The best songs from Soviet films: part four

Let's remember the main hits of Soviet cinema...

Top best songs from Soviet films (part 4)

Today we will remember the best songs from Soviet films! These hits are certainly familiar to everyone: they are known, loved and remembered for very long years, decades ... And this is not at all surprising, because these songs not only decorated wonderful films, but also became the fruit of creative duets of truly great people ... And it was they who did each of the movie masterpieces below is memorable and bright! In a word, this is a timeless classic for the ages! So, happy listening...

“There is no rest for my soul” (from the film Office Romance)

This song has become the main personification of Soviet cinema, namely, the wonderful film by Eldar Ryazanov "Office Romance" ... This is one of those compositions that simultaneously evoke sadness and warm memories, and inspiration and a surge of energy ... In a word, a worthy masterpiece ... Composer Andrey Petrov , poet - Robert Burns (performed by Andrey Myagkov):

"I don't have anyone with me.
Oh, where can I find someone?

"Moonshiners" (from the movie Moonshiners)

The famous song from the film of the same name, in which the cult stars of the Soviet Union played: Georgy Vitsin, Evgeny Morgunov and Yuri Nikulin! This song is sure to lift your spirits...

“I, frankly, I am very glad
Lie down under this electronic unit ... "

"Mom - the first words" (from the movie Mom)

Let's enjoy the final and very touching composition from the movie "Mama"...

Subsequently, this song became a fabulous success, especially among children and children's shows! No wonder, because she carries a very warm and bright message addressed to the most important person in everyone's life - mom ...

“Wait the locomotive” (from the film Operation Y)

This famous song has its own rather interesting story... So, for example, did you know that it was written by... a 15-year-old guy from St. Petersburg? Yes, that's exactly what happened! The author was Nikolai Nikolaevich Ivanovsky! The most interesting thing is that Nikolai Nikolayevich himself has an even more interesting life story! However, that's a completely different story...

Yuri Nikulin himself, who performed this song in the film, was sure for a long time that this was a folk creation! And what was his surprise that Wait a Locomotive really had an author ... As Nikolai Ivanovsky himself said in his interview, he composed this masterpiece when he was in Karelia: at that time he was 18 years old ... Having freed himself, the guy returned to Leningrad, where he got a job at Lenfilm. Well, there ... during the feasts, she found success! Actually, in many ways, this story explains the interesting nature of the composition ...

"White dance" (from the film This cheerful planet)

And this beautiful composition from the movie "This cheerful planet" is performed by the charming Tatyana Sashko! The authors were David Tukhmanov and Igor Shaferan.

“A whirlwind will spin the white dance,
Oh, and the white dance will serve,
If the white dance makes us friends ... "

"Administrator's Verses" (from the movie Ordinary Miracle)

"It's good when there is a woman - lady, lady, signora, femina ..." - this is how this song begins, which definitely created the mood for the whole film! It is performed by the great artist Andrey Mironov...

The main role in the film, the role of the wizard, was played by Oleg Yankovsky. So, in order to entertain himself and his wife, he invents a variety of fairy tales that come to life ... But his next story is out of control ... Whoever has not watched - be sure to watch it!

“It's time, time, let's rejoice in our lifetime” (from the film D'Artagnan and the Three Musketeers)

This masterpiece hardly needs any introduction… The song made this movie! It became a big hit for many, many generations to come... And how skillfully Mikhail Boyarsky performs it... Yes, that's how true classics sound! The highlight of the composition was "Merci Boku!" in the chorus!

"It's time, it's time to rejoice in our lifetime
To the beauty and the goblet, to the lucky blade
Bye bye shaking feathers on hats
Fate more than once whisper merci to the side!

"Rainbow" (from the film Take Care of the Women)

This is a very bright, sunny and positive song to the words of Leonid Fadeev!

“... I look at you like a rainbow,
I don’t recognize the familiar world with you ... "

It is noteworthy that absolutely all the compositions in the film are performed by Yuri Antonov, with the exception of "Rainbow"! It was sung by Sergey Belikov.

“I asked the ash tree” (from the film Irony of Fate, or with light steam)

The author of this composition was the Soviet playwright and writer Vladimir Kirshon. Perhaps for this reason, many listeners consider the song "I Asked the Ash Tree" the weakest in terms of lyrics, when compared with other works from the film ...? Kirshon created this creation especially for his comedy "Birthday": for example, for the first time this song was performed by Shchukin and Koltsov.

However, later Eldar Ryazanov really liked the song about ash! Some who have worked with the director claim that Ryazanov has long wanted to include this composition in some of his films. As a result, Sergey Nikitin performed it ...

“No, I don’t cry, and I don’t sob” (from the film 12 chairs)

This masterpiece is performed by the wonderful artist Andrei Mironov ...

“And you must admit, what a charm,
Instantly hit the bull's-eye, almost without aiming ... "

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