Top 10 OSP Studios Musical Parodies According to Fuzz Music Magazine

"OSP-Studio" ceased its activities in August 2004, however, a lot of fascinating fragments and shots have survived to this day! Today we bring to your attention the top 10 OSP-Studio musical parodies according to Fuzz Music!

The funniest and most successful versions of songs in the history of a TV show

"OSP-studio" is a popular entertainment television program that aired from 1996 to 2004. The program became widely known for its brilliant parodies of other programs as well as songs and popular bands. Under the headings "Musical Electric Locomotive", "Golden Cacophon", "Daddy Legends" and so on, the following were parodied: Tatyana Bulanova (Tatyana Khasbulanova), Guests from the Future (Guests from the Bakery), Ivanushki International (Alyonushki Limited) and many other stars of those years. Also, OSP-Studio for two years, from 1999 to 2000, held the OSPesnya award - a parody of the Song of the Year festival, where the actors of the show with the nominees performed comic cover versions of hits.

The peak of OSP-studio's popularity came in 1998, along with the launch of the humorous television series "33 square meters". Then there was a conflict associated with financial and creative disagreements in the workforce.

"OSP-studio" ceased its activities in August 2004, however, a lot of fascinating fragments and shots have survived to this day! Today we bring to your attention the top 10 OSP-Studio musical parodies according to Fuzz Music magazine!

“Beer is a small life” (a parody of “Summer is a small life” by Oleg Mityaev)

"Summer is a small life" - well-known composition in the repertoire Oleg Mityaev. It is not surprising that such a popular and familiar track became a source of inspiration for the OSP-Studio team. The parody came out original and was called "Beer is a small life." Still public humor workers "OSP-studios" liked, and soon the interpretation gained popularity no worse than the original!

To this day, the comic track lifts people's spirits, as evidenced by the comments below it on YouTube:

“It was probably the last good TV project. After them, all the jokes are below the belt ... "


"One of my favorite NSP parodies!"


"Best humorous song I've ever heard!"

"We are a gang" (parody of "Fernando" performed by "ABBA")

One of the most infectious and funny parodies in history "OSP-Studios" — a parody of the iconic Swedish quartet ABBA. Before presenting their interpretation of "Fernando", the OSB team plays out a whole scene with the interviews of the band members. Not without a manager "ABBA", and, of course, without irony.

As a result, "We're a Gang" has become one of the most popular OSP Studio parodies on YouTube!

"Mozkva" (a parody of the group "Genghis Khan")

Moscow - popular hit 1979 of the year that made the German disco group widely known Dschinghis Khan in the vastness of Russia. Still, because the song is addressed to the capital of Russia! It is worth paying tribute to the OSB-studio team: interpretation at the highest level!

"Autumn" (a parody of the Lyceum group)

Another popular musical parody "OSP-studios" - a parody of the group "Lyceum", and in particular on their song about "Autumn". It is worth paying tribute to the TV show team: they managed to play a very atmospheric and melodic performance. Today, this video is very popular on YouTube, as it has gained tens of thousands of views and a lot of enthusiastic comments.

Among the commentators were also people with a great sense of humor: “They look much more alive than the original,” wrote one user.

"Salo" (a parody of "The Candle Burned" performed by Alla Pugacheva)

Of course, the popular parody TV show could not ignore the work of the Russian prima donna Alla Borisovna Pugacheva! So, Tatyana Lazareva once again demonstrated her chic vocal abilities by performing the song "Salo".

The song is a parody of the song "The candle burned", which was released on the album Alla Borisovna "River tram" 2001 of the year.

"Simple Movements" (a parody of the Tatu group)

One of the most ironic "OSP-studios"! The male part of the television team appeared as young participants in the duet popular in those years - Mikhail Shats and Sergei Belogolovtsev. It came out brilliant!

No less beautiful is the humorous clip, or rather, its fragments. Especially when the puppets are driving a radio control car, demolishing everything and everyone in their path! Eh, the poor cat that got unlucky in the first half of the video.

"Corporate anthem" (a parody of "It's for love" performed by "Mumiy Troll")

This is not a video, but a whole episode from the film with fascinating fragments of "operational shooting". Anyway, that's what it looks like! Members "OSP-studios" played a real Russian corporate party, presenting one of the most melodic and pleasant to listen to parodies of the group "Mummy Troll"!

And what an effective Tatyana Lazareva in a black wig! Just a spy from an American action movie!

"Long Away" (parody of "She Loves You" performed by The Beatles)

The OSP-Studio team and the iconic Liverpool Four did not bypass The Beatles! Humorous interview with the producer The Beatles explains to the viewer why the drummer plays the main role in this team. And then it develops into a full-fledged performance. Great parody of "She Loves You"!

All the artists did a good job on their images, but they managed to embody it especially realistically. Pavel Kabanov. Just take a look as the camera zooms in - the spitting image John Lennon!

"Hunt the Beavers" (a parody of "Do Good" by Shura)

"Do good" - one of the most famous songs of the performer Shura! The video for it got over 5 million views on YouTube, demonstrating its relevance decades after its release. Command "OSP" decided to experiment and ended up presenting one of her best interpretations.

The role of Shura himself was masterfully played Pavel Kabanov. It seems that this person is able to transform into anyone.

"Classic" (parody of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody")

Among fans of rock and music 80s in general, there is no such person who would not know the cult operatic anthem of the group "Queen.". Composition «Bohemian Rhapsody» has a unique story: the producers almost doomed it to failure, but Freddie Mercury did not let them do this, for which many thanks to him. After the release of the film of the same name in 2018 with Rami Malekom starring about this song, as well as about the group itself, the whole world learned. But Queen was already wildly popular in Russia. We bring to your attention an exciting video from "OSP-studios" - a parody of "Bohemian Rhapsody" with a joke interview of the band members and an omniscient journalist.


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