The best songs of the group Zero

The main hits of the legendary group "Zero" ...

Group "Zero": a selection of the best songs ...

"Zero" is a legendary domestic rock band, whose songs continue to echo in the hearts of numerous fans... A distinctive feature of the band has always been the button accordion - as the main solo instrument... In total, the group released 7 studio albums - not a few, but not so much a lot, given that it was formed in the mid-80s. “I’m going, I smoke”, “School of life”, “Song of unrequited love for the motherland” - what other compositions of this group are included in today's top best? Let's find out!

"I'm going to smoke"

This famous song was written by Fyodor Chistyakov, the leader of the group. She was released as part of the album "Song of Unrequited Love for the Motherland", however, real success came to her thanks to a rather effective music video ...

Perhaps this is the most (or at least one of these) songs of the Zero group. By the way: given the light and relaxed theme of the composition, as well as some by no means unambiguous references in the text itself, it can be assumed that the main character is singing far from tobacco...

"Song of a Real Indian"

And this composition was released as part of the band's debut album. “Song of a Real Indian” also boasts a music video, which, however, was filmed in a rather tense environment ...

The members of the Zero group recalled how chaos reigned on the set ... Simply put, there is not a single sober person in the video! By the way: when the group broke up, Chistyakov flatly refused to perform this song ...

"Doctor Hyder"

Another famous masterpiece from the album “All The Best!”:

“We played dominoes so as not to disappear from longing.
And in this difficult hour we learned about you -
Dr. Hyder, Dr. Hyder, Dr. Hyder
Started eating again!

"Lenina Street"

Speaking about this song, it is necessary to shed light and make it clear: contrary to popular belief, Chistyakov never lived on Lenin Street! In fact, the name "Lenin Street" (like the song itself) is a metaphor behind which the image of the state is hidden...

“I just live on Lenin Street,
And it cuts me down from time to time ... "


This song certainly needs no introduction... Absolutely every fan of the band knows it!

"Trams were driving down the street"

Yes Yes! It was this work that was performed at the presentation of the album "Without Fools" (in 2016):

"Wandering biorobot"

“... Are you in joy or in sorrow
Are you in the world or in a quarrel
What are you dreaming about
Wandering biorobot…”

"This Russian Rock and Roll"

And this famous song was used in the intro of the series “Poor People” on the TNT channel (the previously mentioned “Lenin Street” played in the same series).

"Man and Cat"

The song "Man and Cat" is also very popular on TV! In one of his interviews, Fedor Chistyakov told under what circumstances he had the idea of this rather sad song:

“... Once we came to one man, to see his guitar. And he didn't have a corridor in his apartment. And right at the door there was a saucer with milk, which I stepped into ... In general, this is a very sad story: a person has nothing to live for, he sells a guitar ... So I thought somehow spontaneously: “A man and a cat are crying at the window "... So this song was born by itself..."

"School of Life"

“The clear moon is shining, time does not wait.
Maybe with you
Or maybe on the other
My youth will still pass ... "

"Northern Boogie"

An interesting fact: both at concerts and on the album, the song "Northern Boogie" goes in conjunction with the composition "Name"!

"Disabled person of the zero group"

"I don't know what I want,
I'll stand on the nightstand and scream.
I will say a hundred words, but I will not remain silent,
Let everyone know what I want!”

"Moscow station"

And another great song from the group "Zero"!

"communal apartments"

“The wolf hole boils and boils.
This is a communal apartment!”

"I lost"

Roulette is spinning, jazz is playing ...

"It's gonna be all right"

This rock ballad was featured on the Tales album. The author, as always, is Fedor Chistyakov.


"Hey driver! Submit your palms.
Hey driver! One two Three!
Here's a three for you!"

"You're too slow"

"I only ask you one thing -
Don't slow down!

"The Tale of the Sausage"


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