Three of Frank Farian's disco projects that had the whole world dancing to their rousing hits

Of course, Farian's success story as a producer also remembers scandals, like the hot hotties duo Milli Vanilli! But we won't remember the bad, we'll talk about the good!

Three iconic dance projects, or briefly about why Frank Farian's name made history

Frank Farian It is possible to love and hate him, but to dispute the fact that he outstanding producerimpossible! In July 2021, Frank was in his ninth decade. During his long and rich career, he has presented to the world many worthy projects, the most popular of which we decided to remember. To their tracks. danced the whole world! The rousing rhythms of these bands represent the youth of an entire generation. Of course, Farian's success story as a producer also remembers scandalsFor example - a duo of hot hotties Milli Vanilli! But we will not remember the bad things, but talk about the good - about the bands whose music sounds on the radio and in our hearts to this day!

Boney M.

Boney M. on Red Square in 1978
Boney M. on Red Square in 1978

The name of this legendary disco band was inspired by the name of the hero of a popular Australian film of the time detective series. For the first time under the name Boney M. Farian's own song came out, and it was called "Baby Do You Wanna Bump?". To Frank's own surprise, the experiment with Jamaican motifs The band was a success, and soon the public was demanding to see the mystery band in person!

The urgently formed Boney M. project was made up of from the Caribbean islandsThe songs became hits and hits in their entirety. The rousing songs became hits, and the energy The musicians themselves on stage were delightful and could not leave the audience indifferent...

Boney M.
Boney M.

The success of the group was enormous, and spread all over the world! Boney M. was loved even in the USSRand that, you must agree, is a big indicator! They were the first world-class pop band to break through iron curtain! Domestic listeners especially liked the song about Rasputinaand the final line in it "Oh, those Russians." ("Oh, those russians...") were found very amusing! Although the political top brass of the country did not agree with it.

All over the world have been sold tens of millions Boney M. records, and the group produced many disco hits that are still popular today! Unfortunately, in 1986 the project fell apart. Before that, amid conflicts, Farian replaced the soloist Bobby Farrell professional singer Reggie Tsiboe, but it was soon clear: this was not a good idea. The audience fell in love with Farrell, and soon People's favorite returned to the lineup.



Very often the tracks Eruption attributed to Boney M. because of the similarity in sound - especially the "One Way Ticket: this song gave Soviet Union a more incendiary version "Blue Frost."The early one, also inspired by a foreign composition, had a quiet sound. All in all, it's a very long and complicated story, so we suggest you just enjoy disco hit:

Unlike Boney M., Eruption already existed as a band before they came under Farian's wing: only then was the band called Silent Eruption and was a modest success. But the soloist Precious Wilson Frank was won over: the producer realized that with such a vocalist the band had a great future! All it takes is a little tinkering with the image and the sound...

In the late '70s, Wilson went to solo swimming. It has been replaced by Kim DavisBut the girl tragically died. And when a new soloist was found, the contract with Farian almost expired.


After Eruption collaborated with another producer, and in the mid-80s announced the close down. Nevertheless, from time to time the band gathers and gives powerful concerts, bringing fans back to their youth with their disco tunes...

La Bouche

La Bouche
La Bouche

La Bouche - is not disco. But to ignore this eurodance project would be sacrilege! The duo was formed in 1994 year. It included the singer Melanie Thornton and rapper Lane McCraywho once again - like the members of Farian's previous projects - have made the whole world fall in love with them! Their hit songs "Be My Lover," "Sweet Dreams" and other compositions came from every iron!

History of La Bouche sadIn the early noughties, Thornton left the project to pursue a solo career, but soon tragically died. Then Farian issued a "In Your Life." - a song recorded by Thornton and McCrae, but previously unreleased. In this way he paid tribute to the performer.

On a par with La Bouche, the project No Mercy - The male trio, known for their cover of the "Where Do You Go" and some other popular compositions.


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