The best songs from Soviet cartoons: Part three

Happy listening...

Top best songs from Soviet cartoons: Part 3

The best songs from Soviet cartoons: about the brightest, kindest and most beloved music, originally from childhood ... Today we will recall the most popular compositions that have forever remained timeless hits for the more mature generation of viewers! Winnie the Pooh, The Bremen Town Musicians, Well, wait a minute - this is just a part of the legendary cartoons that gave not only wonderful songs, but also a wonderful, truly bright childhood! Happy listening...

The best gift (from cartoon Winnie the Pooh)

“The best gift in my opinion is honey. And the donkey will immediately understand!” — another legendary song by Winnie, a carefree bear cub who loves honey more than anything in the world…

Bayu-bayushki-bayu (from the film The Bremen Town Musicians)

And this is the famous lullaby from the Bremen Town Musicians, which sounds while the Troubadour is in danger of kidnapping his beloved Princess ...

“Bayu bayushki-bayu don’t lie down on the edge ...
I can't sleep against the wall
The knees are buckling!"

Lullaby of a she-bear (from film Umka)

“Lullaby of the Bear” is a very penetrating and measured composition… Aida Vedischeva’s voice sounds soothing and penetrating… In a word, it is one of the best children’s songs of the USSR.

"Spooning snow interfering,
The night is big
What are you, silly, not sleeping?

About toys (from m / f Live toy)

The cartoon "Living Toy" teaches careful and careful handling of animals, because they are all alive, and they can all feel pain ... In the cartoon, the girl sings:

“I really need a toy, even a doll, even a little animal,
But it must be alive!"

The plot of the cartoon is simple: a girl finds in her garden a little bunny that has escaped from her house, which she takes for a living toy ... Fortunately, the bunny's mother finds her son and takes him back to the field.

Song of the detective (from m / f The Bremen town musicians)

And this famous detective song hardly needs an introduction! It was performed by none other than Muslim Magomayev himself!

This funny song was composed by Yuri Entin and Gennady Gladkov.

Oh, why was the traffic light green (from the movie Well, wait a minute)

The famous song from the legendary cartoon "Just you wait":

"And why, why, why
The traffic light was green
And that's why, that's why, that's why
That he was in love with life ... "

Chastushki Babok-Yozhek (from m / f Merry Carousel)

Well, how can one not remember the funny ditties of Babok-Yozhek from the cartoon about the "Flying Ship"!

"I was walking through the woods
The devil followed me
Thought it was a man
What the hell is this!"

Chastushki were performed by the Moscow women's group of the Chamber Choir. Other compositions, by the way, were recorded with the participation of Mikhail Boyarsky and Anatoly Papanov.

Song of the Gangsters (from the film The Adventures of Captain Vrungel)

This song has become the main musical attribute of "The Adventures of Captain Vrungel"! It sounds when the gangsters receive a new task from the boss: in their song they talk in all colors about their "dark deeds" ...

Semyon Farada sings for Julico, Alexander Burmistrov sings for the brutal Gangsterito. An interesting, rather unusual Italian accent became a feature of this song: “brass knuckles-pistol,“ shooter ”and so on!

Oh, the guards get up early (from the film The Bremen Town Musicians)

The Bremen Town Musicians also sounded the famous song about the guards, which has not lost its pleasant humor and popularity to this day:

"If a sparrow is close -
We are preparing the gun.
If it's a fly, beat the fly!
Grab her!"

Two merry geese (from the film Merry Carousel)

Everyone certainly knows this song: both more mature listeners and the modern generation! It was on her basis that the famous cartoon about "Grandma" and her geese was filmed!

The text of the playful song belongs to Maria Klokova: the poetess wrote well-known words to everyone based on the Ukrainian folk song.

Under the roof of your house (from m / f Well, you wait)

This is a wonderful work performed by Anatoly Papanov... The original performer of the song is Yuri Antonov. The wolf performs this composition with a guitar in the 15th edition of "Well, wait a minute":

This is what our summer is like (from m / f Santa Claus and summer)

“Here it is, our summer, summer is dressed in bright greenery!” - Definitely the most summer song on today's list!

"Song of the Summer" was released on the children's collections "Melody".

I am Water (from m / f Flying ship)

According to the stories of Yuri Entin himself, the author of this funny song, the idea of the text came to him while he was taking a bath ... As a result, the composition became popular in an instant!

A man is a friend to a dog (from m / f Bobik visiting Barbos)

And this cartoon teaches not to brag about what is actually not. Dog Barbos got a good lesson: having arranged a pogrom at home in order to exalt himself in the eyes of his friend Bobik, he was driven out by his master grandfather into the street ... Fortunately, grandfather forgave the prankster at the end of the cartoon.

The composition sounds in a dream of friends, where Bobik and Barbos lead grandfather on a leash!


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