"No Worse than Rolling's Angie": Remembering Domestic Rock Ballads

Tender and heartfelt ballads serve as a kind of guide to the island of fantasy and warm memories. It's nice to feel nostalgic, to reflect on the essentials, and even to sorrow a little - but only a little. After all, these magical compositions give a special lightness and dreaminess!

Top of the most powerful and beautiful domestic ballads in the rock genre

rock ballads - is probably one of the best phenomena that has happened to the genre! Of course, we all love rock for its energy and power - powerful rhythms, piercing riffs, great vocalists like Robert Plant or Ronnie James Dio, who can reach the deepest corners of our soul with their voices... Drive and hard-hitting sound is great, of course! Such tracks lift the mood and so on. But still, it's very nice sometimes to just to relaxto immerse yourself in your own thoughts and feel a kind of harmony with the world.

Tender and heartfelt ballads They serve as a kind of guide to an island of fantasy and warm memories. It's nice to feel nostalgic, to reflect on the essentials and even to sorrow a little - but only a little. After all, these magical compositions give special lightness and reverie. And in our - Russian rock - there are enough of those. Some of the tracks in our selection may not be ballads for sure, but in their sound are not inferior in any way!

"Sunny Island

"Time Machine" is resting after the concert. Late 70s
"Time Machine" is resting after the concert. Late 70s

An unobtrusive composition that will be the perfect backdrop for you if you suddenly decide to ponder about life. "You or me."commonly known by the people as "Sunny Islandis one of the most tender and beautiful songs of Mashina Vremeni.

As the notorious journalist notes Artemy Troitsky, "You or Me" is perhaps the most "love." song in the repertoire of a Russian rock band. The lyrics are full of metaphors and images, which allows the listener to interpret it in his own way. So if you want to fantasize - you won't find a better track!


Yuri Khoy
Yuri Khoy

Not sure if it's a ballad, but at any rate "Lyrics" sung by Yuri Khoy is not inferior to some poignant ballad by Cinderella or Mötley Crüe! Why? Very driving, powerful, sensual... And most importantly - soulfully.

"The Lyric is the most atypical However, this surprisingly sentimental phenomenon didn't embarrass the band's fans - a lot of people are in love with this song! And how many warm and pleasant moments are associated with it for thousands of people... If you want to go back to your youth and remember the most tender and sincere moments, this song is what you need.

"Careless Angel"

Valery Kipelov
Valery Kipelov

This is a very heartfelt composition that is hard to ignore. You may not be a fan "Aria." and Valery Kipelov in particular, but this tune is likely to touch your heart.

In fact, "Careless Angel" is a Russian-language version of the sad ballad "Going To The Run" Golden Earring. The Dutch rockers recorded this song as a tribute to the biker from the club who died in an accident. "Hell's AngelsThey had a warm, friendly relationship with him.

The fans liked the song, but it did not become a big hit. The same cannot be said about Kipelov's version - even a schoolboy recognizes "Careless Angel"! That's because this hit was a long time ago. went out to the peopleand on the Internet they even managed to make it into meme. Indeed, all impossible things are possible! One would think: What could be so funny in such a touching ballad?

"Mona Lisa"

Alexander Barykin
Alexander Barykin

Another prime example of how Foreign the track gave the Russian listener a hit for all time! The fact is that the ensemble's famous "Mona Lisa" "Funny boys" came to us from the group UFOI'm talking about their "Belladonna", which the British rockers didn't even bother to release as a single! But our musicians were quick to pick up the captivating tune, and that's what came out.

They didn't even change the lyrics! As many listeners point out, this is even a good thing: this way more heartfelt sounds, beautiful and mysterious... This is the story of one ballad, which in our country was loved more than abroad.


Group "Kino"
Group "Kino"

There is also in the repertoire "Kino." a ballad - and a very decent one at that.

Of course, the composition "Legend" is not as popular among listeners as, say, "Blood Group" or "Star by the Name of the Sun. However, it can be safely attributed to ballads. And if you want to relax your brain a little bit and enjoy the serenity, this track is perfect for your purposes.

"Summer Evening."

"Flowers" by Stas Namin
"Flowers" by Stas Namin

Another chic homegrown ballad that listeners stubbornly accuse of in plagiarism!

"The group's "Summer Evening. "Flowers" by Stas Namin is actively being compared to Hotel California of the Eagles! You can feel the similarities in the sound... However, the guitarist himself Igor Sarukhanovwhose play is called blatant plagiarism, stands his ground: I copied nothing and that's it. But that's not the point at all. "Summer Evening" really is. great composition, and one of the favorites among Russian listeners.

"I want to be with you."

Ilya Kormiltsev
Ilya Kormiltsev

And our list is completed by the gorgeous song "I want to be with you" by the band "Nautilus Pompilius".

This song has remained one of our country's favorite lyrical ballads for decades! If legend is to be believed, the poet Ilya Kormiltsev wrote a heartfelt text in just 15 minutes - that's how late his beloved was. This is what it means to be a committed genius - even in such a situation, the soul demands creativity and self-expression!


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