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Funkadelic: a selection of the band's best songs…

Funkadelic's best songs are emotionally charged funk with first-class solos and amazing energy... These tracks will certainly cheer you up: "Hardcore Jollies", "Lunchmeataphobia", "Trash A-Go-Go" - only the most powerful hits, tested by time and listeners from all over the world! As this list of the best funk rock songs shows, George Clinton's crew knew exactly what to do with the guitar! While Parliament (another project of the musician) focused on more traditional funk and soul music, guitarists Eddie Hazel, Harry Sheeder and Michael Hampton took Funkadelic into uncharted territory, creating one of the most exotic bands in the history of rock music of the 70s. … So: free your mind and enjoy the next best Funkadelic creations!

"Hardcore Jollies" (1976)

"Hardcore Jollies" is a heavy, energetic instrumental track that gives the band's lead guitarist Michael Hampton enough freedom to showcase his amazing solo skills...

The track adequately decorated the band's self-titled studio album, released in 1976. By the way: "Hardcore Jollies" was their first album to be released on a major label by Warner Bros. records.

"Lunchmeataphobia" (1978)

By 1978, the differences between the Funkadelic and Parliament albums were blurred beyond recognition! And the track completely ready for the dance floor from the One Nation Under a Groove album is a vivid confirmation of this! Hampton's guitar takes center stage... And that's what makes "Lunchmeataphobia" sound great!

"Trash A-Go-Go" (1973)

Since the original lead guitarist Eddie Hazel had left the band (he had rejoined the band intermittently over the years) and Michael Hampton had not yet joined the band, guitar duties on the Cosmic Slop album fell to Ron Bykowski and Harry Scheder. And as you can tell from the track "Trash A-Go-Go", they made a big contribution!

By the way: although the album itself turned out to be a commercial failure for Funkadelic, its track list includes several (and maybe more) pretty cool tracks that lift your spirits!

"I Call My Baby Pussycat" (1972)

Obviously, there were a lot of similarities between Funkadelic and Parliament, both in terms of band members and in terms of musical ideas. The song originally appeared on Parliament's 1970 debut album Osmium. Clinton used the opening riff as the basis for "Hardcore Jollies", but not before re-recording the rest of the track in a completely different, much slower and more swampy version for the epic 1972 double album Funkadelic...

Cosmic Slop (1973)

Schieder and Bykowski once again share the responsibility for the slow rhythm and soaring lines of this longtime concert favorite Funkadelic... The song's popularity is somewhat surprising given its depressing plot: a small child secretly hears his mother begging God's forgiveness for "trading" herself, to feed your family:

"I hear her call,
I hear her voice
Late at night I hear her calling
Oh Lord, hear her
She begs…”

"Alice in My Fantasies" (1974)

Having missed the band's previous two albums, Eddie Hazel is back to contribute to this 1974 masterpiece... It's one of Funkadelic's heaviest tracks, with Clinton and Hazel running breathlessly on top of a Jimi Hendrix-inspired barreled reef...

"Who Says a Funk Band Can't Play Rock?!" (1978)

“Who said this jazz band can't play dance music? / Who says this rock band can't play funk? / Who says a funk band can't rock? — the lyrics of this irresistibly hilarious song are truly inspiring! Meanwhile, Hampton alternately repeats the vocalists' melodic lines and punctuates their thoughts with short, caustic solos...

"Red Hot Mama" (1974)

"Red Hot Mama" can rightly be considered Eddie Hazel's finest hour... And yes: this particular track is still one of the most favorite for the band members themselves...

"Super Stupid" (1971)

This fantastic, long guitar solo from Hazel is still the centerpiece of most P-Funk (Parliament-Funkadelic) concerts today. This incendiary rhythm makes the crowd of fans have a good time! To give credit to Bernie Worrell, his placid keyboards actually help raise the tension, making Hazel's solo sound even more intense...

"Standing on the Verge of Getting It On" (1974)

And finally - a mega-positive track from the 1974 album of the same name!

"You really shouldn't fight her
Music is meant to do no harm!
Music is meant to free your funky mind!
We're here to help you get through
Step into another reality...

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