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Tarantino is unique... And the songs in his films are diamonds...

The best soundtracks from Tarantino films

There is probably no such person who would not know about Quentin Tarantino. This bright representative of cinematic postmodernism takes an active part in almost all aspects of filmmaking, from writing scripts, directing, producing and ending with the performance of roles in his own film. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that he is especially picky about the choice of musical compositions for his films, trying to emphasize the depth of the film's intent. Tarantino is unique. One of the highlights of the film director is the addition of a dramatic episode on the screen with a bright melody that sinks into the soul. So, the famous composer Ennio Morricone made his contribution to the cult masterpiece "Django Unchained". His compositions are repeatedly heard in the film The Hateful Eight.

Tarantino's collaborations with outstanding composers cannot go unnoticed, which is why today's article lists the "Top 10 Best Musical Masterpieces from Tarantino Films." Go!

10. Stealers Wheel – Stuck In The Middle With You (1973)

Michael Madsen in Reservoir Dogs
Michael Madsen in Reservoir Dogs

The song "Stuck in the Middle with You", performed by the Scottish folk-rock band, whose name translates as "Wheel Raiders", received recognition from Tarantino fans thanks to his cult debut film "Reservoir Dogs".

The composition plays at the moment when the bloodthirsty character, Mr. Blond (Michael Madsen), is torturing a policeman. He said to his victim, "Do you like to listen to Billy's music programs?" And he turned on the tape recorder, from where the composition “Stuck In The Middle With You” began to play. The madman begins to sing and dance to cheerful music, literally playing on a razor blade. This episode was later called "The Ear Scene".

It was backed up by everything that audiences loved about Tarantino, namely the crazy and charming villain in the person of Mr. Blonde, the then-popular radio program "Super Melodies of the 70s with Billy", a tense moment of violence and an eccentric musical accompaniment. It was "Reservoir Dogs" that gave the song "Stuck In The Middle With You" a powerful impetus to popularity.

9. Chuck Berry - You Never Can Tell (1964)

Gorgeous John Travolta and Uma Thurman. Frame from the movie Pulp Fiction
Gorgeous John Travolta and Uma Thurman. Frame from the movie Pulp Fiction

If Marsellus Wallace tells you to do whatever his wife wants, you'll have to go on stage and do whatever you're told. Even if for this you have to dance in a business suit and without shoes to Chuck Berry's "You Never Can Tell" (No way to guess). It was this composition that sounded in the legendary Pulp Fiction. During the dance to the groovy melody, you can see the completely bare toes of Uma Thurman. Her costar John Travolta is far from new to the dance floor, as has been well documented throughout his career in films such as Grease, Saturday Night Fever and, hmm... Hairspray! Mia Wallace's bouncy boogie-woogie and Vincent Vega's confident gracefulness provide that dance chemistry.

It's hard to believe, but Chuck Berry wrote such a vivid song while in prison, where he was serving time for transporting a 14-year-old girl across the state line in the early 1960s.

8. The Brothers Johnson–Strawberry Letter 23 (1971)

Jackie Brown movie poster
Jackie Brown movie poster

After long negotiations at the car, Ordell Robbie (Samuel L. Jackson) finally managed to persuade Beaumont Livingston (Chris Tucker) to get into the trunk. After Robbie got into the car, turned on the radio, and the Jonas Brothers composition "Strawberry Letter 23" began to play. He drove around the corner, stopped the car, opened the trunk and shot Livingston. As he got back behind the wheel, the tune began to escalate unobtrusively.

Quincy Jones' interpretation of the "letter" was printed on red vinyl, which was rumored to be berry-scented. The song was so cleverly and harmoniously included in the thriller "Jackie Brown" that the lack of meaning in its title did not outrage anyone.

It was "Jackie Brown" that became the source of disagreement between Tarantino and Spike Lee, who did not agree with the liberal use of racial epithets in the script, which occur, in particular, 38 times throughout the film. Samuel L. Jackson, on the other hand, supported the script by arranging his own shooting schedule, as he was working on another project at the same time.

7. Nancy Sinatra – Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) (1966)

Uma Thurman. Frame from "Kill Bill"
Uma Thurman. Frame from "Kill Bill"

Nancy Sinatra's "My Baby Killed Me" is included in the opening credits of the first part of Kill Bill in 2003. The song was first released by American singer Cher in 1966 and included on her second album, The Sonny Side of Cher. The author of the words was the then husband of singer Sonny Bono. Later, Nancy Sinatra covered "Bang Bang", performing the song in an unusual, characteristic style for her - detached and melancholic. Billy Strange played the guitar tremolo superbly as the musical accompaniment. Even though the song was the same, the two performers' versions are completely different.

The melancholy and haunting version of Sinatra is more suited to the cult thriller Kill Bill, in which a bride named "Black Mamba" (Uma Thurman) from the "Deadly Vipers" squad takes revenge on her former colleagues and ... longs to kill their leader - Bill (David Carradine ) for the death of their unborn child.

6. Bernard Herrmann - Twisted Nerve (1968)

Daryl Hanna and Uma Thurman. Frame from the movie "Kill Bill"
Daryl Hanna and Uma Thurman. Frame from the movie "Kill Bill"

Thanks to Tarantino, many viewers know this recording by the more informal name of "spooky whistling song". Written for the film of the same name "Shattered Nerves", the composition was part of a score created by Bernard Herrmann in 1968. During the 20 introductory seconds, the melody haunts and whistles menacingly, complementing the effect of a thunderstorm.

This music plays in the hospital scene. Being unconscious in her ward, Beatrice does not even suspect that a visitor has come to her ... Ellie Driver (Daryl Hannah), nicknamed the "California mountain snake", disguised as a nurse, goes to the ward to her former colleague with a syringe filled with deadly poison. At the same time, she whistles this eerie, appropriate melody. Ellie Driver entered the history of cinema as one of the sexiest one-eyed nurses. According to the scenario, the Californian snake was trained by the great master Pei Mei (Gordon Liu), who deprived her of her eye.

5. Shivaree - Goodnight moon (2000)

Uma Thurman. Frame from "Kill Bill"
Uma Thurman. Frame from "Kill Bill"

Having finally caught up with Bill, Beatrice learns that he is raising their daughter, who miraculously survived. After having dinner together, Beatrice kills Bill using the "heart explosion" technique taught to her years ago by Pei Mei. And, having made the long-awaited retribution, the girl runs away with her daughter!

The composition "Goodnight Moon" is included in the closing credits of the thriller. Words such as “I always sleep with a gun” or “knife by my bed”, “a little change on the table” add drama to the story of a woman who overcame many obstacles on her way to her goal. This song is so integrated into the plot that it seems as if it was written specifically for the thriller, despite the fact that the recording was made several years earlier - in 1999.

4. The Coasters – Down in Mexico (1956)

Uma Thurman. Frame from "Kill Bill"
Uma Thurman. Frame from "Kill Bill"

At the very beginning of the film "Death Proof", daring bully girls appear on the screen. Before celebrating her birthday, Julia Jungle, a radio DJ, decided to play a prank on her friend by telling her on the radio that "Butterfly" would be danced for the first person to buy her a drink and read a certain piece of poetry. Stuntman Mike (Kurt Russell) follows the ladies to their destination. He fulfills all the conditions, and Arlene keeps his word. She performs a fairly frank dance in front of a man to the song of The Coasters - "In the South, in Mexico."

Originally released in 1956, the recording was a songwriting duo of Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller. They later collaborated with Ben King, Elvis Presley and... The Coasters, releasing several successful R&B singles.

3. Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Titch - HoldTight! (1966)

Frame from the movie "Evidence of Death"
Frame from the movie "Evidence of Death"

Leaving the bar and getting into the car, the girls call the radio station and order the song "Hold on tight." After a brief argument about Pete Townsend, they indulge in fun with commissioned bass music. At this time, Mike is hiding in the shadows. As soon as the last drum roll sounds, he flies out to meet them, and drunk ladies die in a car accident.

By including the song "Hold Tight" in the thriller, Tarantino expressed his fascination with the work of Dave D, Dosey, Beeky, Mick and Teach and admits that the dialogue about Pete Townsend reflects his own opinion. Recorded in 1966, "Hold Tight" never charted in the US, but the composition found an audience in Death Proof fans.

2. David Bowie – Cat People (Putting Out Fire) (1982)

Frame from the movie "People-Cats"
Frame from the movie "People-Cats"

Written for the 1982 film Cat People of the same name, the composition is the fruit of a collaboration between David Bowie and the "founder of disco" Giorgio Moroder. The latter knows firsthand about Hollywood, having worked on music for such films as "Scarface", "Top Gun" and "Midnight Express".

Tarantino was a fan of the composition of Cat People, but never felt that the film of the same name did justice to this masterpiece. However, this song successfully underscores the final "Jewish revenge" fire scene in the military action movie Inglorious Basterds, as Bowie hums about putting out a fire with gasoline.

1. John Legend - Who Did That To You? (2012)

Shot from the movie "Django Unchained"
Shot from the movie "Django Unchained"

Django (Jamie Foxx) is a man on a mission. Sold into slavery and desperately looking for his wife from whom he was separated, Django partners with Dr. King Schultz (Christoph Waltz) to save her from Calvin Candy (Leonardo DiCaprio). Django Unchained (2013) is one of Tarantino's iconic films that has been praised by critics. The film is saturated with the theme of slavery, racism and fake blood.

John Legend sang "Who Did It?" in reference to the film, although he never read the script himself. However, the song about a man who seeks retribution suits the ending perfectly. Original music is a characteristic feature of Tarantino. Usually the director chooses compositions for his paintings from his personal collection, but after the Legend song, these two geniuses have a fruitful collaboration!

But what about the classics? Tito & Tarantula


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