, turned out to be really spectacular: the burning of a white Mercedes, the charming Charlie in a floating dress, and even a snow-white horse! All this perfectly contrasts with the background in the form of Kiev Khrushchev... Bliss for aesthetes.

    MØ - "Kamikaze"

    For the first time, the Danish singer MØ really rocked the whole world in 2014, recording the single "Beg for It" with Iggy Azalea - her first single on the Billboard Hot 100 chart! She released the song "Kamikaze" already being a world famous pop artist: the track quickly gained success both among listeners and critics, and on television!

    The video for the song, as you may have noticed, was also filmed in Troyeschina: today the music video has received more than 70 million views on YouTube.

    Tame Impala - "Let It Happen"

    The composition "Let It Happen", released in 2015 as a single from the album Currents, received great success among music critics ... Many called it "one of the best songs of 2015". And in many ways, such a resounding success is due to the inspiring music video…

    In the clip we can see such places in Kyiv as Boryspil airport, Hilton hotel and others…

    Twenty one pilots - "Nico and the Niners"

    The composition "Nico and the Niners" by the American duo Twenty one pilots is a dark story about an alternative reality... Hence the plot of the video, in which Tyler Joseph lives in a terrible walled city called "Dema" (this word means depression...)

    The music video turned out to be very atmospheric and spectacular ... No wonder it has collected more than 80 million views!

    NCT - "Boss"

    Today, NCT is a world-famous K-pop group that releases great sound! So, their track "Boss" is a dynamic electro-hip-hop hit that has gained great popularity abroad!

    The clip filmed for it was the first one that NCT filmed in Kyiv: Revan Paliukh, the finalist of the show "Ukrainian Top Model" took part in its filming!

    The second, filmed in Kyiv, was the video for the track "Baby Don't Stop":

    Zayn- "Flames"

    Zayn is Zayn Malik, former member of One Direction. Together with DJs R3hab and Jungleboi, he released the track "Flames", the video for which was filmed in the capital of Ukraine ...

    Netta - "Bassa Sababa"

    Netta Barzilai became famous all over the world as the winner of Eurovision 2018: the girl represented Israel with the song "Toy"! Shortly after the triumphant victory, the singer visited Kyiv, where she shot a luxurious and undeniably bright video for the track "Bassa Sababa"!

    The most interesting thing is that initially Netta's visit to Ukraine was due to filming in an advertisement for Coca Cola ...

    Hurts - "Wings"

    "Wings" is a great song from the British duo Hurts, which has graced their third studio album Surrender. The video for it, filmed in Kyiv, turned out to be very atmospheric, although gloomy ...

    Actually, the song itself is far from the most positive…

    "When you see me fall to the ground from heaven,
    When I lose control and fall head over heels
    When I was dropped from the ninth heaven like a cannonball
    Promise me that you won't let me fall..."

    Paolo Nutini - "Iron Sky"

    "Iron Sky" is the name given to the composition of the Scot Paolo Nutini, which graced his third album Caustic Love. The critics obviously liked the song: many of them described the track as “an exciting mixture of the conscious soul theme and the style of the deep soul…” But the video, filmed in Kyiv by Daniel Wolfe, turned out to be no less exciting and atmospheric….

    Wolfe was later honored for his work at the 2015 SXSW Film Festival.

    Nothing But Thieves - "Sorry"

    And our list ends with the British rock band Nothing But Thieves, which, by the way, often visited Ukraine with concerts and performances at festivals! Check out the video for their song "Sorry"...

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