"Favorite Poison," or the top Poison songs according to Fuzz Music magazine

In 1986, the band released the debut "Look What the Cat Dragged In," thus beginning a string of hits that are perfectly familiar and warmly loved by many music lovers...

A look back at Poison's greatest hits

Poisonperhaps one of the most recognizable bands of the era Hare Metal. Its worldwide circulation has long since passed the 45 million The members are lead singer Bret Michaels, drummer Ricky Rockett, bassist Bobby Doll, and guitarist Si. The members are vocalist Bret Michaels, drummer Ricky Rockett, bassist Bobby Doll, and guitarist C. C. DeVille - haven't taken a break since they rallied in 1983, and are still going strong, rocking out at as many venues around the world as possible!

The group began its activities in Harrisburg, PAThe local success, however, was not satisfactory to them. However, the local success did not satisfy them. Then the guys decided to move to Los Angeles and rename yourself Poison ("Poison."). This began the story - the story of mass success and conquering the charts! In 1986, the band released their debut "Look What the Cat Dragged In"The song was the first of a series of hits that are well known and loved by many music lovers. And today we decided to remember the very, very best of them. These are Poison's Top Songs by Fuzz Music magazine!

"Something To Believe In."

Poison Group
Poison Group

Memorable powerful balladand spiced up with heartfelt keyboards and a bit of Bret's own soul.

This is a track from the third album, Flesh & Blood, in which Michaels sings about personal and global tragedies, such as traumatized Vietnam veterans, poor and homeless people... This song also serves as a tribute To James Kimo MaanoBret's close friend, who passed away on Christmas Eve. Given one of DeVille's most emotional solos, it's no wonder the track easily made it to Billboard's top 5.

"Talk Dirty To Me."

Poison Group
Poison Group

Business card Poison, which is considered one of the best glam metal tracks of all time!

The catchy lyrics and infectious guitar rhythms helped make "Talk Dirty To Me" one of the most in-demand rock tune on the radio shortly after its release. Today the song is still relevant among listeners, and influential publications do not cease to include it in their ratings of the best hard rock creations of all time.

"Your Mama Don't Dance"

Poison Group
Poison Group

"Your mother doesn't dance." - a not unknown track from the 1972 rock duo Loggins and Messina. Upon release, it performed well on the charts, reaching number 4 on the Billboard Hot 100, but... The song's true success came after Poison introduced its own interpretation.

This one of the best covers both in the band's own arsenal and in the history of rock in particular. The tune sounds terrific, as do Michaels' vocals. It's a new take on a 70's classic that's great for having a good time while listening to it!

"Every Rose Has Its Thorn"

This powerful ballad has become the only number one hit for Poison: in December 1988 it took the top spot in the U.S. and held that position for three weeks!

"Every Rose Has Its Thorn" is rightly considered one of the best rock songs about love, because it was inspired by real feelings and experiences. The story goes that Michaels called his girlfriend, but was stunned when he heard a man's voice in the background... That's how, under the weight of heartache and suffering, this song was born. Classics.

"Nothin' but a Good Time"

Poison Group
Poison Group

The real "generation" anthem and one of the band's most popular songs, which has been the subject of many covers. But they all pale in comparison to the original, which captures the spirit of all the teenagers and young adults of the time who "broke their backs every day."Just to make a living... In fact, all they really wanted was a party and rock and roll!

"Not a penny, I can't pay the rent.
I won't be able to do it for another week.
Saturday night I would like to be with my girlfriend
But right now I can't make ends meet..."

"Fallen Angel"

A cautionary taleThe story this song tells, of innocence lost as a young girl tries to succeed, is no doubt the story the group saw firsthand as many girls flooded into Los Angeles in the hope of becoming "girlfriend." for a glam band.

"Play big, mama's fallen angel,
Lose everything, live a lie,
Wish it all, mother's fallen angel,
Lose everything by playing dice with fate..."

"Unskinny Bop."

Poison Group
Poison Group

It was the first single from the album "Flesh & Blood"which was ranked in the top 20 in more than half a dozen countries! Michaels himself claimed that he had no idea what "The Unhappy Bop."but admitted that it sounded great! Some nonsensical tune that most fans still fondly remember.

And lastly, one more thing. 5 awesome tracks, the words to which are superfluous. You just want to listen and enjoy...

"Look What The Cat Dragged In"

"I Want Action."

"I Won't Forget You"


"What I Like About You"


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