The best songs of Phil Collins (Best of Phil Collins). Top 15

Despite the solid list of singles, his first solo track "In the Air Tonight" remains the artist's calling card to this day...

Phil Collins' Top 15 Songs

Phil Collins is an amazing singer and songwriter, drummer as well as actor and producer! His popularity came with the band Genesis, after which the musician was able to build a dazzling solo career. With over 150,000,000 records sold worldwide, he became the third musician in history (along with Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson) to have more than a hundred million albums sold over the counter! In spite of the solid list of singles, his first solo track "In the Air Tonight" is still the artist's calling card to this day.

During his long career Phil has managed to work with such masters of the rock scene as Paul McCartney, Robert Plant, Eric Clapton... He has 8 Grammys, 2 Golden Globes, 6 Brit Awards and many other honors, including a star on the Walk of Fame. Today we bring you an awesome selection of 15 hit tracks by this great musician...

"Do You Remember" (1990)

This song saw the light of day in the heyday of the '90s. In spite of the weak success in Europe, "Do You Remember" topped the Hot Adult Contemporary, and was in the top 5 of the Billboard Hot 100. Later a live version was recorded, which was included in the compilation album "Serious Hits... Live!

The song was written by Phil and produced by Hugh Padgham. Steven Bishop, an American singer, songwriter, actor, and guitarist, was invited as backup vocalist. An orchestral version from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra was subsequently recorded for "Do You Remember.

"One More Night" (1985)

The song was released as a single from his third album and certified No Jacket Required. "One More Night" was the musician's second top hit in the U.S.! As for the UK, the track was in the top ten there.

The song "One More Night" is a gentle rock ballad... By the way: the song held the top position in the U.S. chart for two weeks.

"Something Happened On The Way To Heaven" (1990)

This song was Collins' last hit as a solo artist, reaching number four on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. Its live recording is also included on the album "Serious Hits... Live!

The author of the composition is Phil himself and Genesis guitarist Daryl Sturmer. Interestingly enough, the track was originally written for the movie The War of the Roses. The cover of the UK release features the popular comedian Tony Hancock, while the cover of the international release features a shot from the 1946 film "Matter of Life and Death" (also known as "Stairway to Heaven")...

"In The Air Tonight" (1981)

This song is Collins' calling card, and also his first solo single... Over the years "In The Air Tonight" has topped the prestigious top charts in several countries! It has won the love of music lovers, and has also gained incredible popularity in the media (the song can be heard in a number of movies and commercials). The fact that more than a hundred covers of "In The Air Tonight" have been recorded, we don't think it's worth mentioning...

As for the history of the creation of "In The Air Tonight", it is very confusing... If we believe one of the legends, the song was born when a man was drowning in front of Collins... The musician himself could not save him, because he was too far away. But there was a man near the scene of the tragedy who decided not to help the drowning man. Later Phil invited the observer of the tragedy to his concert, where he publicly embarrassed him (at his request the spotlight shone only on this man during the song...).

"Another Day In Paradise" (1989)

This song touches on such a sensitive issue as poverty... It has made many wealthy people reconsider their attitude toward the homeless and their problems. In the 1990s, "Another Day In Paradise" (which means "One More Day In Paradise") was played on every radio station.

The poignant lyric is about the lack of mercy for the homeless... Thematically, it is partly related to the composition "The Man on the Corner," previously written for the band Genesis.

"Sussudio" (1985)

The song was released as a single from the third solo album No Jacket Required in January 1985. Already by May "Sussudio" boasted frequent rotation on MTV, and in July both the track and the album topped the Billboard charts!

The music video for "Sussudio" was filmed in a London pub owned by Richard Branson - one of the richest people in Britain with a fortune of more than 5 billion dollars!

"I Don't Care Anymore" (1982)

The song was written, performed and produced by Phil in collaboration with Hugh Padgham. It was also the third single from the second solo album entitled Hello, I Must Be Going! Today "I Don't Care Anymore" is one of the artist's most recognizable signature songs and a favorite among his fans!

Some people consider "I Don't Care Anymore" too "gloomy," largely because of the heavy musical background. However, despite its "darkness," this song won him a Grammy for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance!

"This Must Be Love" (1981)

An insightful composition about love, one of the favorites among the musician's fans:

"It must be love, I feel.
It's hard to put it into words...
What you're doing to me,
That's all I could ever dream of..."

A delightful lyric!

"I Wish It Would Rain Down" (1990)

"I Wish It Would Rain Down" (that's how the title of the track is translated) was released in 1990. Eric Clapton himself took part in the recording of the song - the musician brilliantly played the guitar part... All in all, "I Wish It Would Rain Down" sounds like a good rock ballad. Not without reason the track was in the "top ten" in many countries of the world, including Canada, where it was the confident leader.

In his interview the musician told how he persuaded Eric Clapton to take part in the recording:

"I said: "Eric, I never asked you to play... So come on, I've got a song!"

Also, according to Collins' recollection, after writing "I Wish It Would Rain Down" he felt he was closer than ever to a blues composition...

"Long Long Way To Go" (1985)

A dramatic composition with a strong message:

"As I sit here,
Someone's son is lying dead somewhere.
And it would seem that we have a long way to go...
But I can't go anymore..."

"Heat On The Street" (1989)

As Phil Collins says, "If you have something to say, shout it out, or they won't hear it!"

"If Leaving Me Is Easy (1981)

The single from the debut studio album called Face Value (1981). The song is notable for Phil's very high falsetto in the chorus, the highest ever in his vocal activity!

Unfortunately, after his No Jacket Required tour Phil refused to perform "If Leaving Me Is Easy" live. The reason for that was too strong reaction of the audience, namely "screaming and shouting". The musician himself wanted to perform this song in a very quiet chamber atmosphere.

"Only You Know And I Know" (1985)

"I know sometimes we have to be cruel!
Being cruel to be kind...
When I ask you what you see in me
You say: our love is blind..."

"You Can't Hurry Love" (1982)

In fact, this composition is not Collins', but that of the '60s band The Supremes. By the way: the first version of "You Can't Hurry Love" topped the American top 100, was one of the top 5 in the United Kingdom and one of the ten hot hits in Australia. And 16 years later Phil recorded his own cover of the song, which became a number one hit in Great Britain!

Thus, "You Can't Hurry Love" is the calling card of not only The Supremes, but Collins as well!

"All Of My Life" (1989)

A poignant lyric about life, about love, about time...

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