Best Latin hits in history according to Fuzz Music magazine

Today we decided to recall the most significant, interesting and simply favorite Latin hits, which are sure to cheer you up!

Best Latin hits in history: list, artists, clips and facts, Latin American music

Latin music - is by far the hottest! All these sunny motifs, invigorating rhythms, searing lyrics (most of them) make you want to at least stamp your feet, and at most start dancing! It's a great dance genrewhich has long conquered the world stage.

Today we decided to remember the most significant, interesting and simply favorite Latin hitsthat are sure to lift your spirits. Enjoy listening to it!

Richie Valens - "La Bamba"

Ritchie Valens
Ritchie Valens

This Mexican folk song The song is loved by millions of listeners from around the world - people of all ages and even fans of non-dance genres! When Ritchie Valens presented his vivid interpretation to the world, he certainly endowed it with a special magic...

Walesa's 1958 cover forever immortalized "La Bamba." in the history of rock: the singer successfully combined the world of Latin American music and rock in his work, adopting the atmosphere of Californian surfing, while keeping the lyrics in Spanish. That in itself already sounds incredible! What to say about the track? By the way: in the USSR The version performed by the Dean Reedwhich we also offer to enjoy.

Great composition - 100% classic for the ages.

Santana - "Oye Como Va"

Carlos Santana
Carlos Santana

You can safely give this song a 10 out of 10 just for the guitars! How cool, emotional they sound... It's captivating, and underwhelming. "Oye Como Va." It is no longer possible to finish.

It's worth noting that "Oye Como Va" was originally a fresh Latin American jazz recording by the mambo legend Tito Puente in 1962. But Santana decided to give this work a truly electrical charge! As a result, the cover became a fan favorite, and it was also a worthy adornment of the "Abraxas." - one of the greatest Latin rock albums of all time! There's no point in arguing: Carlos Santana spread Latino rock around the world, and made millions of people fall in love with this incredible sound.

Miami Sound Machine - "Conga!"

Gloria Estefan
Gloria Estefan

"Conga!" - band's calling card Miami Sound Machine and soloists Gloria Estefan In particular. The song became a big hit right after its release! The infectious melody, treated with heavy synths and drum machines, and the welcome message to the international dance floor: "Don't worry if you can't dance. Let the music rule your feet!" It was a winning formula, and the audience had no chance to oppose it...

To this day, many music lovers remember the Gloria Estefan, first of all, by this track.

Caifanes - "La Negra Tomasa"

Caifanes Group
Caifanes Group

This is very unusual and unique track on our list. However, it's more the band itself that is unique. Caifanes, and its sound inspired by the goth-pop sensibility and the best traditions of The Cure.

Nevertheless, there is something to tell about the song itself. You may be very surprised, but it is 1930s classics The year, written by the Cuban composer Guillermo Rodriguez Fieffe! Years later, the rock band from Mexico City decided to show the world their own vision of this creation. The result is fascinating...

Kaoma - "Lambada"

A still from the "Lambada" music video
A still from the "Lambada" music video

A legendary hit that needs no introduction: at one time the passionate Lambada rumbled out of every iron! What's more, even today it can be found on the radio waves from time to time. That's what a time-tested hit means.

The catalyst for the global dance craze in the late '80s, "Lambada" Kaoma instantly won the hearts of the world's public. However, the massive success was also due to the plagiarism scandal on "Llorando se fue" of the Bolivian band Los Kjarkas. But that's another story.

Maná - "Oye Mi Amor"

Maná Group
Maná Group

Great hit early '90swhich fully conveyed the sound and vibrant energy of of Spanish rock! It was this composition that brought the band Maná The first great success, becoming a hallmark of both the group and the genre for many years to come.

The song continues to gather millions of plays after decades, and it's not at all surprising, because she's adorable!

Juanes - "A Dios le pido"


And we decided to finish the selection with an awesome track from a Colombian artist of popular music (former member of the rock band Ekhymosis) Juanes!

This powerful track is in the vein of funky alternative rock laid the foundation for Juanes' signature sound, bringing the artist enormous popularity! The song brings joy and optimism, but also makes you think about something more at your leisure...

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